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04/50/2010. Morgan Smith and the history of the Colorado legislature. Increase in required education for CPAs.

12/13/2008. Vote Trading. The constitutional ban on vote trading in the state legislature, and its implications for reciprocal withdrawal of ballot initiatives. Plus a tribute to Jean Tool.

2/14/2008. Tom Ferril 2008.

9/9/2006. Review of Brad Young's new book on the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights.

8/9/2006. Ku Klux Klan. History in Colorado. The story of Minnie C.T. Love, the surgeon, suffragette, Klanswoman, and state representative.

10/3/2005. Rep. Mildred Cresswell, creator of the pension system for state legislators.

8/19/2005. Joe Dolan, the extraordinary aide to Robert Kennedy

5/21/2005 Rep. Mick Spano biography.

2/24/2005  Poet Tom Ferril Birthday

/2003  Jody Strogoff, Cheryl Meyer, and Ron Pudim, of the Colorado Statesman.

2/27/2004 Tom Gavin

Ben Campbell retirement. Oldest Colorado Senators.

Martin Luther King.

10/8/2003 Looking at Murals in the State Capitol. Thomas Ferril.

8/8/2003 Doug Brown. And Jerry's autobiography of his own job with the Colorado Revisor of Statute

8/21/2001 Harry Burns. The Tennessee legislator who gave women the vote

11/5/2000 Death of Jan Duckworth, House of Representatives staff.

6/9/2000 Bill doubles length of Driver's license bill passed without eye tests. State Rep. Don Brinton

4/24/2000 Neighborhood civic leader Bea Branscombe

2/25/2000 Hoover break-in into Democratic headquarters. Steve McNichols remembered

12/17/1999 Gov. Romer and his portrait. Was taking it a criminal act?  Donna Lohmeyer, House clerk

10/29/1999 Billionaire Donald Sturm as a law student

7/9/1999 State Rep. Tommy Neal

6/18/1999 Death of Dr. Joe Butterfield.

11/20/1998 U.S. Rep. Mike McKevitt in the Nixon book Abuse of Power. Legislative wages.

8/28/1998 U.S. Sen. Floyd Haskell, his courage against the Republicans

1998. Floyd Haskell and Peter Dominick.

6/29/1998 Sen. Tillman Bishop and the Leningrad Three

3/20/1998 Consumer advocate Esther Peterson remembered

1/30/1998 Term Limit Amendment 12 is unconstitutional. State Rep. Leo Jenkins biography

1/16/1998 George Wallace's speech-writer Asa Carter. A study of bigotry; the man who wrote The Education of Little Tree.

1997 Roy Romer's 1966 landslide defeat for U.S. Senate.

12/12/1997 Paul Swalm/Jerry Kopel feud ended before Swalm's death

10/24/1997 Homer F. Bedford played musical chairs, served the longest

7/25/1997 News can't get Thiebaut's name right

6/6/1997 Chuck Henning memorial: don't overlook heart attack

7/12/1996 Memorial for State Senator Ralph Cole. An outstanding and fair legislator.

6/21/1996 Remembering John Mrozek, Denver Public Works Manager, and labor leader.

6/16/1996 Romer's ungracious remarks about Lamm, and how Lamm made Romer what he is today

5/17/1996 State Rep. Mildred Cresswell memorial: History of the Cresswell Amendment setting up retirement program for legislators.

4/19/1996 The star-crossed 1965 legislature: What happened to some

4/19/1996 Remembering neighborhood activist Rae Hilbert

10/27/1995 Deaths of Supreme Court Justice Kelley and Denver Councilman Ernie Marranzino

9/15/1995 Autobiography: How I lost my mustache in an election

4/14/1995 Rep. Thomas Nevin, Colorado's youngest legislator in history

8/19/1994  State Rep. Leo Jenkins memorial

1/14/1994 Miscegenation law and Fair Housing: State Rep. Bob Allen

1/14/1994  Tribute to Martin Luther King

8/27/1993 William O'Donnell and Scientific Gaming

Rep. Bill Gossard.

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