Jerry Kopel

Table of Contents for Jerry Kopel Collection at the Denver Public Library

Jerry Kopel began keeping records on Colorado politics and his own political career beginning in 1964. Many of the scrapbooks contain his records have been donated to the Western History Collection at the main branch of the Denver Public Library. The books are a unique source of Colorado history. They are also perhaps the best archival records of the career of an American state legislator in the latter part of the 20th century.

Greater Park Hill Community

Book 1, 1962 on

R-O zoning

A two page summary of what happened, followed by various news articles dealing with the various zoning campaigns.

Lupberger obituary sometime in 1990s, first chairman of PHAC [Park Hill Action Committee]

Improvement Assn. re-zoning fifth graph

PHAC rezoning begins (items here not in order)

March 20, 1963 article, last item in list

PHAC meets on zoning. Rezoning ok for 28 blocks

List of people who helped in re-zoning, April, May 1963

Questionnaire, I don't know who was supposed to fill it out

Final story on rezoning, 1964

Real estate discrimination

Letter to Dunklee on real estate discrimination

Articles, letters to editors on real estate agent discrimination

Letter on real estate practices by Dolores Kopel

Additional letters to editor on realtor discrimination, letters are not presently in date order, plus letter on alley problem

Letter to Governor Love

Letter from Tom Currigan

City Officials meet with Park Hill residents

Liquor hearings (main issues in Book 2)

Liquor hearing 1962 2835 Fairfax

Liquor hearing 1964 2801 Colorado Blvd. hearings and appeal and petition information. Mrs. Stotchik "worker of year": liquor hearings

Liquor hearing 1965 2830 Fairfax

Liquor hearing 1967 2847 Fairfax

Liquor hearing 1980 2825 Fairfax

Delegate list 1965

Hartman chair, Kopel vice chairman of PHAC

PHAC newsletter Dates unknown

City Council redistricting lawsuit after one man one vote decision

Court decision on committee districts

Next group not in order, but not removed from sticky pages

Fred Thomas elected chairman 1967

1967 political debates, Kopel moderates

1968 Kopel becomes chair of PHAC

1966 Branscombe second term PHAC, Kopel membership chair 1966

Kopel, national neighbors 1969

Kopel, 1969 report of the chairman

Opposition to private club, 1969

Joining of PHAC and NE Park Hill Civic Assn.

GPHC officers

Newsletter on merger

City Council redistricting 1970

Duplicate copy of 1969 report

The Summer of 1967 Northeast Park Hill by Jules Mondschien


Book 2 Liquor license Capra

Back in 1963, Manager of Safety Dan Hoffman denied a liquor license in the 3300 block of Holly. That was followed by a 1965 decision by Al Capra denying a liquor license in the 3300 block of Holly. That was followed by an Al Capra decision in 1966 reversing his decision of 1965 in the 3300 block location of Holly.

PHAC had a meeting with city officials on August 29, 1966 four days after the Capra decision, and I laid it into Al Capra for his decision, comparing Capra's entire body to Hoffman's little finger as to common sense. Capra was the godson of Frank Ciancio, Sr., political force in northwest Denver, along with his friend Mike Pomponio.

The end result was my losing my House seat in 1966 based on the citywide vote, followed by a grand jury investigation of Capra, his resignation as manager of safety, a lawsuit by me and Dolores against the Capra decision and the withdrawal of the application for a liquor license in the 3300 block of Holly.

Liquor license decision 3357 Holly, 1963

Form for petition signers

Brief from attorney for PHAC

Letter from attorney for PHAC

Liquor license hearing 3381 Holly, 1965

Letter for me to represent PHAC

Liquor license decision for 3381 Holly, 1966 in favor of license

Earlier call for petitioners

Meeting, PHAC and Currigan and aides and my remarks 3 news articles

Letter from Capra to me.

Council clash with Capra over decision, two articles

Another article on meeting

Council bill to change zoning on liquor license

Letter to George Creamer to represent us in appeal of license grant

Petition and complaint

Complaint in intervention

Post editorial against Capra

two more articles on liquor fight

Request for liquor license withdrawn 3 articles

Comments by me, not sure as to whom it is addressed

Capra's aide blows the whistle 5 articles

Grand Jury probe four articles

Capra quits as manager of safety two articles

Two grand jury articles Capra absolved

Article on abolishing safety manager job

Capra sued

Article on legislation


Book 3

The rezoning fight at 32d and Quebec going south. There were several attempts to rezone the area for commercial purposes, with unsavory tie-ins with city council persons. While many of the articles do have dates, some do not, and will need research in the Denver Post and RMN newspapers in the particular months, to straighten out what happened and when it happened..

June 1969, Councilman Kelly tied to rezoning issue. Burke elected council president. McNichols declines to sign zoning bill. Battle was over whether Kelly's abstention counted as a yes vote.

The time frame for the first rezoning fight was June through September of 1969.

In both rezoning battles, Dean Robinson and Van Horne were principals in interest. Later on, Robinson claimed to have bribed Councilman Caldwell to change his vote. Caldwell voted against the original rezoning and carried the second attempt.

Robinson wrote out his views on what procedurally happened. That is followed by investigation I made on the background of the parties involved.

(There is one separate zoning fight mentioned regarding a bank on East Colfax)

In the meantime I hired George Creamer to argue for McNichols veto.

The next move involved TransCentral in February - July, 1970 with some of the same council characters. There was misunderstanding with the Park Hill Improvement Assn.

Transcentral reappears in 1973 according to GPHC newsletter

Businessmen report alleged shakedown by Caldwell according to RMN, October of 1982 . Final story on Caldwell in 2004


Book 4

Park Hill Leaders, various chairpersons over the years.


Book 5

Park Hill Zoning 1970

The fight was now about unrelated persons living in an R-O zone. There are a number of articles.

R-O zoning faces challenges

R-O zoning upheld

Commune lifestyle in Park Hill

ACLU enters case

Women's Caucus opposes amendment related to R-O zoning in state bill

Park Hill backs ouster

US Supreme Court review

Adoption Ok under R-O

Capitol Ledger article by John Babbs on zoning, etc. 2 copies

Column by Bea Branscombe

Brief history provided for Robbie Bean

Park Hill questionnaire

R-O zoning fight 1988

Living in sin: R-O amended by city council. I stayed in background and obtained amendments.


1964 election BOOK 1

In pocket: Time magazine July article on Bar Review

Map District 17 in 1960

Kopel announces four articles

Election party

Delegate fight (early pix of Romer making keynote address)

Contested seats in same story

Acceptance of election District 16

Letter to Dem chairman announcing running

Dems select candidates

Winners chosen, after Dem convention

Winners in primaries, copy of ballot

Register to vote literature

Nomination certificate

Primary prediction

Kopel-Feilbert vote

Heavy vote in primary

Letter to editor

Republican primary contests

Moran news article

Moran letter to editors

Moran story years later

Park Hill Newsletter Kopel

Kopel fact sheet

Letter to RMN Bob Chase

Kopel literature

Kopel resume

Letter from Esther Peterson

Letter to Romer and Brown

Campaign expenses

Post recommends

Park Hill voters challenged

Vote November election

November ballot

GOP loses House control

Vote breakdown, Nov. election

Denver Post election results

Back pocket Republican election guide

Catholic Register election guide

Duplicates Kopel literature

Governmental Annual 64-65 (after 64 election)


1964-1965 Book 1 Fair Housing

The areas involved are

(1) The Governor's 1964 committee on the Fair Housing issues. It was dominated by persons not interested in strengthening fair housing. They came up with a weak bill that was carried by Sen. Kelley. Bert Gallegos was chairman of the committee and John Moran was chair of a subcommittee.

The articles carry through the committee work, their final decision and the introduction by Sen. Kelley. The bill did not leave the Senate.

(2) The real estate industry news articles and newsletter comments opposing a strong fair housing law. In addition there was other opposition, including newspaper articles, which should be included with the realtors.

(3) The bill Kopel introduced. Included in this portion would be the workup in 1964 with suggestions from others, the bill introduced, comments by the AG's office, the changes by an "Ike" Moore amendment, but not too much on what happened in the Senate, and I don't know why. The bill did return from the Senate basically intact and readopted by the House.

The discussion at the hearings were closely captured by the news articles. The major difference between the Governor's committee bill and the Kopel bill was that the Kopel bill covered owner-occupied housing.

The Mort Gitelman law journal article in the final pages is very useful.

There are copies of the bill in its various stages. I have also included the obituary of Warren Alexander from 1994 and other recent articles.

(4) There were many editorials and columnists' discussions on the housing issues. Perhaps they should be placed together or within the time frames of 64 and 65.

(5) There are a number of letters that could be placed within the time frames of the bill's passage.


1965 Book 2

1965 session opens

House-Senate pictures

Kopel, other freshmen meet

House roll call

Governor's speech to legislators (my fault for having cadets standing at ease)

Lobbyists for session

Gavin column

Letter to Dines I received 3 of the 4 appointments requested

Election results

Picture of the 1965 House and Senate

Pix of four new legislators (duplicate)

Dem chairman criticizes Love

Card certifying election

Milk bill passed

Kopel to speak

Editorial on milk bill

two milk bill stories

Mapelli headline and appearance at State Appropriations Committee pix. Kopel second on far left

Kopel speech on compensation bill


Garnishment and collection policies

Two garnishment news articles

Garnishment bill needed. Post editorial

Letter to Kopel from Dept. of Labor

1995 story on Esther Peterson (who was a help on consumer issues)

Garnishment fight in House

Three bills

House accepts Senate amendment

Judge Hilliard testifies in Senate

Letter on garnishment

Judge Bartley ties bankruptcy to garnishment

Collection Agency letter to Senators

Kopel memorandum to Senate regarding HB 1038

Letter from Judge Hilliard

Letter from Denverite to Judge Hilliard on garnishment and collection practices

Collection Agency phone call bill

HB 1040 exemption

HB 1038 copy of enacted bill

Resolution, Consumer Advisory council

HB 1038 as amended

HB 1038 Garnishment killed in Senate, then revised after phone call from me to Sen. Gill apologizing for my remark in newspaper.

Two other consumer collection stories, one editorial


Implied consent bill killed by House Judiciary and revived

Editorials attacking five attorneys (including me)

Eleven articles. one letter to editor by me

Gun curbs by Kopel one editorial, two articles, one cartoon

Two interest rate hike stories, Industrial Banks

SBA appointee (no cases ever referred)

Summary of 1965 legislation

Controversy on legislative salaries

Proposed constitutional amendment

Colorado Dem paper story

Pay bill passed

Interim committees 6 stories and one letter to editor

Knight column

Margolius column

Legislative session ends

Legislative stationery

Appearance before collection agency convention

1999 memorial to Dan Grove and my speech to the legislature

1993 resolution on death of Sen. Andy Lucas

Lee Matties died in 1979


1966 Book 1

Most of my work came in summer interim consumer committees

Park Hill map

Getting ready for the 66 session

Consumer bills

Cooling off period

False advertising

Democrat "calls" for 1976

Dems White Paper on Gov. Love

Gordon Allott: No interest in truth in packaging, truth in lending

Republicans kill consumer council


Bankruptcy and wage garnishment

Bankruptcy totals, four articles, one letter

Letter to editor

Allott defends votes

Work on the flood of 1965, studies

4 articles, disaster and flood stories

Tom Jordan photo of Kopel


Consumer Council stories, 5 articles including BBB opposition

Introduction of witness

Esther Peterson report

Three pages of analysis by Kopel of needed laws (many of them

became law in later years)

Commercial Code story

Kopel on consumer council

Final adjournment


Kopel speeches in House on Truth in Packaging and Truth in Lending Letter from aide to Sen. Hart

Letter from Sen. Hart

Second letter from Sen. Hart

Hart comments in congressional record (missing page 1786)

page 4

McVicker reprint of House resolution

Esther Peterson letter

Federal consumer packaging article

General Assembly analysis


Three letters from Sid Margolius

Comment on resolutions

Installment sales law - Kopel

Probe of consumer financing Cervi's Journal

Legislators rip S&L Reed

Reed action on S&L ruled illegal

Food price revolt housewives address consumer committee

S&L chief riles lawmakers

Picture from hearing

More articles on S&L loans

Probe of industrial banks

Interest lender's articles

Questioning borrowers

Legislators side with consumers, two articles

Editorial on 1966 legislature

Pink book 1966

Transportation problem

Knous plans for election


Book 2 1966 Election

(I lost this election and deserved to. It was citywide, not by district. I campaigned hard to win top spot at the county assembly, but did not get a committee of volunteers and did not produce campaign literature to provide to district captains. Also I had written a letter to all captains regarding an opponent of Chuck DeMoulin, and had made enemies of captains Mike Pomponio and Frank Ciancio in attacking Manager of Safety Al Capra on a Park Hill liquor license. See Park Hill books). This book contains:

Kopel, first place in county assembly

McNichols to run for governor and story on county vote

Story on county choices

Pix on county assembly

Sample primary ballot

Kopel to fight for consumer council

Letter to editor

Kopel to seek re-election

After election, story on consumer spending

Literature on candidates

Kopel ads

Kopel literature pre-county assembly

Letters from Arch Decker, Phil Lowery

Dick Lamm literature

Primary election results

Notice of nomination (2)

Letter to Bill Grant

Letter from Mark Hogan

Letter from Roy Romer announcing for US Senate

Kopel literature, can't tell why, it was after general election

Kopel literature to Democrats

Letter to Mayor Currigan

Letter to Gebhardt, response

Bankruptcy totals

Letters, Berminghan, Gebhardt

Housewives boycott of major food chains 10 articles

Response to call for volunteers (never really had any)

Background on Kopel

Letter to DCTA

Literature various candidates

Article on candidates

GOP literature

State Assembly newspaper

1993 news article on Dick Bernick (district captain in 65, 67 elections)

Map of District 16

Post endorsement, letter to editor

News endorsement

Kopel ads

Local candidates East Denver

Page from campaign literature

36 Dem candidates

After election, from Labor

Dem literature

Sample ballot general election

Biographies, candidates for senate

Democratic literature

Gonzales address to young Dems

Hispanic split

Cervi endorsement

Colorado Dem paper article

Primary results

Park Hill News meet the candidates


Bill Grant letter

Legislative changes, five articles

1966 speaker at forum after election

News article on speech

Dem losses

Democratic paper, new leaders

Post election reports

Jefferson Jackson banquet



I did newsletter reports to previous constituents. Devoted time to Park Hill matters, liquor licenses, council violation of reapportionment of 1967 council election. Served as Park Hill Action Committee chairman 1968-69. Did some background for Democrat legislators in 1967

Consumer bills reviewed , two articles

Session before Democratic women

Kopel consumer articles Democratic newspaper

Republicans back anti-consumer bill

Channel 6 documentary

Bankruptcy case Kopel firm

GOP anti-consumer stand Dem newspaper

Review of book by Sidney Margolius . Book mentions Kopel examples of fraud on innocent consumers.

Articles by Margolius

Letter of appreciation

Vacuum cleaner news articles

Truth-in-lending bill, eight articles

Consumer Fraud division two articles

Helen Nelson fired by Reagan

Post editorial on 67 session

Gavin column

Truth in lending story

1967 Legislator Phil Lowry (forwarded to 90's suspension)

1967 record number of bills

Denver Post main article: Why Coloradoans go bankrupt. Picture is actually Post reporter Zeke Scher

Article on consumer bills

1968 election results, primary and general elections


1969 Book 1

Consumer Credit Code introduced, debated, killed. 21 articles

including a number by Kopel or mentioning Kopel

1970 article Consumer Credit bill not on 1970 call

Judge Hilliard dies

Sid Margolius correspondence and articles

Federal Truth In lending article

Love signs consumer protection division act

Herrick Roth letter

Denver Post on 1969 session

Legal articles by Kopel on Bankruptcy and Garnishment


1970 Book 1 Primary

1970 assembly

Bankruptcies increase - Cervi's

Consumer Credit Code Kopel campaign literature

1970 pink book

Primary contest article

Kopel wants to relocate airport two articles

Kopel sign

Kopel to run

Kopel new tenant law

Bastien stories two articles

Kopel campaign literature on consumer issues

Kopel literature on local involvement

Kopel cartoons literature six

Fund raiser Ted Hunt house

Pix from fund raiser and a few from gathering at Kopel house

Primary victory party announcement

Formal mug shots of Kopel

Campaign booklet Danger in Using credit

Kopel literature local involvement

Kopel literature for Montbello

Kopel literature Performance counts

Two campaign pieces on tenants

Kopel on Door to Door salesmen

Brochure Kopel

Answers to questions for workers

Tenant law press release

Kopel cartoon salesman

More of why to elect Kopel

Four news articles on Kopel position

Bankruptcy articles

Primary assembly results

Kopel articles on bankruptcy

Two maps of District 16 with Kopel-Bastien primary vote

Post article. No mention of Kopel Bastien vote

Kopel expense sheet

Post primary election story

Vote totals 1970 and 1968 primaries

Bastien literature

Campaign funds primary and general

Nomination notice

Letter from Hogan, Letter from Louis Gelt


1970 Book 2 general election

Brochure Newspaper

Campaign expenses

Samble ballot

Montbello Phillips Kopel article

Phillips literature

Post article on contest

Kopel Phillips election results

Republican captain's letter on Barnes, Kopel

Letter to Montbello voters

Kopel ad

Rocky Mountain News, Post endorsements

Kopel press release

Kopel supports Amendments on ballot

GOP literature

Letter to George Martelon on bad printing done

World Press bill

General election results Denver Post

Fair Housing meeting


1971 Book 1

Opening day pictures for 1971 session, Rocky Mountain News

Seating chart with photos

RMN editorial, sabotagig the Olympics, also news story


Landlord-tenant letter, Legal Aid

HB 1135 Kopel introduces tenant bill

1970-71 meeting at Fair Housing Center on bill

Rep. Cole sidetracks tenant bill

Editorial for bill, paper unknown

Judiciary oks tenant bill

copy of HB 1135

Subcommittee report on HB 1135

Speech by Kopel

Roll call vote on HB 1135

Duplicate of amendments

History of landlord tenant bill (by me) 1969-1983

Major opponent of tenant bill, later charged (1980) in sex role with child

League of Women supporters

Denver Post letter

Tenant bill beaten

Zoning issue at Park Hill meeting

Two consumer bills pass House

House Dems plan three class action bills

Blood transfusion bill

Indian tuition bill, two stories

(After session ends, Housing finance bill)

HB 1376 and explanation, garnishmnet bill

HB 1136 proposed amendment

Loan shark bill and consumer credit service office

Consumer Class Action bill

HB 1463 UCC amendments

Legislative stationery

Wrangle on House floor

Status card

Leg. Directory 1971

Accomplishments of 1971 session

HB 1043 Liquor licensing hearings

HB 1230 Security Deposit bill

COPE record on votes

CLC record on votes

Roll call sheet

Letter from Sierra Club

Status report for session

Kopel opens neighborhood office

News stories

Reps. back Tooley for mayor

Tooley wins primary

McNichols wins in June

page 9

Map of city council

McNichols for mayor sample ballot

"Stock" in Denver Univ Law School

Pictures Ted Kennedy president run, autograph to David

Drafting office's Jim Wilson dies in 1993


1971 Book 2

Consumer Credit Code

House to hear consumer code

Consumer Credit Czar (previous winter)

House GOP to sponsor credit code

House debate on credit code

Interest rates key issue

Senators forge bad credit code

Senators bad bill passes committee

Credit rate lowered

Debtor harassment ban defeated

House working on credit code

Code passes House second reading

Analysis of credit code fight

House bill sent to Senate Garnsey committee

Bankruptcy pauper filing ok'd

Letter to Strahle on holder in due course

Post editorial supports credit code

TV show, luncheon discussion

Senate committee on House credit code

Column take on credit code

RMN editorial supports code

Garnsey cartoon

Gov. Love take on credit code

UCCC Garnsey opinion

Jim Pratt, Household Finance Company lobbyist guilty in Mass.

Love backs credit code

Credit Code sections attacked

UCCC passes Senate committee

House oks senate amendments

two consumer bills languish in Senate

Post supports UCCC

Van Vranken doesn't support bill

Van Vranken letter to Shoemaker

Vam Vranken letter to Rep. Black

Remedies under UCCC

Explanation of what UCCC does, several pages of material

UCCC better in Colorado than elsewhere

Love appoints UCCC advisors, Kopel appointed

List of council members

UCCC article in Colorado Lawyer by Kopel

1993 memorial service for Strahle

CBA presentation on UCCC

Advisory council gets compliance data

More caution on credit loans, sales

Credit Code explained at one day seminar

AG seeks lending code exemption

Van Vranken newsletter

Bank American expands cost of charges

Credit card flood rising (1970) and 1971 stories

Legal Aid files against collection agencies

Credit Union pleads innocent

CACI article on UCCC

Speech Kopel

Appointment to advisory council

First meeting of advisory council

Minutes of meeting

UCCC review


1972 Book 1

Three Capitol Ledger magazines on hospital swindle,

hospitals and insurance. Letter from Bud Hawkins to Kopel

Letters with Blue Shield Blue Cross from Kopel (Oct. and Nov. 1971) 1971 Legislative panel

Blue Cross exemption, by student intern in January

John Love and short session call

Decision put off on call items

Interim committee on hospitals, insurance

Love Hospital inaction raked by me

Copy of speech

Kopel criticizes Love health bill omission, other stories

1972 Legislative panel expands inquiry

Change urged in Blue Shield

Liquor party charged to health insurance funds

Blues reject committee bid for disclosure (including expense accounts)

TV cameras at legislative hearings (used by Sen. Decker) Probe into expenses

Blue expenses probed

Second part of News article on probe of BC BS expenses

1st part of probe story

1971 letter to Rep. Kopel from state controller

HB 1064, thanks from several chiropractors

Certificate of Need bill, interim committee

Information from Chuck Green

Prepaid plan cost less

Increase in property taxes

McNichols reponse to my letter

Four page article by me

News stories


1972 Book 2

Legislative directory

RMN Bonus on legislature

1971 legislative panel on 2 gun bills for 1972

1971 interim committee on organized crime, criminal code revision

Loan sharking curb

Bankruptcy pace drops

Love's address to the legislature

UCCC amendments

Bad check law passed

House acts on bills

Expansionists vs. restrictionists

Docket number on summons (the bill passed the House and Justice Pringle agreed to amend Rules of Procedure)

Bail bonding bill


GOP to reveal plan

GOP oks plan

Democrats urge amendment for Denver

Dividing incumbents

"Clean" reapportionment bill introduced

Debate set in Senate

Kopel urges court action on Montbello

Denver Post Bettymander editorial isn't aware Kopel is at far east in district lines.

Denver redistricting plan bared

Byerly loses by missing start of House session

Kopel-Rose plan defeated

Judicial decision by Justice Pringle

Post cartoon

New redistricting map

Farley House plan

Resolution of Park Hill board

Post cartoon and editorial

18 year old precinct jobs

No fault bills

House passes bill

Vote registration bill okd in House

Precinct jobs for 18 year olds rejected

Kopel subpoena bill fails, but power voted, editorial

Wiretap bill, editorial

Legislature adjourned until court decision on reapportionment

Post editorial

New interim committees

Council denies southeast rezoning

RMN editorial on death penalty

Letter to editor (Colo Democrat)

Liquor party permit sales

Pictures Sen Birch Bayh running for president

Mort Pepper story and picture

Kopel pix

More Byah pix and Windsor Gardens

Bill status 1972

Letter to Pringle on replevin

Post generic stories inside the legislature

Newspapers on adjournment

Kopel reappointed to UCCC advisory committee


1972 Book 3

(I was taken from a solid Democratic district and placed in a solid Republican district. I was the only Democrat winning approval in that district.)

Map of new district

Shriver an asset

Haskell to run vs. Allott

Haskell supporters oppose Vollack "fact sheet"

Vollack criticized

Vollack primary top-line

Copy of fact sheet

Haskell dies (1998) editorial and news articles

Kopel seeks re-election

28 to leave legislature

Column on election

Letter on re-election by Harry Sterling

Speech by Kopel

Kopel seeks re-election

Memo to Dem legislators

Leg. interests leave citizens unrepresented

Labor's support

District 13-B newsletter

Grocery price handout

Scores - Zero population growth

Health insurance handout

UCCC handout

Property taxes handout

Door to door sales handout


Birch Bayh photo

Used in handout brochure

Map with vote numbers registration

Thanks for helping handout

Memo to watchers

Brochures Kopel

Another Brochure Kopel

Songbook Windsor Gardens event

Breakdown on precincts


Appointment to UCCC board, Love's letter

Kopel, Roberts open house

Letter for help responded to

Postcard and handout

Elaine Homan (R) opponent

Elaine Homan background

Kopel pictures

Letz (R) runs in primary

Homan Ad

Schroeder wins top line on ballot

Autoworkers back candidates

page 13

Candidates to debate

Homan-Kopel news article

RMN endorsement

Analysis of ballot issues

General election sample ballot

Kopel handout

Post endorses Kopel

Precinct votes

GOP gains in senate

Letters: Haskell, McNichols, Dick Young, Pat Schroeder, Shelden Steinhauser, Mark Hogan, Horst and response

Esther Witte and response

Predictions and results

District 13-B newsletter

Colo Dem paper Feb 72

Colo Labor voting records

Party balance remains the same

Final results

Thank you by Kopel

Election legal document

Pictures during campaign and victory party

Denver Post results

Republican literature

Voting analysis 70,71,72

Dem literature

RMN News election 1972

Intermountain Jewish News


1973 Book 1

Denver Post pre-legislation views

Status sheet 1973

Opening session pictures

House Roll Call

Seating places

Bankruptcy decline

Pringle message to legislature, Kopel on podium

Garnsey bills to modify UCCC

News editorial UCCC

HB 1156 Kopel, property taxes

HB 1270 Persons 18 and older

Kopel research HB 1270

RMN editorial HB 1270

Original HB 1270

News article on HB 1270

Dems endorse antiwar vigil

GOP wins vote on naming regents

Press shield bill killed

Discount bill, phone employees

Gavin column PUC regulation of special discounts

Labor on PUC discounts

Utilities discount article

Welfare cost aid

License plate law

Marijuana bill

Liquor license powers rejected

Ban on fireworks

HB 1008 Kopel liability of partners, letters to and from uniform commissioners

Letter to lawyers, research

News stories HB 1008

Interns get expenses

Electing judges

Habitual driving offender

HB 1128 civil rights and marital discrimination in housing

Kopel amendment

HB 1128 passes

Judicial pay raise

HB 1585 Kopel fees on lenders

List of elected officials

Haskell letter

Montclair opposes Quebec freeway

Service station bill advances

Many no-fault bill news articles

HB 1622 Kopel health insurance and cars

HB 1321 warrants

SB 259 private employment agencies

HB 1030 pyramid scheme and news articles

Letter from Tooley

HB 1379 Kopel, Christian names bill

Limited death penalty proposed

Weather modification

Report by Kopel on consumer issues

Thanks for help letter

HB 1586 car dealers board

RMN editorial dealers licenses

Legislators override budget vetoes

Legislature gets 15 interim committees

RMN editorial unfinished business

1973 longest work session

RMN editorial on long session

How is Vanderhoof doing story

Kopel HB 1156 Taxing real estate

Report on property taxes

Property tax payment information

Licht property tax values

Capitol Ledger Aug 73 Colorado's do-nothing legislature


1973 Book 2


Health insurance rate bill, Blue Cross, Blue Shield six articles (I used Showalter as proxy chief sponsor)

Kopel, letter for speech at meeting

Meeting schedule

HB 1066 final bill and original draft

Colo Hospital Assn letter of thanks

Copy of speech given

second copy of speech

Kopel report Newsletter Prospective reimbursement

Certificate of Need speech

Kopel HB 1068 state employees

HB 1068 draft

Other draft of health bills

Amendments to health bills

Four more health bills news articles

Democratic paper Schroeder, Kopel address

200 Dems in District 3 meeting

Democratic legislators discuss voting laws

Montclair group to hear legislators

Insurance ads, letter of Insurance Commission copy sent to me

Letter to Barnes protesting omission

Regulation includes disclosure

Letter from Barnes about problem

copies of ads


Food price bill

Letter to Atty Gen Dunbar

Response letter

4 news articles, editorial

Unfair practices act letter to Moore

Response letter

Horsemeat sale okd

Ohaiu food price survey

Sentinel food prices index

Memorandum from Ag dept to Kopel

Food price remarks by Kopel HB 1064

Dem caucus printout on food price issue

HB 1064 notes on fiscal reports

HB 1064 bill

HB 1064 amendment

Thirteen more food price stories

FTC food survey

Letter from Haskell to me

Letter from Haskell to FTC

Grocery comparison, Denver Post


1974 Book 1

Legislative forecasts-Denver Post 1974

Legislative directory

Legislative tax bills

Vanderhoof State of the State

Consumer Affairs Committee suggestions for 1974 call

Hate mail forwarded

Floor plat of House

Carol Tempest dies (in the middle 1990's date missing)

HB 1011 Kopel food prices

HB 1013 Kopel Harassment of debtors

HB 1004 Kopel warranties UCC

Discussion of UCC bill

HB 1195 Valdez and Kopel Landlord tenant bill

Colo Apt. owners report

Hospital project to slow rising costs (like my earlier plan)

Annual Auto inspection

Land Use bill

55 mile per hour speed limit bill

River rail line

Five who are Jewish (legislators)

South East Denver rezoning

Denver mint site sought

Vets in private schools

Execution debate

Hitch hiking bill

Nursing home rules story

Busing bills 3 stories

2 Nursing home bills stories

Legislature adjourned

Veto call illegal

Governor's legislative score

Status sheet 1974

Colo Information Magazine 1974 legislature

Denver Post story on Vanderhoof

Democrat paper Issues conference

Legislative accomplishments

Charges on actions of Carl Gustafson

Meeting Uniform Laws committee

Landlord tenant editorial

Intern report on Open Records law

Letter on holder in due course

Letter on smoking in hospitals

Dopel vs. Kopel driver's license letters

Colorado Bar Refresher story Kopel

Praise letter from Bank chairman

Thanks for vote on SB 39


Book 2 RTD 1974-75

Organized group to fight RTD ('73 Capitol Ledger and news articles)

Request by me to Gov. Vanderhoof

Signatures provided to Vanderhoof

House and Senate list of sponsors

Response by Vanderhoof's office

Kopel to governor guidelines for RTD

Kopel to governor guideline list

Rep. Munson to Atty Gen John Moore Re HB 1026 Kopel

Atty Gen. Moore to Sen. Jackson re SB 61

Material for SB 61

News articles 73 and 74 regarding HB 1026 and SB 61

Copy of SB 61

Memo from Kopel re SB 61

Gov. Agenda Jan 2, 1974

Kopel and intern on RTD district bonds

Kopel memo on PRT corridors, duplicate copies

Colfax right of way meeting

News articles on PRT-RTD and Park Hill opposes plan

Kopel guidelines letter Dec. 74

Bill draft of HB 1109, 1975

HB 1109 on RTD routes

44 House sponsors and 18 Senate sponsors (1109)

Amendments and suggestions

Elected vs. Appointed directors

Roll call House 1421 and 1109

HB 1421 original and amended Elected officials

News articles on both bills

Both bills killed in Senate committee

Straight Creek Journal story


1974-75 Book 3

(This was my most successful amendment to a bill I was not the main sponsor of. I spent countless hours looking into state health insurance, commissions, and unneeded raises in costs to employees)


Memorandum from Leg Council

Notes by Kopel

Gov. Vanderhoof letter to Kopel

Byerly-McClurg on compensation

Kopel letter to state comptroller

Ed Geiger report to Kopel

Review of Employee's board minutes

Byerly letter on compensation

Letter to Insurance commissioner

Letters to and from McClurg

two letters to Insurance Commissioner Barnes

Letter from Barnes

Letter from comptroller

Final HB 1008 (I am way down the list of sponsors)

HB 1008 amended in House

Reason for amendments given, original and copy. Copy also lists needed amendments not listed in original

Written and typed memos by me

Comments prepared by me on meeting

Amendment to 1008 by Garnsey's committee

Speech on is it time for self-funding

CAPE comments and responsive letter and letter from me to responder

Report to chair of House Appropriations

Copies of amendments

News article (type hard to read) suggest retyping for readable copy

News articles on debates including "Blue Cross loses business"

Letter to comptroller

More news articles

1975 letter to regent on CU health plan

Byerly letter to board on returning money

CU council minutes


1974-75, Book 4

Park Hill Pornography

X rated film fight

Theatre license rules okd

Remarks by Kopel

East Montclair position

Council bars XXX theatre

Zall's opinion on theatre

Councilman ponders fight

Neighbors block x rated theatre

Council races

Montclair Assn. newsletter opposing theatre

Agenda for meeting


HB 1127 Kopel motor vehicle dealers license

News editorial

HJR 1036 by Speaker Fuhr on motor repairs

Kopel letter to Attorney General

Letter from AG to Kopel

Letter from Park Hill resident

Response by Kopel

CPSA supports work on auto repair

Letter to Felicia Muftic

RMN column by Sid Brooks

My comments on HJR 1036

Press conference on hearings

Comments by Kopel

Schedule for hearings

Auto survey

More hearing schedules

List of speakers

Letter to possible speakers

Number of news stories on hearings and editorials

Document: The case for auto repair legislation

Additional testimony on auto sales, repairs

More news articles

AAA letter to legislators

Kopel letter to auto club

More news articles

Air Force finance center relocation

Comments by Kopel


1974-75 Book 5 Primary election

basically Lamm, Farley, Vanderhoof

Colorado Politics swing leftward

Farley defends land use record

Farley vows objectivity

Lamm mistakes honest

Lamm response to state of the state

Lamm theme

Denver Post, RMN Lamm, Vanderhoof win

Other primary news

Denver precinct votes

Bill Daniels ad


1974-75, Book 6 Election

Answers by legislators to questions of Common Cause

CAPE questions

Larry Sarner, Frank Nelson vs. Tom Moen (primary)

Kopel seeks re-election

"Silly" season events --Smashing cars

Candidates stress consumer bills

More news stories

Letter by me to Colorado Dem. paper over headline

Dem legislative candidates primary

Kopel discusses issues

Moen, Kopel biographies

Moen literature

Nelson literature

Moen, Nelson literature

Vote Republican flier

Moen stories on car inspections (5 stories)

"Moen vs. Kopel" literature (unsigned yellow sheet)

Kopel disputes Moen brochure

Lamm ad (picture not George Brown)

More Moen literature

Kopel literature

Moen-Vanderhoof literature

Complaint Kopel vs. Moen over yellow sheet

Our answer to false charges

Moen response to charges

Moen response in letter

Letter from Schroeder

Notice of primary vote

Certificate of designation

Blacks rake Mideast bias (Webb chairs Colo delegation)

Holmes seeks election

Annexation issue still boiling

Zero-Population Growth endorsements

Monaghan voting resume (environment)

Campaign literature, full copy

Growth recession, Kopel comment

CEA unit endorsements

Meet the candidates night

More literature (one page to a side)

Cartoon literature, Campaign literature

Pictures, family and me

Campaign literature

More pictures, campaigning pictures

District 13 news letter

Thank you to volunteeers

Cartoon literature


1974-75, Book 7 General election

Open Space endorsement

MacFarlane anti-trust bill

Leadership shifts due

Post endorses. News endorses

Banking bill killed after election

Vote Dist. 13 and summary of what I did

Legislative vote

News endorses

Map (shaded areas are where I walked)

Certificate of election

Campaign fund letter

Sample ballot

Campaign letter points out 1972 results

Report on the legislature, 1974 RTD

Mr. Charisma steps on Blue Cross

Volunteer sheets, auto repair prices, RTD

Letter to voters

Volunteer sheet, prescription prices

Makeup of literature

Post endorses

Colo School Journal

Vote chart

Vote results Post

Thank you from church

Fund raising letter

Tooley congratulations, Carol Tempest congratulations

Letter from my aide, thank you to aide

Campaign literature

Picture Windsor Gardens

New House chairmen

Dems House majority

Tighter rein on RTD

Kopel on RTD

Metro Denver article

Dick Young (1974 chair disbarred)

Hilliard column on winter olympics


1975, Book 1

Pictures of Democratic Representatives 1975

List of officials

Pictures at swearing in

Article: Legislators fear downturn

Lawyer shortage 2 articles

Press release on committee chairs

Valdez breaks promise to end rules committee

News editorial on Valdez promise

List of 1974 elected officials

Rocky Mountain Journal on what 1975 legislature needs to do for consumers

Webb, Taylor reject move to Senate

1975 directory

Ad in paper by Democrats

Swearing in ceremony

Freshman legislative tour and picture

Lamm inauguration invitation

Lamm, Brown appoint staff

Floor plat, House

List of committee members

Freshman legislators learn how to use statute books

Letter from Lamm to Kopel

Student interns for Kopel

Denver 1975 civic directory

Schedule for committee meetings

Legislative stationary

Legislative pictures

Independent bankers goof up on chief sponsor 3 stories

Gun control bill 5 articles

Pyramid ban

Post article on bills

Snarl with record number of bills, 5 stories, editorial, picture

Don Friedman filibuster

House GOP warned to avoid delay tactics

Rules change force 5 bills back to committee

Long session upsets Friedman

Senate, House bills as of May 10

House Judiciary (in final count, one out of every four House bills sent to Judiciary)

Absentee list, Judiciary

Workload of full committee

Time chart for each House bill in Judiciary

Picture, House caucus favors adjournment

Interim committee appointments

Lamm gets low marks

Legislature gets low marks

Senate kills 51 bills in 3 minutes

More disappointing stories on legislature 2 articles

Human programs stressed

Rocky Mountain News Legislature sets record for bills

Denver Post accomplishments, failures listed

National columnist discusses state legislature

Lamm criticizes GOP legislature

Absentee rates interim committees

Kopel letter to Denver Post

Kopel report on legislature, Oct. 75

Letter from Pascoe to Kopel


1975, Book 2

Legislative pay raise dies

Job-bias plan gains

Education list of bill votes

Nursing home plan studied, 3 articles

Uniform Commissioner Appointed

(SJR 7 was changed after appointments to include two more members since George Keeley was scheduled to be commission president and Dwight Hamilton would not give up his position. So by SB 200, Sen. Plock and Valdez HJR 1042, (commission numbers were raised to 6.)

18 year old voting rights three articles

Fair Trade law

Kopel registration

Column by Sister Madden

Lobbyists in Colorado article

Constitutional change urged in short session

Pot penalties

Women in prison two articles

Congress members meet with Lamm on state legislature

Phreatophytes articles

Sweepstakes column

Obscenity bill debated, three articles

No fault law

Eckelberry praise on corporate amendments

Governor's party

Boost in liquor tax

Sunshine law changes

Car dealers sunshine pledge

Legislators back Tooley

Interest bill

Garage sale

1-470 fund transfer

Legislative postmortem

RTD on PRT three articles

Thank you letter on RTD

1975 personal datebook of appointments

Legislative meeting on JBC. Democrats

Cards of Kopel

Charity fraud

Profile on state legislature

Faculty fight before Judiciary committee

Kopel letter requesting appointment to pharmacy board

Subsequent letter by me withdrawing request

AGs letter okaying my appointment

Letter from School of Pharmacy and Kopel resume

Pace letter for revenue job

Note from Lea Robinson and translation

Letter on Pace to Lamm and Freese

Letter to Kopel from Pace


Note from Barbara Holme

Kopel letter on call to Gov. Lamm

Letter to Bob McPhee (plus 1996 obituary)

Restaurants for legislators

Democratic picture

Sentencing conferences and 6 news articles on sentencing reform

Meeting schedule

Lamm on RTD sales tax

Speech by Kopel on sales tax on food to RTD

"Republicans show impressive record"

Business panel

Credit Union resolution


1975, Book 3. Kopel Bills passed in 1975.

The prescription drug ad bill which passed and the generic substitution bill which failed are both in Book 4.

1038 Elections

1046 Credit Unions

1047 Banking division fees

1049 County judges additions

1052 County courts classified

1053 District Courts

1055 District Judges

1085 Newborn baby insurance

1095 Property lien foreclosure

1154 Pharmacy advertisement of prices

1254 State employees retirement

1292 Marriage dissolution

1319 State employees insurance

1320 Cancel insurance

1349 Uniform Consumer Credit Code

1376 Pharmacy Board composition

1403 Real estate transfers

1496 Financial institutions

1557 Nedical examiners board


1975, Book 4

The drug advertising bill came about after a survey done by COPIRG

indicated major differences in the price of the same drug. The first news articles are about that survey

HB 1154 final version of the drug bill was prompted by Sen. Barbara Holme and struck much of the complicated matter in the original bill of six pages.

Other materials include

Letter from pharmacy association

Legislative council notes

King Soopers attorney letter

Common Cause in support

List of what other states are doing

Newspapers articles

Letter to the editor

Editorial in support

King Soopers first to advertise

RMN and Denver Post supportive editorials

Kopel Report on the Legislature

Letter opposing bill

National actions on drug advertising

Letter opposing drug substitution

National story on drug advertising

Newspaper stories

Witnesses placed under oath for committee

Survey on drug prices

Example prepared by Kopel on generic substitutions


1975, Book 5. Kopel Bills lost

The following are the numbers. They are not in the books in this order and will be in both Book 5 and Book 6

1093 Superior Court Judges

1096 Motor vehicle repairs

1109 RTD route selections

1114 Prohibit hospital smoking

1126 Car dealers licensing board

1153 Consumer goods, warranties

1200 Real estate commission

1230 Warranty agreement work done

1264 Generic substitution

1286 Auto insurance

1324 Credit life insurance

1354 Voter registration

1374 Peace officers equipment

1375 Auto dealer licensing board

1379 Landlord tenant bill

1421 RTD board election

1545 Car dealer unlawful acts

1547 Grocery prices

1577 PERA Judges compensation

Status sheet

Dem House Bills killed in the Senate

News articles Superior Court 1093

Bills 1126, 1230, 1286, 1496. 1324, 1545

HB 1114 articles, letters

Articles Judges pensions, warranty repair act, police equipment

Schools, legislative review

Health, legislative review

Legislative post-mortem 1975

Appointment to UCCC advisory panel

Budget shortfall review

Kopel family schools controversy (promoted by Dick Peterson in preparation for a primary fight)

District 13 A newsletters

Judiciary interim committee final report

Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner

City Council race in my legislative district, city results


1975, Book 6

Kopel, Howe photo

Landlord-Tenant Bill CBA

HB 1379 vote in House

Letter from Keeley

CBA minutes

Freda Poundstone cartoon

CBA minutes

House roll call

Note and response on bill

CBA meeting

Legislative Makeup

Note by me, retaliatory eviction

Letter on bill

Response to letter

Draft letter

Apt. Owners newsletter

Article on landlord tenant bill

Mechanics law

Memo from intern

Dealer licensing bill

Post editorial

Letter on bill

HB 1096 news article on car repairs, photos

OK on warranty repairs

HB 1178 Mechanics license bill killed

HB 1096, 1230 dead

Photo of meeting

Roll call

HB 1096 bill

1148 bill

policy statement

Letter on HB 1148

1248 amendments

Auto repair public meeting

Letter from auto wholesalers assn.

Memo to Kopel by Mark Senn

HB 1545

HB 1230

Testimony by Felicia Muftic

News article

Grocery Prices

HB 1547 more than 33 House, 17 senators sponsor

Roll call on vote

Grocery newsletter by Kopel

News articles, grocery bill

Senate amends bill

Kopel against amendment, House adheres

McManus heads retail trade unit

Grocery price scammers

Scanners scamming consumers

Bill losses for shoppers


1976, Book 1

List of bills passed and failed, which measures are scattered throughout the 1976 books

Bills passed

1016 Repeal ore buyers license

1032 Repeal midwives license

1040 Endowment care cemeteries

1043 Prospective reimbursement

1050 Hearing officers Regulatory Agencies

1056 Hearing complaints, Regulatory Agencies

1079 Uniform Consumer Credit Code Amendments

1080 Speed limits

1081 Approve CRS 1975

1087 Generic Substitution drugs

1088 Sunset laws

1111 Mandatory sentences violent crimes

1137 Obsolete statutes, repeal and revise

Bills lost

1004 Repeal shorthand reporters

1027 Termination dates for regulatory agencies

1036 Directors Health Dept. non-profit hospitals

1046 Medical vendor act

1101 Prices put on food items

1138 State agency rule repeals

1151 Anti-trust revolving fund

1162 Bd. of Directors non-profit hospitals

Status sheet

Photos and floor plat, Colorado legislature

Legislative interim

RMN editorial Lamm's legislative agenda

RMN editorial Lamm's state of the state

Legislative directory

Family photos for use in campaign

Bill 1151 Anti-trust fund

Revolving anti-trust fund article

Food price marking bill proposed in Denver City Council by Cathy Reynolds

Food Price bill in House Kopel HB 1101

Roll call sheet

HB 1101

Bill amended

No fiscal impact

Bill passes House

Senate committee kills bill

Legislative stationary

House aide quits

Group living for elderly

Ore buyers and midwives

Women legislators take over Capitol restroom

RTD drops Colfax plan, then it is revived

Transit bill, transport office bills

High number of bills introduced by a few legislators

Consumer Petition drive vs legislature

SB 76 rule regulation (like my failed bill) passes

HB 1138 Kopel bill copies

Constitutionality of HB 1138

Vote on HB 1138

National article

Notice to agencies on rule-making

Kopel bill, other news articles

Fan letter MacFarlane and Dubofsky

Letter from MacFarlane to Lamm on SB 76

Hike in judges pension

Pension bill killed in House

Appointment of judges

Friedman's wrong vote killed pension bill

Photo of conference on House floor

Fan letter Mary Estill Buchanan

Session report adv uses my bill on cover

Hearing officer bill passes

Photos on budget fight

House votes space, aides for members

Column: Under the Stateshouse Dome

Adoptee rights hearing draws large crowd

Webb photo

Short sessions may be longer

Job bias bill

Traffic fine surcharge

Patients rights, photo on House floor

Dems ask additional spending

Public Service Co dispute

Article on late bill charges

1975 letter from Kopel asking PSC issue be on 1976 call

Basis for discussion with PSC

HB 1168 on utility service deposits

Constituent letter to Rep. Taylor on PSC actions

PSC letter to Lt. Gov. Brown

Seven news articles on PSC deposits

Social legislation Committee letter

No free utilities

Montclair debate

Open meeting of audit committee editorial and article

DAs and MacFarlane on grand jury dispute

Nuclear safeguards letter

Letter from and reponse to constituent

Final status report on bills (Colorado Nurses Association)

Post cartoon and editorial

Barbara Holme newsletter

Tax issue on ballot

Post report on bill status

General Assembly achievements or lack of

Town meeting Montclair

Two articles Senate kills House bills

Two copies 1990 story on 1975-76 sessions (Colorado Statesman)

Legislative 50 meeting in Chicago

Kopel to apply brakes to RTD in 1977


1976, Book 2

Sunset Law 1975-78, mostly 1976

1975 news articles about corruption that set the stage for Sunset

Article by Kopel and cartoon

Wall Street Journal article

Regulatory agencies target of salvo

Columns on Sunset

Denver Post editorial

Interim committee (1975) trims Common Cause proposal

Kopel-Fred Anderson bill unveiled

Committee oks Sunset bill 2 articles

Letter from Sen. Muskie

House oks bill, Kopel photo

House oks bill, two articles

National columnist praises Sunset

Article by Kopel (both sides)

Kopel, Anderson urge U.S. Sunset

Opposition to Sunset

Senate committee oks Sunset

More Sunset stories, Senate passes bill

House accepts Senate amendments

Lamm signs Sunset bill, photo

Rocky Mountain News editorial support

Kentucky on Sunset

Tennessee Sunset battle, Kopel speaks

Kopel column on Sunset

Invitation to party, Common Cause

Sen. Hart letter to Kopel

Archibald Cox lauds Sunset

Earlier bill HB 1027

Copy of HB 1088 49 House, 19 Senate sponsors

Original bill

Letter from Sid Brooks

Column by Sid Brooks, photo

Council of State Governments, articles on Sunset

Pictures, Common Cause award

Envelopes from other states seeking information

Common Cause, Sunset in 1977

Lamm vetoes anti Sunset bills 1977

1977: Boxing agency in peril (plus 1991 story on Eddie Bohn)

U.S. Sunset law urged (1978)

Congress Sunset bill okd

1978 column by George Will

Kopel urges Illinois to go it slow

National Meeting with Alfred Kahn

Morgan Smith press release, re: Sunset

Insurance Sunset fight


1976, Book 3. Sentencing

3 branches meet and cartoon

Denver Post editorial, Sentencing reform

Letter from DA Tooley

Note taking on plan

HB 1111 Kopel bill divides Democrats

Visiting prisons, Sister Loretto Ann Madden

Photo Angry words on House floor

Sentencing bill gains in House committee

Subcommittee to study bill, vote three stories

What bill requires

Bill clears House photo and eight articles

Editorial, Rocky Mountain News

Minimum sentences documented

Appropriation note, fiscal note

Bill as passed 22 of House sponsors are GOP

Bill with amendments, original bill

Attorney General opposes mandatory bill

Senate oks mandatory bill, three articles

Governor signs bill three articles, photo

Earlier Post editorial on bill

Bill awaits governor's signature

Tooley remarks on bill

Partisan fissures fade

Community Corrections bill, two articles

Nine months into 1976 Crime drops or crime rate steady?

Violent crimes down

Letter and response to federal judicial center

Letter to editor

Letter of support to Kopel

Prison package signed by Lamm

Crime bill summary by Dale Tooley

SB 1 contraband bill Kopel House sponsor

HB 1007 Kopel Attempt to Escape

SB 33 Fiscal note

Shorthand reporters

Judges oppose deregulation

House committee gives reporters one year reprieve

Shorthand bill passes House four articles

Letter on Brown column

Opponent letter on Sunset

Feet on chair letter from Shorthand reporter Chisholm


Spano letter

Kopel response to Chisholm letter

HB 1099 Type 2 transfers killed

Letter from supporter


Anti-obscenity law unconstitutional two articles

New measure for House

Legislators leery

Concern of police

Large hearing in Judiciary

Zakhem bill

Judiciary to draft bill two articles

Hearing held several bills and photos

GOP protest Judiciary committee decision, leave committee room

Kramer tries blast on House floor two articles and columns

House oks obscenity bill two articles

Senate passes tough bill

Denver Post editorial

New bill introduced House oks bill

Bill limited to minors

RMN editorial and cartoon

Ealier story, Pueblo Chiefton

Compromise bill alive three articles

Lamm oks House version

Law, HB 1272 Rep. DeMoulin

Why bill passed

Park Hill

Meeting on porn shop

Park Hill porn shop

Porno group gives up

City backs citizens ballot three articles

Council meeting on porno resolution

City seeks to halt porno spread

Citizens try again

City seeks new ordinance five articles

City ordinance unconstitutional

RMN editorial

Picketing in Park Hill

Notes by Kopel

Public Adjusters regulation Page 31


Book 4, 1976. Blue Cross, Blue Shield

Kopel seeking to close Blues loophole

Medicare costs and access 2 articles

Hearing on Blues rates

Blues bypass subscribers

Lamm adds health care to "call"

Blues face bankruptcy

Bid for revamping Blues rejected

Photo on petitions

Letter to Editor Denver Post

House oks changes in control of Blues

Blues failed to cut costs

Blues trustee bill aired

Blues president lauds report

Audit shows Blues practices sloppy

Critic Kopel sees sale of Blues building

Barnes to probe Blues surplus

Blues figures at issue

Elections of Blues directors three articles

Blues squander millions national story

Blues study repealed

and right below and uncut is mandatory sentences

Photo Bendelow and Kopel

Senate committee kills bill to elect Blue Cross directors

HB 1036 Kopel bill to elect directors

Hospital services Inc letter on HB 1162

Kopel HB 1162

HB 1043 Kopel prospective reimbursement

Statesman, Blues improving

Bar Assn letter of thanks to Kopel

Legislature review 1976

Helping Dean Punke get appointment

Letter to Sid Brooks on past legislature

HJR 1011 Repeals Interim Committee

HB 1080 Speed limit

HB 1081 1975 supplement to CRS

HB 1040 Endowment Care cemeteries

HB 1032 Midwives

HB 1016 Ore Buyers

HB 1079 UCCC review

HB 1050 Hearing officers for reg agencies

HB 1137 Revisor's bill

HB 1056 Disposition of complaints Hearing officers


1976, Book 5

Generic drug substitution 1975-76 78-92

1971 three state legislatures ponder generic substitution

1975 June FDA considers generic substitution

RMN editorial ending the price gouge on prescription drugs

Resolution by Morgan County medics opposing generic substitution

N.A.R.D. resolution supporting drug sale reform

Letters to editor, Students refuse to accept Eli Lilly stethoscopes

Response by me to students

Work on article Kopel and Traylor 1975

Letter from Rep. Traylor on our substitution article

Response to Traylor by me

Letter to Gov. Lamm asking generic substitution on "call"

Rough version by Traylor

Final version Rocky Mountain News by Kopel and Traylor

Suggested letter to pharmacists by DeLander (both sides of page)

Letter to Kopel, from Merle Meyers suggests study in 76 for 77 Anti-generic letter form Richard Valente and my response letter

Letter to Merle Meyers from me on HB 1087 to be introduced

RMN letter by Traylor on Valenti letter



Supportive letter from pharmacist and response by me

Denver Post letter from pharmacist manufacturer Joe Steller

Response letter to Post by me

Letter from CU pharmacy school thanking me for meet with students

Anti drug substitution letter to Denver Post by Fred Pang

Response letter from me (printed?)

HB 1087 original copy of bill

Questions regarding bill, typed response by me

Gray Panthers supporrt for HB 1087

Letter from Dr. Dreyfus to Dr. Bowling

Commentary prepared by me

Letter from lobbyist (Seiver) about other lobbyist

Comments prepared by Merle Meyer based on my comments

First fiscal note

Letter to Strickland from Simmons on cost to pharmacy board

Letter to Strickland from DORA's Rodriguez on suggested amendment

Rewritten bill

Information on opponent arguments by Nancy Richards

Note by me

Hospital generic substitution form

Preparation for battle

Letter to Hank Brown by Merle Meyers

Medical Society letter opposing generic substitution to Strickland

Letter from Meyers to Sen. Strickland

Amended bill HB 1087 36 House, 18 Senate sponsors

Numerous news articles:

Health care on "call"

Substitution measure advances

Bill passes House

Final story May 26 about bill's final passage and drugists in support page 33

RMN editorial on consumers win one

Column or speech by me

Letter from Merle Meyers

Comments by Sister Madden in Catholic Register on generic bill

Letter in support by American Pharmaceutical Assn

Generic drug articles

Gov. Lamm signs bill

Final copy of HB 1087

Articles in Colorado Pharmacist from Jan-Feb, March-April

Pix and story on signing

Cartoon used in campaign

National story on substitution

News articles on substitution

National article mentioning Colorado

King Soopers story (1978)

Drug education King Soopers

Kopel comment after 1976

1976 April report by me on fight

Story on Schieffelin addressing "Stop ERA" in the afternoon on Thirsday, thus missing committee vote in Senate Health allowing HB 1087 to pass out of committee

1976 tape on Kopel speech

Imig letter to Kopel, 1978, notes by me on visit

Anti-generic story 1980

Facts and myths 1992


1976, Book 6 Election Campaign

1975 article, Game plan for GOP

1975 article GOP sharpens claws for 76

Legislative roundup April 1976

More GOP preparations, 1976

January town meeting

Barbara Holme newsletter

Debate on public service company at Montclair

District 13a news

Barbara Holme candidate for re-election

1976 Jefferson Jackson Day dinner

Biography and resume

Areas walked in 1976 Freese suggestion

Gaon fails bar exam

Kopel for re-election card

Letter from Tooley on campaign contributors

Education bill issues

David Gaon letter

Note on registration

More Kopel card letters

Note from Jean Murray on Swalm

Absentee vote letter

HD 13 interview filled out

Letter of support

Letter to constituent on Swalm literature

Original envelope on committee

Map of district

News articles on election Kopel, UCD studies

Notice to Dem officials on re-election

17 legislators score 100 on ecology

Post article Dems see win

Colorado Alumnus article by Ewegen

Contributions to Dem candidates

Dem convention

Udall gets two delegates

Congrats from Schroeder

Notice of nomination to Kopel

Kopel letter to delegates

Dafoe-Kopel-Kogovsek-Swalm controversy

Answers to questionnaires

Want straight answers? Don't ask legislators

Colo Hospital endorsement of Swalm

Letters August-October

Dick Freese on lobbyist calls

Contribution request to Booth

Suggestion to send Thank You letters

Thank you letters

Prepare for fund-raising party

Invitation to fund-raising party

Letter from Milstein

Letter from contributors

Letter from Dale Tooley

Letter from Freese on contributions

Letter from Beno and Kirscht


1976, Book 7. Election 76

Questionnaires to candidates

Women (unknown group)

Kopel response

Common Cause

League of Women Voters

Questions: Did it come from Legis 50? Unknown

Legis 50 request from Roth

Response to Roth

Republican primaries four articles

Paul Swalm literature

Swalm spending most two articles

Swalm seeking House seat

What people say about Swalm

Amounts of money received

Signs supporting Swalm

School busing questions

Swalm literature

Windsor Gardens letter

GOP letter to Windsor Gardens

Arthur Gaeth letter for Swalm

Swalm cartoon four pieces

Swalm literature

Kopel response to Swalm suggestion

Candidate debate

CAPE record on votes

CAPE backs Swalm

Kopel letter in response

Kopel postcard seeking support

Letter to delegates

Letter regarding Zakhem

Kopel literature

Denver Post picks Kopel

Kopel literature

Kopel cartoon

Notes for volunteers

Volunteer request

Thanks for volunteering

Kopel cartoon Sunset

Kopel cartoon auto repair

Summary of amendments

Thanks for voting absentee

Letter to B'nai B'rith members from Harry Sterling

Sample phone conversation

Denver Post endorsement

Cervi's Journal endorsement

Straight Creek Journal endorsement

Rocky Mountain News endorsement

Sum-up on coming election

Dem paper questionnaire

GOP newsletter

Union endorsement

Letter from Dem chairman

Lea Robinson signature on Kopel postcard (actually, Lea was helping Paul Swalm, but I did not know it until after the election).

"campaign" pictures

Original of cartoon

CAPE and other issue literature


1976, Book 8

Swalm-Kopel primary numbers

Kopel primary numbers 78

Voting numbers 72,74 candidate's primary numbers

Swalm-Kopel primary 1976

Kopel-Moen 74, Swalm 76 general election

Other numbers, general election

GOP record turnout Nov 76 election

Lamm loses on ballot issues

Profiles, Swalm, Dodge

Dems demoralized by loss

Legislators trade barbs

Views diverge on Dem loss

GOP keeps senate

Election results 76

Dems lose House to GOP

More election results

Freese response to Swalm letter, Swalm letter to Freese

Schroeder defeats Friedman, Friedman finds happiness

GOP gains House control

GOP outspent Dems two articles

Amount raised Swalm 11,891 Kopel 3,805

Dan Lynch's column in Cervi's Journal

Kopel quote in Statesman

Is Lamm through?

Kopel-Swalm precinct results

Preparing for 1978 election (right after election going to Tuscon and reviewing what happened in various precincts. Comparing Kopel/Holme, Swalm, Perril and other races)

Election night gossip 5 pages

Schroeder adv thanks, Kirscht ad

Another election tabulation

Post mortem why did Dems lose Colo House, five pages

Straight Creek Journal analysis four pages

Park Hill officers 76

RMN editorial two pages

Second RMN editorial two pages

CAPE on election

Sorry you lost letters, Dale Tooley, Dick Young, Gary Hart, Dottie Lamm, Dick Lamm, Rich Castro, Floyd Haskell, Mary Estill Buchanan, my response to her, Buchanan maverick article, Lillian Farmer and response, Cecelia Shultz and response, Leo Smith and response, Carol Tempest and response, Jean Dubofsky and response, Ed Lupberger and response, May Dunkin and response, Tim Correll and response, Art and Bea Branscombe and response, Maude Perez and response, Tom Nussbaum and response, Sister Loterro Anne Madden plus column and response, Bill Flanery, Schroeder telegram, Geiger telegram, Pat Patrick letter, Pascoe letter, Roth letter, Roitman letter, another Roth letter, Dosh letter, Harold letter, Schiff letter, Bob and Rae Hilbert letter, Branscombe letter, Mark?, Sherman letter, Tuthills letter, Garrett letter, Don Strait letter

Newspaper election stories, Nov.3, 76


1977 Book 1

Letter to editor regarding generic substitution

RMN column by me on repealing rules

Lamm appoints Kopel to Health Facilities Council plus certificate

Plat of House member pictures

Study says incumbents have edge

(I applied to head the state office of the Fed Trade Commission)

Letters of support from Benny Kass, Norm Pledger, J.D. MacFarlane, response to J.D., letter from head of FTC Mike Pertschuk, Floyd Haskell, response from White House, letter from two U.S. Senators, three congressmen and women to Pertschuk, letter from J.D. MacFarlane to senators and congressmen, note from Haskell's office, response letters from me, my resume to FTC, article on Pertschuk. Because of the time factor if I ran for office, I then indicated verbally I would be running for the House and withdrew my application.

Juereta P. Smith gets FTC job in Dallas (not Colorado)

A Statesman article regarding Kopel, March 1977

Kopel-Swalm expense list

Article by me "How to lose" Feb. 1977

Kopel prepares for next election

Gossip column Statesman, April 1977

Report on the legislature June 1977

Support letter from Schroeder

Letter to the Editor Kopel Sunset

Another letter from Schroeder

Swalm votes against teachers bill

COPIRG press release

Morgan Smith photos, Kopel dines in caucus in 1976

Dentals for elderly debate, excerpts from Kopel newsletter in Statesman

Kopel-Swalm debate on salaries

Change in constitution

Pictures published in 1977 from 1976

Swalm to bring tax relief three stories

House Journal amendment

Swalm bill dies in Senate committee

Epstein letter to Lamm promoting me for Rate Review Commission

Craig Barnes (after Sunset) leans on civil service three stories

Letter from Kopel to Lamm on call

Response letter from Lamm

Bill gets on call anyway

My written response to bill

Letter of appreciation from George Keely

Three reg agencies die under Sunset

Anti-generic bill dies

Dolan appointed U.S. attorney

Quote from Kopel

Kopel appointed to Statutory Revision Committee

Statutory Revision Committee results

Kopel stationery for coming election

Resume for one of the Who's Who spinoffs

Application for appointment as district judge

Hoffman letter of support

My notes for interview

Barnes letter of support

Huttner's letter of good health

Hospital Commission

Application to Lamm, (two letters back) resume

Formal application and resume

Appointees to Hospital Commission, two stories

RMN editorial Hospital Bill politics

Remarks in appearing before committee choosing hospital commission

Hospital commission killed in 1980

Article history of deregulation, 1977-80

Civil rights meeting

Pornography fight Park Hill

Battle on porno Book store

Marge McLean attacks pornshop and cartoon

Hearings on bookstore 1977, 1978 (two pieces)

Picketing Porn shop

Colorado's Best and Worst legislators Dec. 1977

1978 forecast Rocky Mountain Journal


1978 The campaign Book 1

Memorandum on Swalm from District 13 committee (written partly by my soon-to-be primary opponent Dick Peterson, Nov. 1977)

Meeting of District 13 November 1977

Press release Kopel

Newspaper article Kopel seeks re-election

Doonesbury cartoon and Kopel profile

Kopel running 3 articles

Denver Dems hold key to legislature

Candidate affidavit

Why is Kopel running

Peterson announcement (on ReMax stationery)

Dick Peterson running 5 stories

Dick Peterson Fund raiser

List of District 13 delegates

Copy of remarks made by Peterson at a coffee taken by someone on my behalf

Schroeder letter to me

Apparently Schroeder sent Peterson a letter (copy of her letter to him, a copy to me)

Names on fairness campaign in primary

Peterson withdraws (actual reason was based on my list of endorsements) Two articles

Letter March 31 to Peterson campaign staff thanking them for clean campaign

Letter to constituent workers to get people to caucus

Kopel announcement letter

List of supporters

Letter seeking more endorsements

New list of endorsements

Letter to Ruth Harold

More responses to request for endorsements (Peterson withdraws)

Kopel Report on the Legislature March 78

Kopel second report on the legislature May-June 78

Untorn copies March and May report on the legislature

Rental agreement for campaign headquarters 1400 Leyden

Letter terminating lease Sept. 30

Notes on foul-up on building permit, headquarters continues

Payment of rent for October

Postcards for Jerry Kopel

Letter from Rabbi Goldberger

Letter to voters from Lea Robinson

campaign letter

Letter to absentee voters

Letter asking for contribution

Letter to voters from Geiger and letter from Norma Edelman

Campaign cartoon on air pollution

Reprint from GPHC newsletter

There is a difference (literature) four pieces

Printed literature using Holme and Groff in different parts of district

Various capaign literature

Letter to RTD by Holme and Kopel

Letter from Harry Sterling to voters

Letter for contribution

Campaign cartoons

Landlord-tenant literature

Campaign literature

Landlord tenant response to Swalm

Tape of debate for campaign literature on dental bill

Nov. 1977 Report on Swalm's vote on dental bill

Windsor Gardens Sing-along

Songbook for sing along


1978 Book 2 The campaign

Montclair Debates Oct. 78

Kopel-Swalm debate

Photo of audience

Kopel speech given

Letter of praise

Another version of speech (not used?) doesn't have underlines

Kopel "legislative" stationery

Speech to delegates?

Definite speech to delegates

RMN endorses Kopel

List of candidates

Political stories third of candidates unopposed, Reagan fundraiser, Dem. chances dim, citizen legislature eroded, 28 legislators won't be back.

Campaign suggestions from Denver County Democrat Committee

Letter from RTD on circulator bus

Kopel press release

Letter on RTD issue

Garage sale

Teachers and Teamsters endorsements

Kopel signs stolen

Kopel-Swalm grudge match

Gemini horoscope day before election states:

"You can make a successful new start. You discover your opposition is a proverbial paper tiger."

Anti-Kopel return

DCTA endorsement

Primary vote

Primary election, Denver Post

Walking tour

Endorsement ad Intermountain Jewish News

Denver Post calls it a "tie"

Kopel ads

Notice of nomination

GOP predicts control

13 lawyers on primary ballot

Strahle addresses lawyers, two stories, lauds Sunset, regulatory rule reform (both my work, second one carried by Decker)

Colleagues evaluate Swalm, Kopel

Kopel pix

Phone pads

RTD hearings on Jewish holidays

Comparison, Kopel, Swalm

Dems, GOP registration

Kopel ads

Democrat literature

Leo Zuckerman, ad for Kopel

Kopel postcard

Lea Robinson "article" written by Kopel

Results of fund raising campaign and things still to do, 2 copies

Hand written items by me for use against Swalm

Kopel posters, some concepts of what to do

1978 budget

Past election results and what they mean

Telephone script

Registration figures

Campaign stationery

Radio ad, don't know if used

Column from Park Hill paper

Sample ballot

Writing by District Captain Sam Tarkington

Calling volunteers

Sample ballot instructions

Important campaign dates

Other suggestions for radio ad

Colorado Womens Political caucus questionnaire and rating

Rating by Sportsman Council for Kopel

Phone call

Kopel literature

Registration numbers

Letter of thanks

Thanks to Lance Chayet and Goodwin's daughter

Sample ballot instructions

Weekly minder

CAPE letter, Kopel and Swalm

Sue Fox contribution

More letters

Part of speech

Support letter from Stenomask reporters

Response from me

Campaign letter

Walking tour planned, rescinded

Blue Book Council 1978 ballot issues

Sample ballot

Letter to Swalm on door to door at Crestmoor Downs

Common Cause suggestions for Nov. 7th


Book 3 1978

Photos and cartoons

Film sheets taken by Dick Schneider for campaign


Fund raiser at home 9 shots

Meeting at Windsor Gardens 16 shots

Pix for literature with Regis Groff at my home 4 shots

Pix for literature with Mrs. John McCabe and Dolores 6 shots

Pix for literature Jerry Kopel shopping 4 shots

Kopel at home 9 shots and 3 later

Kopel with family 10 shots (inbetween are Kopel at legislature and 2 formal shots)

Kopel at Dorothy Valuck store 2 shots. Other stores 4 shots

Kopel with Marge McLaughlin

Peter McLaughlin

Kopel at construction site 3 shots

Kopel at cafeteria

Kopel at home 3 shots

Kopel in car

Peter McLaughlin

Kopel walking district 4 shots

Kopel/Nancy Dick/Jane Woodhouse, Norma Edelman 5 shots

Formal photo

Kopel with Barbara Holme literature shots

Cartoons of Swalm, originals by Joe Barros

Poundstone and Swalm 8 shots showing Poundstone as boss and Swalm as stooge.

Actual ads in which cartoons appear


1978, Book 4

Paul Swalm literature (these articles are relevant to Kopel campaign issues in 1978 election)

Swalm seeking re-election

1977-78 legislative reports, three, including reference to my newsletter placed next to it

Note to voters from Swalm

3 Swalm news stories

HB 1161 Swalm on destruction by minors and restitution

HB 1302 Swalm passes amendment to Children's Code

HB 1277 Publicizing juvenile names. Bill killed. One story and one RMN editorial

Restitution bill 2 stories

Constitutional amendment supported

Mandatory sentencing for juveniles News articles

Swalm seeks re-election

Kopel debunks Swalm bill original copy

PUC deregulation HB 1014 Swalm

Swalm and Spano photo (cigar portion used in Kopel literature)

Swalm to run again

GOP caucus sends nursing bill to floor on Swalm's motion

Four news stories on Swalm deregulation bill

Swalm "creeping socialism" dental bill

Actual dental bill SB 473 is law

Dental bill news article

Column on Dental Care Act

Letter to Kopel from Sister Madden on dental bill vote

"No" vote on HB 1618 unemployment insurance

Other negative votes

Notes by Kopel on Swalm votes

Swalm disclosure statement and campaign contribution report

Kopel notes on Swalm record (note reference is to Swalm's son who passed the bar exam and was one of my pupils)

Windsor Gardens report on Swalm

Paul Swalm phone pad handout

1978 bill HB 1194 on income tax inflation index rate

Early version of HB 1194

Swalm report on impact of HB 1194 indexing taxes

RMN editorial on HB 1194

Post supports bill. Letter to editor

"Denver Republican" paper story on indexing

two indexing stories

Indexing nationally story

Lamm surplus story blasted

HB 1276 second Swalm indexing bill

HB 1433 report on inflation

Swalm attacks House Leadership RMN and Post

Paul Swalm big car

Property tax issues

Swalm opposes business fees

Tax relief plan

HB 1575 property tax for renters (in GOP tax plan)

Letter to editor

HB 1575 Kopel analysis of bill

Up The Creek story and national stories

HB 1311 limiting number of state employees

Letter to editor in support of HB 1311

Bill to trim state payroll 9 stories

HB 1464 motor vehicle registration

Legislature rated C.U.T. and Eagle Forum

C.A.S.E. ratings

HJR resolution by Swalm

Editorial on tax revolt

Paul Swalm ads

Jack Shapiro letter

SB 549 Metropolitan District Bill (Swalm is co-sponsor)

Swalm votes against own bill, Post editorial: Profiles in Groveling basis for cartoons used by me.

A House district story

Letter to editors four two anti-Swalm two pro-Swalm

Swalm literature

Apt. Owners News Honor Roll

House ratings

Re-elect our incumbents

Dem goof up on candidate donations

Swalm literature

Apt Owners Assn literature


Book 5 1978 campaign.

Results plus some prior to election results

Election results Nov. 7

Sheet used at headquarters as votes came in

Typed sheet on Windsor Gardens results

Letter John McDonald

Letter Sheila Kowal, Chuck Bennett, Belle Price, Leonard Sutton, Michael Tietel, Carol Tempest, Diane Rees

Election results

Colorado Democrat story on Kopel, McCrosky

Certification of election

Statesman story on Kopel Swalm election

Denver vote tally

Story on campaign costs

Picture of legislators

GOP possible leaders

Swalm's wish for Christmas

Bill to broaden Sunset law

Speech by Kopel to Ohio legislators reprinted in Statesman

Letter to editor on Kopel column

RMN news report on Kopel Ohio speech and IJN story

Kopel notes Alferd Packer court file sealed

Sunset expansion planned

Death penalty law Revision Committee meeting 4 stories

Expansion of legislative offices and old Supreme Court

Letter to motor vehicle dept.

Letter to Mountain States Legal Foundation

Response by James Watt

New article on motor vehicle policy

Research notes by Phil Munishor

Letter to the editor

Letter from and to the mayor

J-school alumni notes

A community fights back Kopel discusses zoning, fair housing

Statesman gossip column

Legislative candidate seminar

Kopel lays out plan for winning four pages

Kirscht minority leader two stories

Newcomers in legislature

IJN news articles

Letter from Steve Davis

Flood plain information

Letter on issue

Kopel speech or column on issue

Meeting on flood plain

Major Kopel legislation, pre 1979

RTD burden on Windsor Gardens

Candidate listing and answer to questions

Congratulation letters on winning

Ad of thanks from me

Pictures include Dick Young, Pat Schroeder, Arie Taylor, Dick Bernick congratulations party

More pictures family, friends, politicians


1978 Book 6

Newspapers Election results


1979, Book 1

Report by David Kopel on why his father won in 1978. (Case study written for Brown University business management class.)

Party control numbers in legislature, 1900-1977

Speech by me in running for assistant minority leader, Lost.

Opening day, 1979 session . Includes pictures

Dem head quits post

Reapportionment column

Politics: Vote for Bill Roberts

Meet with constituents

Letter from Jack Watson

Piano party for Mondale

How to win an election while really trying

Washington passes, UJN ad

Montview, Mayfair Town meetings

Civic director

Dems fund raiser

Lobbyist giving reported

Legislative reports

Jewish issues

Credit Union interest rates


Generic drug law working, five articles

Mullarky letter to Kopel suggesting objection to HB 1118 amendment

Certificate of Need story and SB 483, letter urges veto of SB 483

End of session stories

coalition cites legislators



legislative picks

report of what happened in session

New Years resolutions

Rundown on how Denver legislators did

Opening remarks on 1980 session, printed in 1980.

Spending limits article

Who got most bills; most bills passed

Various legislative stories for 1979 session (in folder)


1978, Book 2

Approval rating by newspapers, 1979

Property Taxes, Inflation Index and Credit

Chuck Howe firing (1996) and picture together, 1979

Marijuana Bill, Tougher then ever

Robbery from the aged

Landlord-tenant bill

Child Rape victim bill Kopel HB 1209

Truck inspection

State Agency rules, possible veto

J-School alumni notes

Gorsuch-Burford fiasco, 1979 on

Ron Strahle dies (in 1993)

Ski liability, Vet Nursing homes, consumer advocate, car repair law, drivers license hike. Legislative party

Letter to Lamm SB 48

Juror information

Lack of lawyers in legislature

Letter to Dem paper

Skaggs running


1978, Book 3

Sunset law TV show channel 6

Durham column

Sunset law HB 1285 Kopel expanding coverage

Sunset costs

Rep. Katz Chicago look at Sunset

Mandatory Continuing Education: Letters, articles, bills, columns on killing mandatory ed requirements

Statutory Revision Committee

Revision bills: Garnishment, Courts


Book 4 1979-80

Committee Investigation (includes me) into executive appointments to Judiciary. Documents in folder go with this. Are on fourth shelf from top in middle tier of five shelves. There are three tiers together with five shelves each. Large number of news articles.


Jewish Issues. Book 1

Committee to Free the Leningrad Three 1980

This book is divided into three parts. The formation of the committee, the obtaining of strong legislative support due to Sen. Bishop, the appearance before the 1980 Womens Plea Observance

Sen. Holme works on Ida Nudel committee 1979.

Background Information: Kopel concept for committee revolving around three dissidents, one Jewish, two Orthodox Christian still held for part in trying to steal vacant plane to leave the Soviet Union. Biographies on the three.

Letter on meeting with Marilyn Heller regarding concept

Preparation by Heller of press release

Letter to Sen. Bishop

Letter from Heller regarding non-legislative members

Work by Bishop on senators

Lamm, McNichols, Romer join committee. Sen. Armstrong says no.

Letterhead of committee

Brochure on Mendelevich

Press release

List of legislative names

Letter from Heller on Kuznetsov appearance

Kuznetsov news articles.

Kuznetsov Day, Gov. Lamm

National news mention

Article on forming committee

Solidarity Sabbath

Press meeting on committee formation

Three articles

Support from Kramer, Wirth

Letter from Heller on committee plans

Press release

Letter from Kopel to USSR Counsel General

Booklet planned

Letter from Bob Loup

Booklet includes Committee to Free initiators: Kopel, Bishop

Booklet picture

Apology on letter to Soviets being overlooked

Additional letters

List of Soviets to write to

Ida Nudel resolution

Service for Soviet poets

Emigration problems letter following meeting

Ginzburg on Olympics, comments by Kopel

Material on Women's Plea for Human Rights

Copy of Kopel presentation


Several Letters of thanks

Final program,

Comments by Tooley, additional articles

Federov's wife leaves,

Kuznetsov article


Jewish Issue, Book 2. 1981 onward

(All three dissidents are finally freed)

Letter to Federov from Roy Romer

Letter urging legislators to write Federov

Towbin letter

Getting sign-ups for Concern for Soviet Jewry

Letter to Russian ambassador

Mendelevich freed, letter, two articles

Committee To Free the Leningrad Three, adds words "two more to go"

Ad in Jewish News

Solidarity Sabbath, May 1981

Letter from researcher

Mendelevich to come to Denver

Program for Women's plea

Kopel remarks including meeting with Mendelevich

Mendelevich comes for Denver dinner

New letterhead

Concern for Soviet Jewry, article

Solidarity Sabbath information

Letter to Federov's mother

Two articles

Letter to President Brezhnev

Towbin thank you letter

List of names to write to

Letters from Federov and mother to each other on back of stationery

Distance Run for Federov


Women's Plea for Soviet Jewry meeting and program and news article

Congratulation on election

Letter regarding dinner

Appearance by Mendelevich


Ida Nudel letter

Letter to legislators to join committee

Ad in Jewish News

Women's Plea for Human Right meeting, letters

Copy of new stationery

Jewish News Article on Towbin retiring in 2003

Letter to Towbin complaining about letterhead not being ready

Letter on Murzhenko, suggested wording

Letter to legislators, Russian officials' names on back

Murzhenko freed


Letterhead with news about Murzhenko

1985 Information from Towbin on Murzhenko and Federov

More material on the two dissidents

Letter to legislators urging writing to the two dissidents. Federov also freed

1987 Two letters on Federov who wants to emigrate to U.S.

April letterhead on Elected Officials for Soviet Jewry

Request for speaking at rally at State Capital

List of names read at rally


Jewish Issues, Book 3

National Association of Jewish Legislators and American Jewish Committee

The NAJL organization was founded in 1977. Upon my return to the legislature in 1979, I joined,


Article Intermountain Jewish News

1978 brochure

General letters of NAJL 1978-79

NAJL Bulletin

Letter regarding American Jewish Committee regional conference with Holme, Kopel as co-hosts at the governor's mansion. News articles sent to NAJL

1979 NAJL conference

Letter regarding Nazi criminals

Petition by Colo legislators regarding Nazi criminal statute of limitations

1980 NAJL letters

1981 NAJL conference, membership card

NAJL brochure 1984

1985 letter from new NAJL president

Speech regarding Jewish issues in Colorado

1986 NAJL membership list

NAJL article 1986 Intermountain Jewish News

ADL letter regarding Kopel confrontation with Russians visiting legislature

RMN article of Soviet visit

Letter from Sen. Berman, Illinois 1986

1987 NAJL bulletin

Kopel on board of directors of American Jewish Committee

1988 letter from ADL regarding discrimination against Jewish legislators

Letters of congratulations

Article in Intermountain Jewish News on appointment

Comments regarding Jewish legislators

1988 NAJL letters

1989 Intermountain Jewish News article "Taking Stock of Our Community

Tree planted in Kopel's honor

Kopel appointed NAJL regional vice president

1989 letter from Speaker Irv Stolberg of Conn.

Card, Sen. Art Berman and letter

President Stolberg of NAJL letter

1989-90 NAJL officials and Ballot

1989 NAJL meeting

Kopel press release

1990-91 NAJL officials

Kopel press release

List of NAJL officials


Jewish Issues, Book 4

Holocaust Memorials and general Jewish issues

1972, remarks to legislature on persecution of Russian Jews

1985 Holocaust memorial

Article from the Jewish Monthly read to legislators at passage of memorial

1986 Holocaust memorial

1983 Objection to CU president on holding luncheon on Yom Kippur

Response by CU president

1985 objection to legislative session on Yom Kippur, letters to Lamm, Speaker Bledsoe, RMN article, petition by legislators, letter to the editor

1985 controversy on scheduling political caucuses during Passover, news articles

1981 SB 432 on potential terrorist training and letter

1987 Hadassah meeting, appearance on panel

National Council of Jewish Women annual luncheon (NCJW) 1986

Notice of Fellowship of Legislative Wives, a Christian Support Group

1987 B'nai B'rith rally at state capitol on release of dissidents named Slepak

NCJW luncheon

Kopel not mentioned in Holocaust Host Committee 1988

Anti-Defamation League government day 1989

Holocaust Host committee list 1989

Jeff Shoemaker letter

Holocaust memorial HJR 1022 1989

Letter to Romer on 1985 SJR 14 for Holocaust memorial, Never done.

Correspondence with Dr, Allen Holocaust Awareness Institute

Response by Kopel

Article written by Kopel on Owens' mention of memorial

Article printed in Intermountain Jewish News

Opposition to memorial

Letter to Dr. Wagner pointing out original letter

Letter to Statesman on Wagner errors

Response by Wagner

1992 Holocaust memorial original handwritten speech, SJR 7

Typed copy of remarks

Comment by Scott McInness

Story in IJN

Wannsee meeting to exterminate Jews, RMN article

RMN prints Kopel comments to legislature on SJR 7

Panelist 1992 Jews in Colorado Politics

Copy of speech given, handwritten preparation

Letter of thanks

IJN editorial on subject matter

Copy of IJN article on Kopel retirement

IJN photo of new legislators of Jewish faith in 1993

Comment by Kopel.

B'nai B'rith abortion panel

1999, House legislators observe Passover Holiday, first time


Jewish issues, Book 5. Three Holocaust Resolutions

1990, SJR 22 by Sen. Sandy Hume and Rep. Kopel. Topic was discussion of growth of anti-Semitism. Opening graph discussed various groups murdered during Holocaust including homosexuals. Kopel speech praised Denmark for saving Jews.

1991 HCR 1019 by Rep. Kopel and Sen. Dennis Gallagher. Used the same opening graphs as 1990, including Homosexuals murdered. In 1990, Rep. Charles Duke (R) voted for SJR 22. Purpose of HCR 1019 was the coming Ann Frank exhibit to Colorado. Kopel speech dealt with Ann Frank. Rep. Stan Johnson (R) then questioned Kopel regarding inclusion of murder of homosexuals. Explanation given. (would be on tape at state archives) Vote taken, only Rep. Duke voted against resolution.

The comments and articles that follow are not in order because of concern in pulling them from sticky pages. The actual order should be:

Vote on the resolution, March 12

Duke attempts to justify vote against resolution March 18

Matter sent to Senate committee by Sen. Strickland, March 18 vote

In book the order is:

Rocky Mountain News article (RMN) Duke votes against resolution

RMN editorial

Cartoon March 22

Letter April 2

Gay response, March 13, March 18, Capitol Reporter

Duke defense in RMN March 18?

Letter March 19 and copy

March 15, Intermountain Jewish News (IJN) editorial Duke should resign. Also copy

IJN article on March 12 vote

RMN cartoon March 20

Fight on discrimination at city council level

Letters to editor

Pueblo Chieftain March 18

Gay and Lesbian press release March 12

Pat Buchannan editorial March 20

Hate letter, March 21

RMN Duke researching gays and Holocaust March 18

Letters to editor Gazette Telegraph

Duke defends vote, what paper? plus clean copy

Stories, RMN and Denver Post March 12

Associated Press story March 15

Colorado Statesman March 22

Holocaust program 1991

Senate oks Holocaust Resolution March 22

Copy of final HJR 1019

1992 Gay and Lesbian Holocaust awareness

1993 Duke challenges 1993 Holocaust language on Warsaw Ghetto figures

Book 6 Denmark and Victor Borge

Letter inviting Kopel to NAJL luncheon for a project called Thanks to Scandinavia. 1984

Follow up letter 1984 Borge on concert tour (Denver?)

Bulletin on project

Request for legislative resolution 1984

NAJL luncheon in Boston, news article

Progress report on project 1984

Intermountain Jewish News article on Kopel at NAJL luncheon 1984

Request for copy of resolution 1984

Project letter 1985 on resolutions

Progress report 1985

1986 Senate Joint Resolution No. 11, Sen. McCormick, Rep. Kopel on Thanks to Scandinavia scholarships to study in U.S.

Written comment by Kopel at House vote on resolution, 1986

Letter to project president with copies of resolution

Letter thanking Kopel for resolution 1986

Form letter on request for resolution 1986

1986 Borge at concert in Denver

1986 presentation by Kopel of resolution to Borge after concert

Copy of letter to Kopel from Borge 1986

Copy of response by Kopel 1986

Victor Borge dies December 2000

One of original copies of SJR resolution No. 11

Victor Borge dies, separate article

1990 article in Intermountain Jewish News on saving Danish Jews


Jewish Issues, Book 7

International Soviet Jewry Archival Project 1998 (in folder)


Jewish Issues, Book 8

Desecration of venerated objects

HB 1127 Rep. Kopel, Sen. Gallagher 1982

Letter, Anti Defamation League (ADL) model bill

News articles on vandalism bill, Intermountain Jewish News and other papers

Press conference called on HB 1127

ADL meeting Jan. 1982

Kopel news letter on HB 1127 endorsement

Vote, 61 to 3

Documented vandalism used in committee hearings

ADL news release

ADL national story including Colorado

Drafting office response on legal issues relating to HB 1127

Kopel newsletter on vandalism bill

More documented vandalism

Waldheim and the Holacaust Memorial 1988

General overall Statesman article on what happened

Story on vote in Intermountain Jewish News

Original article preparation

Criticism of foreign based legislative resolutions

National Assn. of Jewish Legislators request for resolution

Christian Science Monitor story on Waldheim, other stories

Copy of HB 1031 by Rep. Bath and Kopel

ADL request that Holacaust and Waldheim resolutions be separated

Waldheim criticism added to Holacaust resolution

Speech by Kopel on adding Waldheim

National stories on Waldheim

Fight between House and Senate on Holacaust resolution, 4 stories Vote on adopting Senate version

Kopel speech to House on adhering to House position

Waldheim's role in military

House vote to adhere, news article

Senate vote to adhere

Ann Duckett letter regarding use of IJN story in House campaign

Papal bestowal on Waldheim angers Jews, picture and story

1994 story (as opposed to 1988 legislative fight) Waldheim

participated in war crimes

1991 stories: Austria apologizes for role in Holacaust

1996 stories Waldheim blames U.S. Jews

Waldheim admits error in concealing Nazi service


Election 1980, Book 1

Winning, the Only Way to Go

Analysis: Lisa Hogan, David Kopel, Dem party, Floyd Ciruli

Legislative lunches

Swalm and Kopel announce for House


Caucus letter


Column on election

Delegate letter

Primary results

Town meeting

Campaign letter

News article comparing Kopel-Swalm to prize fighters

Bill Armstrong letters

Swalm stories

Tax relief for renters

Campaign letter





Senior Citizen letter

Lamm letter (2)

Swalm letter


Book 2 1980

Freese party

Campaign letter

Phone survey

Legislative non-voting debate

Ad endorsements

Blood Feud

Campaign Ad

Kopel meetings

Letter on walking Crestmoor Downs

Campaign Ad: There's a difference

Yard signs

Wahl family volunteers

Campaign ad

Radio ad

Swalm Campaign material

(Swalm death years later)

Smear on Buchanan

More Kopel information


Voting records


Book 3 Elections 1980

Parties sweating state races

Absentee ballot letter

Stand on bills

Yard sign violation

Carter-Regan debate missed

Kopel signs missing

Lea Robinson supporting Swalm (reducing my potential majority)

My letter to Windsor Gardens

Newspaper recommendations

Election results

Kopel committe members


Official state certificate

PAC congratulations

News columns

Victory party

Old and new faces



Book 4 1980 election

Election photos


Book 5 1980 election

Campaign literature, both Kopel and Swalm

Swalm after 1980

Kopel volunteer cover


1980 Legislature Book 6

Appointment Consumer Credit Board

Major fight over RTD light rail plans, damage to East Colfax, leading to legislative defeat but start of initiative

RTD election initiative: McCrosky, Kopel, Neal, Schafer, Spano

Initiative was successful (see election above)

Sunset in Washington: White House conference, speech by Kopel (Carter was still president)

Sunset in Colorado

Sunset in Denver. McNichols vetoes Sunset law


1980 legislature Book 7

Advisory Council Consumer Credit

Seven Kopel statutory revision bills

Winking at the Rule-Breakers

Trans Central Airlines Park Hill Fight

Statutory Revision committee

Legislatively Speaking columns

Abused adults

Air pollution bill and column

Fred Thomas memorial

Call Item draft

Escrow accounts

UCCC exempt real estate

Health Care issues

Filibuster on budget

Indigent bills

Six Nuisance Liens (frivolous) articles

Lowry Landfill

Fraud by Check HB 1070

Generic substitution, five articles or letters

Electric cars

Fun and games

Social caucus top legislators: Kopel. Holme

Interim stories

Drug bill

Kopel column

Gavin visits the legislature (very funny)

Letter to editor

Superior Court abolished

Election year articles


Lunch visitation for constituents

Certificate of Need HB 1162

Health Facilities Advisory Council, no further appointment

Denver City Council -Food Price scans

Mobile Home Tenants

Crimes Against the Elderly: Kopel comments

Castro resolution-Japanese detainees

SB 38

Weekly minder 1980

End of session reports, Best and worst

1980 legislative stories in folder


1981 Book 1

Democrats supporting Republicans

Trial of Lea Robinson

Pena as minority leader, Kirscht ousted

Kirscht defects to GOP

Arie Taylor upset, doesn't get JBC appointment

Democratic votes in legislature as reason for Kirscht defeat

Reapportionment Denver

Pairings and fights

Reapportionment committee GOP oriented thanks to Hodges

Action of Park Hill reapportionment

Property tax exemptions SB 309

Increase in exempt consumer earnings

DAs attemt to subpoena witnesses. Brief by assistant

Appreciation letters include Mary Estil Buchanan

Bill Roberts praises Kopel

Crime meeting in Park Hill


1981 Book 2

Empire magazine Sept. 81

Opening session, pictures

Swalm goes for city council

Lawyers gain

Kopel "resume"

"Welcome to the legislature" column

Kopel bills

Kopel-Cole first bill of session, Cole retires, 1988,

Cole obituary 1996, Cole generic spoof

Certificate of Need fight

Theft from the elderly HB 1054, SB 72

HB 1314 Elderly transportation

Mortuary Science board

Criminal Code amendment

Miscellaneous bills

Rating by groups

Stephenson prayor on floor of House

Legislators charge phone bills for 1981

Steve Davis in firm

Index for 1981


1981 Book 3

Legislating consumer credit

Interest rate hike

Fed Home Loan mtg corp

Letter from Lamm

HB 1151 analysis Removes first mortgage from UCCC

and seconds above $10,000

HB 1585 analysis by Sandra McCay and SB 85

Move to abolish Sunset and fight opposing


1982, Book 1 Elections 1982

Captains squabble

District map

Dems "fit or split"

Voting location handout

Precinct caucus column

Primary story

Kopel phone pad

Montclair House Tour

RTD brochure

Kopel announces, McCroskey for RTD

Headquarters opening

Volunteer sign up sheets

Fund raisers, lawn signs

Kopel speech

Political Action for Conservation


Kopel resume

Campaign plans and expenditures

Capitol Hill resume

Montclair Meeting and speech

Jewish News pictures

Coming election stories

Paper endorsements


1982 Elections Book 2

Bill Plachte and Ruth Bennett literature

Lamm letter

Various campaign letters for money, volunteers, votes

Primary certificate

Taylor, Deherrera stories

Primary vote, primary ballot foulup

Election foul up in Denver, new voting machines

Aftermath, May 17th 83 election: election commissioners ousted

Aftermath of November election

Effect of election

Congratulation letters and Certificate of election

Thank you to volunteers

Election Results

Sample Ballot

Ballot issues

Selma Lock as legislator and death

Newspapers on election results


Book 3 Elections and Cable TV

Campaign pictures by Dick Schneider: Opening of headquarters, w/Dick Lamm. Federico Pena, Jack McCrosky, Ruth Wright, Evelyn Christianson, Family, Joan Ringel, more McCroskey

How To Get a Cable Franchise

This was one of the worst items I experienced as a legislator. The use of muscle and money and influence to obtain a cable TV franchise on Denver for Mile Hi. While some of the articles are not quite in the correct order, this gives a reasonable picture, beginning with council discussing competitors.

(1) Daniels includes 22 investors with political connections.

(2) HB 1258 to give Denver immunity on anti-trust not passed.

(3) Council still goes ahead, awards franchise to Mile Hi. Many stories on the 22 investors.

(4) Local Government interim committee (of which I was a member) probes cable franchise. Seeks subpoena powers to question 22 investors.

(5) Committee doesn't get subpoena powers. House thus kills probe.

(6) Jury to consider cable probe. Subpoenas DeFillipo.

Copy of Resolution for House subpoena of 22 investors

Remarks by Kopel to committee (they are also on House tape of committee meeting) as committee work stops because of lack of subpoena powers.

(7) Mile Hi gains concessions from city council

(8) Local investors cash in, in 1993, after Mile Hi purchased by competitor. Make tremendous profits.

(9)Business Magazine 1992 "The Whole Cable Picture"


Book 4 Legislature 1982

Legislative problems for 1982

Kopel for House, McCroskey for RTD

Legislative ratings for 1981

Lamm cautions aides

Tougher marijuana law

Legislative pictures

3 Kopel bills include Homestead exemption

Neighborhood activities

Stanley School

Whip letter

Missing soldiers in Asia

Senior Citizen and other ratings

Probation ban

Kopel vandalism bill

Misc. bills, stories

April, Sept. 1982 newsletters

Legislative stories in folder

Legislative Analysis Open Space Council


Book 1, 1983

Small badge :Now assistant minority leader

Gavin Column on Kopel at the mike and at constituent lunch

Pictures, leadership status, opening of assembly, list of members

Jerry Kopel's report to constituents

Park Hill political leaders


Political Party control 1901-1983

Bledsoe biography

Receptionist duties

Breakfast meetings, Dems and Lamm

Credit Card interest rate fight, one speech, 7 articles

HB 1404 Kopel to reduce interest rates, three articles, Kopel guest editorial

More credit bills and articles

UCCC agriculture excluded

Credit interest summary

Casino Gambling, non-lottery (electronic)

Dog racing tax break

SB 407 gambling by non-profit organizations

Independent status for Pueblo fair

Appointed to Consumer Credit Advisory panel


Book 2, 1983

Quote of the Day

SB 194 Legislative secrecy

Private school exemption HB 1346 Kopel motions, 4 articles

Blue Cross-Blue Shield rate hikes without hearing

Bill to kill Certificate Of Need

Sunset law expansion, HB 1237

Mortuary law

Pawn shops

Landlord tenant

Adult abuse bill

Dependent child

Higher penalties for "fences"

Race-notice recording

Licensing outfitters

Workmens Comp Act

Invalidity of marriage

Motor vehicle license

Retail sale of alcohol

Criminal intent

Collection agency

Book 3, 1983

Misc and ratings

Pena mayor race

Legislative stories, misc

Two Empire magazines


Book 1, 1984 Legislature

In book pocket: Ratings 1984 and daily calendar

Assembly pictures: General pictures at assembly and at governor's mansion, many pictures taken for campaign, pictures in State Legislative magazine

Letter from Pena

Lemon Law article and letter and bills

Kopel: revision committee bills

Bill cuts welfare

Pay raise fiasco

Misc. bills with Kopel comments

Criminal Corrections

Death penalty

Piano party note, trips to mountains

Recall of judges

King Holiday passes (Wilma Webb uses tactics prepared by Kopel)

Revamp of marital property rights

Consumer Credit

Fundamentalist chaplain

Vote trading

Health speech

Poker nights ban

Pena items, Kopel items, Park Hill items


End of session summaries

PUC bill consumer advocate

Letter from Parole board member

Letter to Polly Baca

Bar Foundation admissions

CLEAR letter 1984 conference

Environmental Lobby Analysis


Election 1984 Book 2 (no opponent)

"Nine more to go"

Pictures,Endorsements, ratings

Nancy Dick race for senate

Discussion of past and present issues and state of legislature

Hart fund raiser


campaign budget

Lawyers and the legislature

Lemon law


Primary results

Landlord tenant issue

Money for candidates

Letters, Legislative letter

Certificate of Election


Sample ballot, Vote totals

Ciruli letter about losses

Lamm vetoes from 1975 on

Election results

Newspaper stories on Election 84 page 54


Legislature 1985, Book 2

Cement shoe story

Make My Day (and Bath orgy 1992)

Podiatry bill

Governor's staff removed from House

Landlord-Tenant bill

Rees letter

Disability meeting

Senior Rankings

Consumer Credit Bill

Lemon Law

Bankruptcy Decision on earnings

From 1984 Dem Legislative booklet, pages 44-92,258-319 minus JBC fight. General legislative items, not attached to pages 44-92, 258-319 from the 1984 book prepared by Democratic staff. I took the pages to flush out other stories

Social gambling in bars, clubs ok Rocky Mountain News


1985, Book 4

Sunset and Sunrise Review Committee bill

Expanding Sunset review

Starting Sunrise review

Fight over continuing Sunset

Mandatory Continuing education

Sunrise-Sunset committee hearings 1985

Preparation for 1986 sunrise hearing during CLEAR conference


Book 5 Vote Trading Controversy

Book 1 1985

Seating pictures of House

Rep. Webb JBC fight

Recompilation of rules by Kopel

Swearing in Ceremony

Legislative session pictures

Legislative lawyers

Lorraine Lombardi


Will GOP abuse power?

Democrat infighting for leadership


Hernandez letter

Loss of room on Senate side

General Legislative information

Scheming at the Senate

Statutory Revision Committee

Revising committee bills

PACs help GOP

Republican turnout better than Dems

Kirscht for Governor

Party control 1900-1985

Rating the Session

Lamm blast at legislators

My response - his response

ACLU fees (see story folders, Book 2)

Limon Prison site

Other prison stories

Misc. pictures

Gavin column - Kopel joke

Skaggs leaves leadership

Fair Housing story

Ski junket

Dem caucus retreat

Landscape Architects letter

Bill status 85 session

Senate picture


1985, Book 3

Collection practice act

1985 man and woman of the year

Democrat page -Dale Tooley

Tecza controversy on captainships

Lamm: Dolores and Jerry Kopel day

Letter from constituent

Letter from Chuck DeMoulin

Helipod protested

Pictures from Natalie Meyer

Bad mannered legislator

Kopel district office

Senior Lobby voting record

Martin Luther King committee


1986. Book 1 election campaign

Strategy by Rick Reiter

Opponents Aitken and Frank Ball

Certificate of Nomination

Speech by Kopel (probably to convention)

Written speech

Wayne Knox in trouble

Priority for election

Campaign fund raising and giving to others

Bad buys from Reiter

Capitol Hill Fair Booth

Republican view by Jim Robb

Kopel literature (includes securities fraud)

Romer campaign

Campaign pictures


1986, Book 2 election campaign

General background


Plan to seek re-election

Press release on candidacy

Public Service company letter

Opening district office

Letters to voters

Volunteer sheets

More letters to voters

Letter to PAC (example)

District 6 newsletter

Letters from constituents

2d copy of volunteers list


Election certificate

Election night pictures

Post election letters

More endorsements

Election results

Sample ballot

District 6 results

Letter from hypocrite Bill Armstrong

General election news

Losing column

Election stories not attached to pages


1986 Legislature, Book 3

Legislative information book

Theft of the elderly letter

Closed Dem caucus

Streltzer, Shaeffer, Shea memorials

An evening with Dave Brubeck (Speech by Kopel)

Stationery, and revised

Rating legislators

Sunset Advisory Committee bill

Gavin -New Year greetings

Resignation Dorothy Lorig

Drug Bill

Prisons - corrections

Parks poster not needed

Walt Youngland fiasco

Tax hikes - budget

car license letter

McLean letter

Tenant security deposits

AIDs tracking

Pharmacy bill

Hospital issues

Smut Ban

Weather Radio Monitors resolution

Legislative stationery revised

Rankings for Seniors

1986 review

Ethics Code

Review of judges

Dem leadership with Dems and Romer comments

UCCC membership in advisory committee

Asst Minority Leader special at Quorum

Kopel revision of rules

1986 legislative stories in folder


1986, Book 4

CLEAR - regulatory conference in Denver, Sunrise hearing

Ten years of Sunset speech typed and handwritten

Doughnut Sales tax

RTD bond issue

Bail bonds

Securities Act of 1981 - as of 1986 attempt to reform

Hearing Aid bill


1987, Book 1

Happy New Year, Tom Gavin

Legislative Action Guide 1987-88

District 6 Newsletter

Legislative pix of seating in House and Senate

Panels replaced in minority offices. Thank you letter

General Assembly 1987

Pink Book

Ski trip

Legislative photos

Legislative directory phones

Romero-Kopel politics (mostly incorrect)

Swearing in ceremony

House Document presentation

Pankey - welfare

Martin Luther King speech

Political reform needed

Another swearing in pix

Fleming switches parties

Property exemption bill

Regulatory Review Commission

DORA funding cuts

Office of Consumer Counsel

Constitutional obsolete bill offered to Bledsoe who gave it to McGinnis

Memorial, Skelton and Bennett

Bagel Brunch, Dist 6

Liquor License fight and successful bill

Theft and fences bill

Theft stories

CBA newsletter

Lamm letter

Kopel response

General stories

NFIB report

Western Slope vs. Front Range

Detective licensing

Property tax fight

Convention Center bill and editorial


1987, Book 2

Airport -RTD route

AIDs bill

Credit Card Interest

Consumer Credit Advisory Committee


Book 3, 1987

State securities law

Romer dog

Attorney collection bill

Refund of credit insurance premium bill

Caucus system and "ill will" to minority party by House GOP

GOP caucus notes

Personal privilege speech

Petty politics issues

Governing Well, Dems best revenge

Woodard-Ezzard switches

Woodard switches back

Miller on Bledsoe

Ezzard loses in power play

GOP has room for moderates

More vendetta columns

Budget bill unconstitutional

"State pest" column

Arts Day 1987

Schroeder announcement

Denver County Party notes

Legislative ratings

Ben Klein letters

Clifford Dodge letters

Weak ethics law

Food tax

Kopel-Brown Palace Brown pix

Dem hopes for future

Rating legislature

Expectations for 1988

Romer column Gavin

Letter of thanks

Putting out Legislative Report 1987


1988, Book 1 Campaign pictures

Campaign headquarters

Volunteers getting literature ready for mailing

Office conference

Discussion with workers

Mug shot

Piano at Quorum

People's Fair

Door to Door (fake shot)

Montclair Childrens Festivities/ also Schroeder

Our Family

Legislative pix with Romer and other officials

"The first" Campaign approach

Negatives for pictures


1988, Book 2 Legislature

Whistleblower Issue

HB 1051 added on my Whistleblower amendment

George Lane's decision

Whistleblower Denver Post support

Portions from newsletter

HB 1143 original version

Whistleblower information

Lane's information


1988, Book 3

Colorado University Foundation

Retirement party at CU

Illegal drug tax

Sunrise-Sunset Occupational therapists

Natural Resources

Sunset review process 1976-88

Expansion of Sunset review

HB 1036

Architects 1039

CLEAR speech Licensing psychotherapists

General legislative stories of 1988 (back and front)

Book 6 Opponents literature

P.S. Freberg: Includes letters to the editors


Cableland Greets Freberg

Birthday story

Who was at birthday party

Campaign letter

More campaign literature

Letter to Dennis Gallagher

Campaign button

Story about Freberg at Social Legislation Meeting

More stories


Phone pads

Gossip column

More literature

Ad in People's Fair

Chenoweth endorsement

David Aitken: Advertisement and literature

Letter to the editor


1988, Book 5

Campaign literature

Twenty copies of large brochure, considered one of the best of 1988

Ad Kopel, Ad Freberg

Estimated cost of artwork

Campaign stationery

Endorsement ad

Cartoon issues, two versions, burglary

More ads, Call listing for city services

Large literature, More stationery page 61


1988, Book 6 Legislature


Floor plat House

Legislative information

Romer story -Kopel picture

Lamm budget story

Legislative salary perks

Senior score card

Knox-Kopel confusion

General news stories

HB 1014

Legislative compensation

Reduce length of session

Beatty quits

Parole Bill

Lifting interest cap

Free ski trip

Kopel picture

School fund switch

Review of session

Military pension bill

Legislative sign

Death penalty for drugs

Comment on Steve Durham



Gavel approach

Story of a massacre

Legislative abuses

Obsolete constitutional sections

Bledsoe - GOP bashing

Issues in next session

More on abuses

RTD issues

No Denver voice on JBC

Tax hike doomed

Road death falls

Hunters bill

Ethnic intimidation

Letters from legislators

J-school note

Securities fraud

Staff picture

Bledsoe story

NCSL pictures

Tax limit Secretary of State dispute

Park Hill Golf course fight

Pornography bill and Kopel comments


1988, Book 7 Campaign 1988

Summation by me of 1987 and introduction to 1988

Fund raiser Woodard-Kopel at Steve Kaplan's house

Fund raiser class of 1975-76

News story "class" reunion

Skit at fundraiser

Campaign volunteer sheet

Thanks for Sign letter

Thank you - delegate

Walk your block letter

Absentee vote letter

Thanks for talking letter

Lawn sign instructions

Thanks for registering

Five fund raising letters

News activities -campaign

Background summary

Montclair debate

News articles

Angry Letter to I VOTE

Column on I VOTE

Rhodes Thank you on I VOTE

DCTA volunteer letter

Campaign plans finance

Jazz Party

Psychotherapy fund raiser

Announcement for re-election

Freberg attack on raise attempt and response

Nursing thank you and letter to editor

Caucus story

1988 ballot analysis

Political statistics

Column on candidates

Candidate profile Wash Park paper

Democratic fundraiser

Capitol Hill story on candidates

Church tax problem

Letters of support

Dukakis fundraiser

Memorial dinner -piano player

Fund raiser pix and thank you letter

Phil Goodstein column

Kopel "Congress" stupid story on poll

District 6 newsletter

Letter to the Editor

Endorsements and scorecards: Labor, DCTA, Capitol Hill paper, CUT, AFL-CIO, Local 7, Sierra Club, PA Conservation, Denver Post, Womans Political Caucus, MADD, Senior Scorecard

Sample ballot

Election 1988 Post Special Edition


1988, Book 8 Election Results 1988

List of volunteers

Report of campaign expenditures

Thank you (after election)

Certificate of Election

Congratulations on victory

GAVEL story Post

Caucus changes

Sam Williams letter

Re-election to assistant minority leader letter


Party control list

Kopel loses vote

Thiebaut letter

Wright to lead

Assessment - victory - defeat

Thiebaut letter

Webb letter

Election results

Congratulations letters

Mares tops Bowen (primary ballot)

Rhodes letter

Election results

Statesman news story

1988 calendar of work

Dem thanks

Sample ballot Republican

PAC contributions


1989 Book 3


Kopel column

Three bill collector stories

Present statute

Suggested amendments

Original HB 1065 and amendments

Committee report and amendments

Original notes on amendments

Second reading amendment

Colorado Social legislation committee opinion

Speech notes by Kopel to Social Legislation group

Fact sheet Colorado Retail Council

Explaining amendment to HB 1065

Final law

Signing ceremony

Kopel on HB 1065

Letter to editor

Note to Betty Neale

Effect of new law

Sunset letter and response. I don't have copy of the publication mentioned which did include Colorado Sunset. Perhaps library could obtain copy and place in this category


Property tax exemption bill

Attorney general's opinion on different bill SB 40

Kopel HB 1098 on property tax exemption


Flood plains story

Letter to Kopel by City Council

Letter to the editor

SB 104 on flood control

Story on SB 104, vote

Report on flood control prepared for me by intern

Notes by Kopel for debate

Letter on driver licenses law


Pay hike for rural legislators

Nine news stories including Gavin column

Uniform Consumer Credit Code advisory council appointment


Book 1 1989

Ceremony swearing in

Certificate of election

House floor plat


Information booklet 1989

Romer speaks to legislators (pix)

News articles

Denver Civic directory

Colo guide to government

Paid petition circulators

Video poker defeated

Charity gambling

SB 164 cartoon Jim Dyer

Securities fraud

Speech to gay group

Gay Pride rally and conference, Quest article

COPIRG award

Licensing bill signed (Kopel pix misidentified and corrected)

Alumni news Norm Gelman and Kopel

Martin Luther King certificate

Article: Legislature and the press

Israeli ambassador to UN meets with legislators

Legislators' other lives

CU alumni news

Seat belt quirk in law (repeal if fatalities decline)

House spending bill

Savings and Loan closed meetings

Elderly legislation

Gavin New Year

Civil Rights Law

AIDS rally

Vail legislative event

GAVEL poison pill

Legislative rules

GAVEL story

University Hospital measure to reorganize, privatization

Bledsoe tax bill loses

Various news stories

Gun Bill story

John Carroll memorial

Bar Assn. meeting

Various news stories

Abortion issue

Kathy Williams vs. Bledsoe for speakership

Senior scorecard rating

Term Limit fight- Considine and Williams

Dems talent show

Barbs between Republicans

Getting ready for 1990

Best and worst legislators

Gavin New Year

Kopel legislative report for Trial Talk magazine

Denver Bar association directory 1988-89 page 66


Book 2, 1989

Colo Alliance for Mentally Ill first award goes to Kopel and Danny Williams

Fight on flag desecration resolution

Thank you letter SB9, HJR 1027, newsletter, HB 1217

AZT letter from Swalm former campaign manager

Parent teachers assn.

Bills involved in: HB 1024,1025,1029, 1217

SB 23, 04, 11, 15, 09

HB 1006 X ray assistants

SB 22 Real estate commission

Bankruptcy research

Court case, Civil rights director

Gov. signs civil rights bill

SB 14 repossessing cars

Collection Agency Bill letter

Patronage employees, fired after seeking unemployment pay

Zakis letter for assistant position

Stories about Quorum


1990. Election Book 1

1990 election newspapers

Kopel announcement and endorsement for 1990

Heid won't run against Kopel

1990 analysis Ballot proposals

Photos for election: Schroeder and Kopel at Montclair picnic

Pix from committee room, Family pix, Pix from Capitol Hill fair

Pix at microphone

Thank you, I sponsored for Baldwin piano at capitol

1990 senior scorecard

Sierra, CUT, CMS scorecards

Letter Carol Tempest

Photography contract for candidates, exorbitant rates charged by Carol Boigon, Faye Bernstein

Volunteer list

Campaign letter (election to assembly)

Letter to editor

Rita Gamphor letter

Absentee ballots, Sample ballots

1990 election results

Letter from David Skaggs

Realtor letter

Roos column on term limits

Webb letter

Campaign letter, Brochure

Why no door-to-door, Miller column, actual results

Campaign literature

Dollar from Roger Walton

PAC endorsements

Aitken vs. Heid vs Kopel

Get out the vote

Dem executive committee Nov 90

Certificate of election page 67


1990 Book 2. Cosmetologists

This would include 1989-90-91

The original bill concept and the pressure brought by the licensees against it, with the subsequent negotiations and the end result of some gain, but not all gain, is an excellent example of how laws are made. The board lost control over beauty and barber schools, inspections were only when a complaint was made, and testing was sped up by requiring grading in Colorado. Cosmetologists are still licensed as well as barbers.

Documents include 1989 Sunset review

News article and editorial

Opposition by association and copy of petition form used to obtain thousands of signature by persons visiting beauty and barber shops.

August 14 Sunset hearing

Letters and responses and news article on bill.

News article including one from 1981

Independent Institute article

More news articles

Unused RMN column

More letters

News articles

Association opposition document

Examination data

Opposition memorandum

Union opposition

Letter on schools

Memorandum on schools

Opposition letter

What other states do

Freelance shops

Opposition letter

HB 1009 and subsequent revisions, fiscal notes, committee hearings

Petition drive in 1989

Freelance shops included

Final act

Signing ceremony


New rules for occupation

Changes in 1991: sent to Sunset committee

Kopel Newsletter articles on what happened.


1990 Book 3

List of bills to sponsor from Sunset.

Article on bills to be carried.

HB 1006 X ray assistant training

Attempt to amend budget bill on X ray technicians

Credit card late fee charges

Death Penalty

Capitol Hill legislative bills become law

Fan letter, Rep. Kerns

House floor photo, Rupert/Kopel

Appt to Colorado Bar Assn board of governors

Special election to fill Bill Roberts seat on council (I supported Fran LeDuke) She lost.

Column, article on term limits

Letters of support, various bills

Successful obsolete constitution measure to go on ballot HCR 1006 given by me to Bledsoe. Bill explanation, funny Peter Blake column

Prison funds

Health issues, various news stories, articles and pictures

Piano party donation

HB 1103 Kopel revises Sunset dates to allow more even distribution HB 1245 opposed by Kopel, hurts credit unions

Bee keeper regulations

Key legislative issues

Various news articles

Baseball stadium

Transportation news articles

Acupuncture award

Fred Thomas Memorial Park

What happened to Democratic bills

SB 20 Asbestos bill, McCormick and Kopel

Pix CHUN awards

1991 leadership (I lost)

State legislators Alumni Association

Stress avoidance

Morticians, dieticians Sunrise killed

Boettcher letter of thanks, Collection agency study

Sunrise Article, national

Sunrise applications

Sunrise 1990 schedules

Gavel articles

Kopel articles, new granddad

New corporate code ready (helped to defeat it)

Balancing school needs

Gee resigns as CU president

Pena mayoral campaign

Presidential primary

Campaign stories

Pix at piano

Betting bill


Fan letter, not sure from whom


1990 Book 4


Drug bills requiring drug testing

Bill Bennett speaks to General Assembly

Opposition to drug testing, number of speeches,

articles "No reason to support drug testing"

Victory in Senate

Fair Housing Laws

HB 1202 by Rep. Kopel brings law into conformance with U.S. Fair Housing Act of 1985. Letter of thanks, Jack Lang Marquez

Pollution, Hazardous waste management

HB 1066 purpose was to give atty general and DAs authority to prosecute criminal violation of hazardous waste management act.

Bill killed in second committee.

Fight with Dept. of Health over bill.

AG Woodard gets blasted by News and Post.

Kopel various speeches before House committees on bill.

"Health Dept. wants truce"

Corporation bill (allowing immunity for notice of violation) passes

Securities law HB 1222

revises terrible 1981 securities act, restores authority of securities commissioner to investigate and prosecute scam artists

Senate Bill 76 legalizing video poker

Letters supporting SB 76

Research by assistant

Kopel notes

Letters in suppport

three news articles

SB 76 as amended

Nat Conf State Leg information

Kopel comments on SB 76

DA's on SB 76

two articles, vote on bill

Watching for Denver Post position

Post endorses bill

Article on video poker

Letter to Post editor

Bill SB 76 as amended (bill finally killed)


1990. Book 5

general legislative stories (loose)


1991. Book 1

Pre-session interview with Rocky Mountain News

DU law grads in the legislature

Thank you from Don Mares

Legislators get ready

New generation of legislators

Seat setup by pictures

Gavin New Year names

Legislative stationary

Members-elect program


Pictures on opening day?

Justice Rovira swearing in

Kopel pix and postcard

Denver Civic directory

Abuse of elderly bill SB 84

Kopel amendment to bill

Letter during SB 84 debate

Legislative Alumni Association


COLO hospital result

Start of new fight on hospital

Explanation of SB 225 by Sen. Wells

Public-private fight again, Kopel vs Wells

SB 225 passes House

Kopel letter to Romer for veto

CAPE challenges constitutionality

1992- hospital fight settled

Bond sale funds expansion

Advertising celebration at Howard Lorton Gallaries

(our home was built by Lorton for his home)

Veggie bad mouth bill

Veggie bill passes House


HB 1134 beer distributors bill

Kopel amendment to bill

Reason HB 1134 bad by Kopel

Committee report

Gazette Telegraph editorial

Another HB 1134 committee report

Rocky Mountain News editorial

Norton veto recommendation at 4/10/91

Veto on bill in House

Romer veto 4/14

Kopel veto recommendation 3/28

HJM memorial, Kopel for Wad Hinman

HB memorial, Kopel for Floyd Oliver

HJM memorial by Kopel for James Radetsky

HJM memorial by Kopel for Dunklee

Sunset 1991 Sunset review insurance, request by Kopel


1991. Book 2


United Airlines incentive for maintenance center

Denver wants state to share

Romer calls for special session

David Kopel column

Picture, special session opens

Romer involvement

Sarcastic letter to Romer

HB 1005 for United Airlines

Norton rules against bill

Denver Post editorial

Constitutionality questioned

Rocky Mountain News editorial says no

Is United deal legal?

Norton to study

Suburbs help out

United deal approved

Vote on bill

Second reading speech

Reducing costs

Third reading speech

More reducing costs

Constitutionality before court

Diagram on how bill works

Court rules bill OK

Letter and response

Blind Faith column

UAL says "no"

Lawmakers blamed

Who "lost" the United deal

2003 Denver Post story on Indianapolis regret on getting maintenance center and column by me, first draft

New airport

Tract cost excessive

Deals ruled legal

New airport high costs


Book 3 1991

HB 1173 Jail hike for pot use

Kopel speech against it

HB 1178 Sunset redoing repeal dates (plan to make it work)

X-ray machines , historical information

HB 1073 Kopel

Safety training for x-ray technicians

How bill changes in process

Letter from Brad Mallon to dentists

Funds for X-ray budget, 2 inspectors

Committee reports

Fiscal note worksheet

Bill explanation

Bill signed, pictures

HB 1127 Athletic trainers

Bill amended

Spending limit bill dies

Letter regarding vote on SJR 6, Iraq resolution

Five bill limit exceeded

Kopel Biography bit by Merson on piano and bill details

HB 1065 state board repeals


Kopel vs. Tanner?

Grant won't run

More redistricting stories

Population hurdles

Reapportionment plan

Congressional lines

Population shifts

Editorial gifts to legislators

Vicious dog bill

Bad real estate bill

HB 1212 late fee charge bill

Consumer bills discussed

Budget cuts

School finance

Budget problem

Education news

Supreme Court decision on right to search

New laws of 1991

Developers disclosure bill SB 173

Hearing aid laws

Notes from others

SB 178 request for veto

Unregulated cab fees

Mike Coffman letter from Iraq

Welcome home party, Coffman

Senior lobby party

Vote report card seniors

C.U.T. score card

Sunset review, June, July 1991

Sunset letter

Horse racing

Allow lay midwives

Gale Norton story

Chuck Berry story

Letter from Carrigan to Dolores

Trial Lawyers convention, award

Grandma Anderson dies (have I saved her letters?)

Legislative history

Charity fund raising issue

Notary public bonds scam

Consumer Union letter

Summer activity for legislators

Capitol Hill legislation

Romberg goes with Webb

Special session clash on taxes

Personal privilege speech, typed and handwritten

Cutting budget

Letter to all from Romer on budget

Handwritten speech

Handwritten article in 1993 or 1995 referring to Romer budget battle of 1992


1991. Book 4

I.R.A. Fund protection by Kopel bill: HB 1233

Bill progress, bill began as amending all exemption laws

News articles


(Letter from Dave Nichael listing wrong bill number and sponsor)

Colorado Lawyer magazine discussion on retirement funds

House voting record 1991

Free Speech bill 1248

News articles

Bill and amendment

Senate committee kills bill

More news articles

Social legislation committee endorsement of bill

Committee report and what bill does

NRA supports bill

Letter from atty to Sen. Thiebaut opposing bill

Background articles

Credit Life Insurance revisions

Letters, Laura Udis, JoAnne Hall (to each other and to me)

HB 1084 fiscal impact

Chart as to Rule of 78

Copy of bill and amendments

Proposed changes by Insurance Division of regulations after

bill dies

Udis letter on changes

Several versions of how credit insurance regulation developed

Webb campaign letter

EPOC campaign letter

Working on nominee committee page 74


1991. Book 5

ADL award to Kopel

Civil Rights citation from Webb

ADL notice of award

Letter from Towbin on suggestions

Legislators ask for attendance

Notice of dinner

Letter, program presented

Letters from friends

(2000 program list of awards)

More letters from friends

Speech given by me in accepting award

Pictures of award ceremony

Kopel news articles

Letter from Crider

Intermountain Jewish News editorial

More letters from friends

One nasty note and response by Kripke and me

Articles on Rich Castro who was deceased awardee

More news articles


1991. Book 6

In side pocket, various death penalty bills, 1984,91, plus Supreme Court decisions.

Death Penalty

News clipping from 1988 decrying death penalty bill

Clippings, death penalty voided

Background on lawsuit

News editorial

Post editorial

Gavin column

Ewegen column

Simpson column

More news columns

Romer to put item on special session

More articles on death penalty

Kopel letter to the editor

House action on new bill

Letter from sheriffs

Lamm laments choices for court

News article on new law passing

Bill passes House

Westword article

Speech to House by Kopel during debate

More articles on bill passage

Murderers saved from death

News article

Kopel letter to the editor warning on revocation bill result


Book 1 1992 Legislature

HB 1018 Kopel advisory committees

HB 1244 Knox, Kopel Inspection diesel fleet

HJM 1004 Kopel on Martin Krueger

HJM 1003 Kopel on James Ross, letter asking Mike Bird to be senate sponsor

HB 1005 Owen, Kopel Financial Planners

HJM 1002 Kopel Dominic Coloroso, News article on Coloroso

Bill on Home health services, Kopel comments on bill

SB 133 Kopel amendment on disabled persons

HB 1015 Kopel comments on objection regarding controlled substances

HJM 1001 Kopel William Stevens

HB 1092 Kopel PERA unclaimed property and comments, objections

Letter on Colorado unclaimed property

News article Should felons be able to sell cars

Article Complaints about new car dealers. List of convicted felons on the job

Note for Bart Miller about conflicts in licensing acupuncturists

Notaries Public Sunset Review

Notaries claim summaries on bonds

Letters on notary bonds

Kopel research on bond expenses and repayments

Letter from Secretary of state to Sen. Schaffer

Letter to Schaffer from Notary Assn.

Article on notary bonds a scam

Article in national Notary magazine

Amendment on SB 11 Sunset bill

Letter from attorneys on notary bonds

SB 11 committee action

SB 11 written and printed amendments

Critical article in national Notary magazine

Response by Kopel, not printed

Position paper, National Notary Assn.

SB 11 copy Martinez and Kopel

Wrap-up information by Kopel given to legislature

Compilation of Dem House bills 1989-92


1992- Book 2 Legislation

HB 1315 Fair Housing Law

Letter from Jack Marquez on 1315

HCR 1003 Kopel: Obsolete constitutional amendment

Blue Book 1992

House vote in favor of HCR 1003

HCR 1003 amended

Final version HCR 1003

Stories on updating constitution

Denver Post editorial support

Letter Stan Elofson

Notes on early preparation

Kopel-Walton summary

Kopel - Walton draft

Letter on HCR 1003 by Howard Holme

SB 197 Worship by Indians

Denver Post editorial

Written comments by me for the hearing

Background on bill by legal experts

News article Sweat Lodge

Award to Romer, me and others

Final bill, SB 197

Article praising new law

Hb 1010 Owen and Kopel Midwives

Midwives comments to legislature

News articles on midwifery bill

HB 1297 Kopel increase money in classifying felonies

News article in Gazette Telegraph

Final version HB 1297

Clear Award Kopel

News stories

Thanks for being on program

Speech by me during session at convention

Alumni notices

Kopel press release

Clear Awards

Congratulations for winning award

Webb letter of endorsement

News articles and letter

Letter from Jim Lee

Program CLEAR 1992

CLEAR pictures

Note from Ben Shimberg

Letter from JoAnn Hill on health insurance bill

Letters and response on corporation act (which I helped kill)

Articles on 1992 legislature


1992 Legislature Book 3

Happy New year Gavin

Editorial cartoon

Perils of running

Secret junket bill articles (I got Chuck Green to investigate

with Post editorial following) No copy of editorial)

No fun session expected

Sister Loretta Ann Madden

Governing magazine on Sunset law

Recognition award promised

List of uniform commissioners and uniform acts Colorado

Sanko column on election promises

State insurance health plan

PUC's image three articles

Letter from Pat Schroeder (I supplied missing campaign item)

Copy of Schroeder document

Quote from Kopel

Fan letter

Commercial Code amendment defeated

Budget cutbacks

C.U.T. ratings, Senior Lobby ratings

Pictures with NCSL event

Wirth won't run

Meeting scheduled

Piano playing in House

Denver District School elections

Abortion panel

Ruth Wright story

Henning, Kopel story

Supporting Bob Kerry

Temple Events Center fest

Old district map

New district map in yellow

Legislative map could draw suit

School finance bill with pictures of legislators praying

Helping new legislators in 1993

Three awards for Kopel

Last day of session House pix

Kopel on John Irwin's death

Senior Lobby event

Gehlauson letter

Letter from Ben Shimberg

State Management Assn. panel

Letter supporting McCrosky

Kopel on KKK

Jewish candidates in 1992

Speech by Kopel Jews in Colorado politics

Montclair Assn. election debate

Comments to Monclair Assn, I am not going away

Citizen of the Year Award

Forfeiture bill fate

Sunset for 1993

Legislative Management committee meeting report to Wright

Priority issues page 78


1992. Book 4 retirement

Many letters on retirement

Article Senior supporters leaving Golden Dome


1992. Book 5 retirement

Piano party and piano generally 1975-92


1992. Book 6 Retirement

Speech by me at the podium

News articles Kopel retires

Gavin column (best ever written for me)

Another Kopel retirement note

Column by Carl Hilliard

Gavin notice of quitting (sometime in late 90s)

Intermountain Jewish News editorial push for persons of Jewish faith to run for office

Peter Blake column

Carl Hilliard column

Alley fighter article

Copy of retirement article with notes by someone

District lines redrawn, reason to retire

Lines redrawm

Column by Gene Nichol

Mental Health award

Letter to editor on Blake column

Capitol Hill Newspaper and copy of front page and column (lots of errors in story)

Status of assembly bills

Betty Neale retirement, Kopel comments

Picture used in Intermountain Jewish News story

Betty Neale to leave legislature

Kopel pictures from Stateline TV interview

Blake column on redistricting

Roos column on retirement

Campaign for District 6 (other articles in Book 5)

What retirees will do

Alumni news

Pix from Vail trip

Opening session for 1992 pix

One pix from closing ceremony

Roos column

InterNeighberhood Cooperation Honors Kopel (Park Hill paper)

Credit Union award to Kopel

More legislators leave

Intermountain Jewish News story by Leppeck: Last Jewish legislator retiring

Letter from Rabbi Goldberg

Kopel Pix

Capitol Hill legislators

Kopel pix used in Kopel ad

Speak at Social Legislation Meeting

People leaving why?

Dem party

Social legislation award

Demos honor Kopel and Webb

Speech at Dem County Dinner

Babbs Award to Kopel

Original Babbs tribute

Kopel speech to House district meeting

Kopel leaves Consumer Credit Advisory Council

Bernick retires

Last days of session

Senior Lobby honors Kopel

Remarks for Mayfair Neighborhood newsletter

National story on exodus

TV tapes from Stateline?


1992 Book 7

Baseball bills

Amendment Kopel got in

Two articles on review of stadium tax

Notes for questions to ask

Letters Dec. 2 and 4, 1991 on invitation to participate in hearing

1992 two bills on stadium

More stadium articles

HB 1196 Neale, Knox, Kopel to amend stadium district act

Amendments to bill

Neale bill killed

1992 campaign literature



After Legislative Service

Still Serving the Legislature

In the 1993 session I was appointed by the House Speaker as advisor to the House. This non-paying position allowed me to share an office on the third floor with members of the Joint Budget Committee. My job was to assist legislators regarding bills they were carrying or were interested in. In the 1995 session, I continued to do this, but only for Democratic members.

1993, Book 1

Advisor to the House

Letter to the Speaker

Letter to the majority leader

Advisor envelope

Advisor stationary, desk sign

Job description

Earlier concepts

Additional suggestions

Letter to new legislators

Status of Democratic bills (April 13)

Letter to Rep. Kerns

Stalking bill, Kopel concerns

Stalking bill, HB 1045

National report on Kopel speech aimed at state employees

CLEAR sends thanks for resource brief

Denver City Council Sunset

four articles on attempt to have Denver Sunset. Vetoed by Mayor McNichols. Council did not override veto

1992 letter to Mayor Webb on Sunset proposal

Appointed to new city committee

Press release City and Common cause

Romberg Sunset proposal

CU alumni newsletter

Park Hill history on Fair Housing

Cover, Colorado Jewish legislators 1993

Comment by Kopel

1992 ballot issues become law, includes Kopel repeal of obsolete constitutional amendments

Bar Assn. recognition of Kopel

Gavin New Year greetings

Two items, Life in Park hill, Kopel speech

Letter of thanks for comments

Fred Brown column, refers to Kopel

Vegetable protection bill

Letter of thanks for speech to CU students

two articles, Warsaw Ghetto memorial amendments , Friednash, Kopel, Charles Duke conflict.


1993 Book 2

American Civil Liberties Award

four letters, ACLU award, four present and former legislators

Denver Post article

Skaggs letter


Park Hill paper story

Comments by Kopel

Picture, Kopel, Rupert, Knox

District Attorney letter

Letter from Barbara Holme

Will Carpenter letter

Letter from Bran Mallon to Sen. Owen

Nomination to Common Cause

seven letters regarding my continuation of newsletter

Common Cause letter

two letters, Uniform Commercial Code Article 4

Letter from Gloria Zakus

Requested comments on casino taxation

Kopel suffers heart attack

26 letters wishing swift recovery

Carlton Babbs award story

Letter from Sid Brooks

John McDonald letter

Gwen Hume letter on Strahle drinking column


1994 Book 1

Douglas Bruce Amendment 12


Letter to editor

Response by Bruce

Response to Bruce letter

Letter confirming speech to Rotary Club


Rotary Club newsletter

Thanks for speech

copy of Amendment 12

Kopel comments (not Rotary club speech)

Letter to Chuck Green

Statesman columns I tried to made into an Amendment 12 booklet

Speech to Rotary Club

Statesman Ad

Response by Bruce

Response by Kopel to Bruce

Comment on safety clause

Kopel comments, original and typed on Amendment 12

Kopel - Bruce debate on Amendment 12, Independence Institute

(Amendment 12 was defeated in November election)


1994-1995 general items

Gavin Column

Roos column

Garcia thank you letter

Press Club spoof

Colorado Press Assn. award and Jody Strogoff letter

Letter on award

CU alumni news notes

Who's Who resume

CU alumni notes

David Kopel letter California Political Review

Mike Bird letter

Gloria Zakus letter

Art Branscombe letter on award

Jerry - David Kopel joint column - five newspapers

Session ends- Kopel quote

Stalking law errors caught by Kopel

Harold McCormick letter

Amole column

various letters

birthday pix

Gavin greetings

more letters

Webb event

Kopel Sunset 94 legislation

Statesman pix Dolores and Maggie

Nancy Good party

Letter - no longer an office for me in House

Corporation law reform - quotes by me in opposition in Denver Business Journal

Jim Dyer spoof on Kopel. Dyer at mike on credit card fees and cutout slowly raised behind him. I have cutout.

Newsletter letter

Thanks on Morton Pepper memorial

Letter to Branscombe on Creamer, Caldwell

Newsletter letter

Branscombe on Park Hill history, number of columns

Kopel letter to Rep. Owen

Letter from Chief Clerk of House, House Minority Leader response on space. List of what is needed to help Dems in 1995.



Roos Column regarding columnists Kopel and Gallo

Dem agenda meeting

Colorado Bar Foundation Award

ADL awards lunch

CU alumni notes

two letters on continuation of newsletter

Peter Blake on Kopel

Gavin New Year names

Column on banking bill

Letter to Rep. Friednash

Kopel column on Romer refusal to veto farm bill

Independent Institute Kopel article published in six papers

Marcia Johnson event for charity

Oral history Questions asked. Done by former House Chief Clerk. My responses were quite abrupt.

Freda Poundstone story

Westword David and Jerry Kopel

Letter from Pat Schroeder

Kopel response

Response by Schroeder

Letters on articles

Governing Magazine letter

Dem. Caucus retreat

Kopel comments: How to Use Rules

Caucus retreat schedule

two letters of thanks

Kopel response

Colorado Statesman ad and press release

Colorado Press Assn. award and vote

Jody letter to staff

Common Cause directors

1995-96 general assembly

1995 Election Commission

To replace a commission member who was running for City Council, I was appointed by Mayor Webb to serve for six months during the 1995 municipal election. The major problem came with Paula Woodward of Channel 9, as part of the "sweeps" registering and having others register using false names, after having obtained permission from the DA Ritter and AG Norton. All the items are not in order as to dates.

Press release Kopel appointed

CU Alumni News, Congrats from Intermountain Jewish News, DU law school, story in Park Hill and IJN newspapers

Letter of appointment, document

DU alumni news mention,

postcard from lobbyist Maria Garcia

Sandy Adams resigns as election commissioner to run for auditor

Rocky Mountain News article on Kopel appointment

Arlys Ward, election commission director sends Paula Woodward a letter and articles as to why her "stunt" violated federal law and could not lead to changes in Colorado law

Dusty Saunders story on false registration TV sweeps

Runoff story Webb and DeGroot

Election Commission affidavits and letters to DA on false applications on Gordon Appell and Paula Woordward

Denver Post article


Letter to DA Ritter and Ritter response

List of fraudulent voters

Stand by Municipal Clerks in opposition to Woodward stunt

Drafts prepared by Kopel

Kopel column

Channel 9 News attempts to purge false names

Letter telling them attempts were not valid

Sample ballot

Voter information

Post column on what is needed to improve voting system

Response by Kopel by letter to editor

Letters "sent" by Channel 9 to Ritter and Norton

County Clerks press release

Kopel comment on Woodward action

Earlier press release by DeGroot supporting Woodward position

Sample ballot June 6

Ads for Webb

Westword column

Letter from Webb to Arie Taylor to call off the dogs (In my opinion pressure on mayor produces letter)

Response by Kopel

Background column

Letters on issue

Newspaper article quoting Kopel

Charlie Roos column

Webb story on election fraud

New election commissioners

Ritter lets Appell and Woodward off the hook

Issues for new commissioners

Election Commission personnel

Evidence on fraud attempt

Letter to Channel 9 on removing names

Written challenge by Kopel

Response by KUSA Channel 9 attorney on subpoena issue

Election Commission personnel (Dillingham added)

Kopel column after election

Letter by Kopel to election commission employees

Letter to Webb from me on fraud and suggestions for future.

(No response from Webb)



Denver Post letter on Dr. King

Senior Lobby board of directors

Letters and response to Mountain States Legal Foundation on Denver school board elections

Letters from Rep. Schroeder, Bill Owens, Rep. Leyba

Gazette Telegraph Referendum A Supermajority initiative column

Denver Post column on Ref A , Amendment 13

News articles,letters, ballot issue, results

ADL awards

Senior Lobby directors elected

Comments in Sanko column

Post editorial by Kopel

Letter from Rep. Skaggs

Common Cause letters

Supreme Court ruling (my comments are part of decision)

1995 Colorado Press Assn award to Kopel in 1996

Legal Aid Foundation

Letter from DORA researcher

Baltimore City College (High school reunion) letters and responses

Letter to Rep. Chavez on his bills

Sen Campbell re-election plan

Articles, letters on Romer to old to run for Senate

Letters from former constituents

Appearance: State Program Managers conference and speech given

Columns on General Electric Capital Corp HB 1357

Copy of bill

Laura Udis remarks

General legislative stories in pockets of looseleaf book



TV debate on gambling

Jerry Kopel, David Kopel boxing column in a number of papers Letter to Fred Brown

Fred Brown's column

Fagan letter on video lottery

Grueskin letter on video vote

Garcia letter on credit insurance

Madden letter on meeting

Colorado Social Leg Council panel of journalists

Senior Lobby report on HB 1138 amendment

ADL award

Press card, Penny letter

Protecting newborn babies

Pankey review by Senior Lobby

Casino money for BackHawk homes

Campbell omission. Intermountain Jewish News

Note from Bill Owens

Car sales by felons

Letter from Owens and response

Note to Common Cause

General legislative news



DU Class reunion

Quote of the Day

Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner

Democrats Looking Back photos

ADL awards

Suggestion of Bob Allen for award

Letter about newsletter

Jack Kintzele letter

Portrait Gallery notice

Little Tree blurb

Column by me on Asa Carter

Little Tree blurb by critic

Reference to David's book

Election ballot errors

Column on impeachment

Note from Mark Udall

Column on Colorado history

Bar Foundation Fellows

Colorado Press Assn forum

Letter from Bill Owens

Original to Blake on impeachment

Column on school redistricting

Guests at Loewi gathering

Many columns on confiscation law

Original of column

Holocaust memorial

Unused column to Blake on holocaust memorial

Letter to Intermountain Jewish News pro and con

Letter to Dr, Wagner pointing out errors

Copy of letter for Statesman

Column in Jewish News

Democratic legislator list part of celebration, anecdote

Appreciation award

Passover observed in House

Story on Haskell

House Joint Memorial on Haskell

Comments by me on House floor on Haskell memorial

Column by Kopel on Haskell

Note from Gossard family on my Gossard memorial remarks

Note from Cookie Roberts

Memorial for Sandy Arnold

My comments to the House on Sandy Arnold

Public Affairs council speech

Capitol Reporter comments

Column on School board vote

Alumni News article

Duckworth memorial

Students meet in front of House photo

Bart Miller response to Sen. Powers on my Sunrise column

Specific legislative stories



The Denver Sunset Committee was given the task by City Council to review the Public Nuisance ordinance. The city wanted to extend its life despite the language which was unconstitutional although the city did avoid most of the draconian language in operation. The two city council members Joyce Foster and Susan Barnes-Gelt did not attend the public hearing required by the Sunset law.

Letter to David Kopel to testify

Letter from Larry Pozner

Letter to Donahue

Language by me and David as to ordinance amendments

Speech at public hearing

Testimony in writing

Resignation by me after Sunday meeting

Unanswered letter to Hackworth

Supposed members of the committee, most of whom have left the city

Column spin by Donahue to GPHC paper

My response

Letter regarding Barnes-Gelt and Gelt article in paper

Vote by city council

Column by me

Original language for column

Article by me printed in many newspapers

Newspaper articles regarding nuisance law and vote.


Lottery Scrapbook

This series of books contain the story of the lottery from the viewpoint of the legislature. Some stories include my role, other stories do not, but the combination gives a complete picture of how the legislature dealt with the lottery.

Filefolder: contains complete lottery debate in 1979 on second and third reading in the House in 1979 in which Kopel participated.

Book 1 1981

pre-1981 stories

1975 sweepstakes bill by Kramer

1977 sweepstakes measure from Scientific Games

1980 ballot proposal

The 1981 stories are not in order because of the possibility of tearing the news articles:

HB 1069 and Kopel debate

HB 1416 Massari bill

HB 1404 by Rep. Strahle

Amendment to Strahle bill

Comparison: HB 1404 and HB 1416

The bills were debated and a decision was reached to have an interim study in the summmer and fall, 1981

Interim committee established

Letter from Parks and Recreation

Original committee draft July 1981

Committee meeting July 24, 1981

Committee meeting Oct.11,1981

Testimony: Lottery boosts illegal betting

Interim committee report Nov. 1981 and minority report by Kopel which was written on the back of Kopel newsletter on the interim committee meetings, full discussion published in December, 1981 and is part of the newsletter collection.

Majority report

Summary of interim committee lottery bill

Two stories: lottery approved by committee

Article in Statesman on Kopel newsletter

Articles on lottery, pro and con

Denver Post article by Kopel

October 1981 original typed article

Testimony by Robert Blakey, January 1981 (this was the start of concern regarding the lottery. Blakey wrote the federal RICO law and was a major national expert on organized crime and the lottery)

Opposition to Strahle and Massari bills in Jan. 1981

Story on interim committee

Kopel editorial in Rocky Mountain News

Original handwritten text of article

March 1981 story on lottery

Lamm to put on 1982 call

Article lottery (page 1)

Senior Citizen group article

Lottery article

Lottery update fall, 1981

Portion of interim testimony used in lottery article by Kopel Letter from Robert Blakey

Letter from Sam Mamet

State Lottery organization -- Vote yes.

Public Gaming Magazine on Colorado lottery

1982 Book 1

There were two major bills dealing with setting up the lottery. HB 1069 by Rep. Spelts was the interim committee bill (she chaired the committee) and SB 119 by Sen. Allshouse. HB 1069 was passed by the House and died in the Senate. SB 119 passed the Senate and was amended in the House, leading to a conference committee and final adoption. HB 1069 was restrictive, SB 119 was liberal (any game). The conference committee result was closest to SB 119.

The copies in this book and book 2 are not exactly in order, but any further movement would damage the pages.

Lottery battle looming

Opinion by Legal Services as to measure put on the call

Questions and answers on lottery and letter from Colo Municipal League on HB 1069.

Numerous letters supporting lottery by Local Government

Articles on Kopel opposing lottery (some revisions in later editions of paper)


Motion to kill lottery dies

Social Legislation Panel debate

Two stories Kopel drops bombshell on Bally Mafg Co.

House panel rejects sweepstakes

Other state lotteries

Promotion essential

Letter to editor on Parmenter column

Senate bill gains ok in House (is out of order) SB 119

Debate on lottery bill HB 1069

Pros and cons on lottery Blakey and Silverglade

House panel passes HB 1069

Lottery funds for Atty Gen assailed

Two more lottery articles

Gaming Magazine assails Parmenter

Editorial: Shell Game

SB 119 approved in House with amendments (out of order)

Attempt to adhere to House position on bill loses

Close Up letter

Elks letter, Bingo letter, other letters

Kopel editorial on lottery corruption (there is a separate book devoted to lottery corruption in the U.S.)

Tape by Richard Nathan

Book 2 1982

Four articles on SB 119 by Allshouse

Three articles SB 119 approved in committee

SB 119 vote put off

Panel approves instant lottery game two stories

Revenue issues snags lottery

Infighting on SB 119 lottery plan

Spending lottery money

Instant millionaires final bill

Three Lottery articles

Daily Camera editorial

Lottery news articles

Conference Committee on SB 119 thre articles

Kopel amendment

House oks Senate bill

Kopel pictures, four in committee

News bits

Kopel letter to Romer

Lottery plans for January

Two articles New Jersey women turns down lottery office

Scientific Games gets contract

Editorial Rocky Mountain News

Lottery start delayed?

Letter from Scientific Games

State moving too fast?

Lottery start up articles

Lottery opponent on lottery board

Equipment problems four articles

No lottery tickets sold at race tracks

Four lottery kickback stories

two stories Disclosure requirement limit

Lottery contract, no competition

Anti-lottery drive three articles

Overview U.S. lotteries

League of Women Voters letter

Dem issue seminar

Voters Action Committee meeting

10 reasons to repeal lottery law ( one stricken)

Anti-lottery drive two stories

Another copy of 10 reasons

Hudson to Kopel, anti-lottery drive ended

Cal Frazier letter and my response

Legal Services memo on petition drive

Phone calls

Copy of statute to put on ballot

On line (lotto) games pushed Three articles

Kopel written notes

Book 3

Copies of lottery bills , amendments, fiscal notes

1983 Book 1

The fight over lotto. The lottery people wanted to add lotto. I worked against it with the help of others and succeeded. The fight came in two places, early in 1983 and in the fall, winter of 1983.

Lottery history article

Colorado lottery story, Denver Post on odds against winning

Hearing on lottery commission

Letters opposing lottery

Organized crime story

Kopel letter to Revenue Director Alan Charnes, response by

Charnes, Charnes letter to Denver Post editorial chief Carl Miller, Charnes letter to Kopel

Kopel letter to Sen. Beatty on HB 1561 to get lottery records

Carl Miller editorial

Kopel pix and story, legal test on lottery

Lottery loan payoff 3 stories

Who gets "store" contracts

Scientific Games contract coup

Charlie Roos column

Scientific Games article

Information to who? About fight in lottery

Tourist pitch

Lottery seeks more money

HJR 1040 opposing Lotto, resolution did pass

Blue collar workers play lottery

News editorial and my response

Vincent Carroll column on lottery and greed

Denver Post editorial

News article with notes from someone

Post expanded lottery and sucker list, Kopel letter to Post

Clean copy of news article above

House halts lotto. Senate opposes lotto

SB 399 in response to my legal argument, law changed to allow longer lottery contracts

Vote count, other story and letter

Attempted lottery contract amendment by Kopel

HB 1470 Kopel on compulsive gambling

Lottery revenues up

Letter of thanks in debate

Rep. Massari sorry for lottery that he had pushed onto ballot

Lottery cartoon

Kopel report, Sept. 1983

Letter from Michigan lottery

Liquor Assn letter wanting games in liquor stores

8 stories on lotto games

Daily Camera editorial

four lotto games stories

two stories lottery gross revenues, three lotto stories,

Amole column, Kopel Letters to Amole, Roy Romer, Frank DeFilippo

Lotto delay voted

Lottery officials pictures, lottery commission letter

Players analyzed

Daily Camera editorial, Letter to RMN and response

1983 Book 2

National Conference of State Legislators, San Antonio

Speeches and pictures


There were two approaches, a bill by Rep. Robb HB 1203 to ban lotto and HB 1204 by Rep. Kirscht to fund lotto

Kopel letter to Robb and DeFilippo

Denver Post editorial on HB 1203

1203 press conference

Daily Camera editorial

copy of HB 1203

News story organized crime, lottery

Two articles on HB 1203

Kopel speech on lotto

five articles on HB 1203

Denver Post editorial

Letter to Blakey

Letter to Missouri on lottery

two articles Lottery sales dropping

Des Moines Register article on Colorado lottery

HB 1204 money for lottery

HB 1065 contracts awarded

Lobbying for lotto

Fan letter

House oks lottery games

Article by Kopel

18 articles, Lotto early 1984 and late 1984

Post editorial

Lottery expenses

Post cartoon

Charitable video slots

Letter to new legislators


Annual report on Lotto

Letter on Iowa Legislation for lottery

Fight on Southland Corp, 7-11's ability to sell lottery tickets despite felony. HB 1358 successful.

Disclosure requirements that kept Scientific Games as the only bidder on lottery. SB 167 (on undisclosed tax returns) newspaper articles and Kopel remarks on SB 167 and amendments.

HB 1561 by Kopel required public disclosure of tax returns. Lost.

Lottery seeks lotto funds, numerous articles

Water projects from Lottery rejected

Denver Post editorial supporting lotto and Kopel response . Carl Miller column.

John Jay College training certificate for Kopel

JBC fight on lottery SB 241, lotto funding removed, "Traditional Games" approved.

Meeting with RICO author Robert Blakey

Pork barrel lottery book offends lawmakers

Hickey in trouble, Hickey leaves for Missouri


Lotto fight continues on money going to jail construction as well as to parks

Kopel articles, disclosure of lottery winners and lottery rules

Five articles on new lottery chief, Sherry Harrington

Twenty lotto articles and editorials

HB 1343 to use money for capitol construction (jails) and four articles, one letter

Four lotto articles

Lottery park articles five

Loser editorial

National Assn. of State Budget Directors, Washington DC I gave speech (original included) Bill Barr grocery letter, other letters, schedule

Letter from Minnesota House

Whatever happened to Allshouse

State audit of lottery Numerous letters and speech

Audit report 1986

Former position on lottery


Lottery winners data from lottery used as means to determine who plays.

Owen Hickey found dead.

(Push begins to get lotto)

Article resume drive to launch lotto

Kopel reasons for opposition article

RMN editorial for lotto

Harrington on line for Florida job, Harrington urges lotto

Post legislature should extend lottery

RMN article pro-lottery

Denver Post story pro lottery

Lotto for convention center two articles

Four fan letters

Southland Corp 7-12 surviving felony conviction

Information request Indiana

Top lottery games

Letters setting out how lotto drops scratch game income

Letter to Romer from Ed Carpenter

Lottery 1988 Book 1

Lotto fight, overall analysis by House Democratic staff

Editorial column by Kopel, printed in a number of papers and referenced to later in this volume

Gambling issue Boulder Daily Camera

Five year roll for Lotto

Kopel editorial Leadville paper plus actual copy

Kopel editorial paper unknown

Rocky Mountain News favorable lotto story, original and cut up

Gazette Telegraph editorial

Lotto Bill introduced, HB 1274 and amendments

Fiscal note HB 1274

Fiscal note corrections construction

House committee passes lotto, veto threat ignored

Schauer letter

Daily Camera editorial

House Journal vote

House oks lotto

Denver Post editorial

Letters to editor Post

Maria Garcia (lobbyist for lotto) marries Rep. Chuck Berry

House close to veto proof vote

Lotto bill tones down building program

More on House vote

Romer Mom Pop stores to lose business

(Senate activities missing from volume)

Conference committee report

Pressure growing on legislators

Letter to editor

Gillis amendment

Romer vetoes lotto bill

Romer letter to House with breakdown on how money is spent

Is lotto bill dead?

Kopel editorial Daily Times Call

Kopel notes

Lotto notes

Lotto article for Laurie Parsons

Senate won't twist arms

Letter to editor

Post Save lotto/prison bill

House lacks votes

Kopel notes

Parliamentary ploy fizzles

Veto April 19

Threats to members

Vote 44 to 21

Prison count growing

Lottery to consider promoters

Aftermath on House threats

Statement by Bledsoe

Numerous lotto House stories on arm twisting

Senate fight to override veto

Various stories

Denver Post article

Senate overrides veto several stories

Letter to editor

Column by Amole and one by Independence Institute


1988 Book 2 Lotto aftermath

1999 letter from Sherry Harrington and response

Lotto probe of Harrington numerous articles

Letter to governor from Kopel

Article for text book Kopel

five companies interested in lotto

Kopel column Lotto projections off

Leo Jenkins column

Letter in answer to Post editorial

Prison correction expansion costs

Kopel notes

Original remarks on lotto costs for prison

Matsch gives lenient sentence for gambling

More lotto bid stories

SB 97 Colorado lottery

Kopel column Lottery money tree

Fan letters

Municipal League Cheers


Atty Gen Woodward report on Sherry Harrington

Four Columns, Kopel on lottery money as unreliable income

Pueblo Chieftain story

Newspaper stories, lotto revenues fall

Rocky Mountain News panel on lotto includes pictures

O'Keefe story features Kopel, four pages, sliced, one full copy

State laws adequate

Lottery ad budget increased

Lottery projections too high

Letters to the editor

Lottery gift policy corrected, two stories

Compulsive gambling story

Kopel disputes projections

Letter to the Daily Sentinel

Many predictions fall

Letter from deputy director

RMN editorial on lottery funds

Letter to the Post editor

Column submitted to RMN

Compulsive gambling story

Lottery near billionth ticket

Disney into lottery?

Video poker for bingo, SB 164 defeated

Legislative council study

Lottery projections and my notes


Colorado Lottery ads

Legislature works on problem of lottery perks

Senate committee oks HB 1181

HB 1181 on ethical standards

Kopel amendments

Letters to editor

Conference committee

Known votes

Senate report

Another copy of Senate approving measure

Quote of the Day

Kisling on lottery ads

Pueblo Chieftain story

Letter to editor and Pueblo editorial

Advertising expense

four letters to editors

Where lottery profits go

Lottery stories

Letter from Jim Robb


Casino story

Lowdown on lotto payoff

3 casino stories

three Indian stories , may raise stakes

Kopel's stand

Casino startup laden with problems

Kopel letter to Romer

Press conference

Study of casino language

Comment on constitutional language

Letter to editor Ed Quillen column, letter from Quillen

Article by Kopel

Article on Colorado casinos

Letter to legislators

Opinions differ on gambling limit

Amendments to constitution on casinos


Disney in Lottery?

Lottery sales soar

Lottery official's loyalty - Kopel

two letters and original copy of movement of lottery officials

Kopel amendment to budget bill

State Leg Magazine quotes Kopel

early story on gaming impact Ed Quillen column

HCR 1001 expand gambling

six articles on attempt to expand gambling

Writing Colorado casino law, three articles

Local officials must make choice, office or casinos, 3 articles

and Kopel amendment

Letter from sheriff and fire marshal

three articles control over gambling

Casino land sales soar

three items, lottery breaks sales record

Letter from Gaming Institute

Casino bills

Kopel column on casino land sales

HCR to extend casino gambling

Betting pools (number of articles)


Diverting lottery funds to prisons, three articles

Lottery officials move on

Letter to Bill Thiebaut on GOCO amendments

Kopel, vote "no" on Amendment 8 (GOCO)

Kopel warns on GOCO language

Gaming moratorium

Local officials choose casinos or office four articles

Tebedo constitutional amendment on local vote on gambling

Amendments to Tebedo measure, Kopel, Salaz and letter

Letter of support

general casino and lottery stories, not Kopel

There will be other lottery and casino items from retirement years. I will attempt to put them together and send it as additional list.

Corruption: Lottery

This book concerns lottery corruption. A number of the articles may duplicate other items present in the material in the original year they were written or published. Others are not duplicated elsewhere. My original concern about the lottery related to whether the games would be fixed. That was the wrong concern. The real issue was whether the vendor or supplier began its life as a criminal organization claiming to "go straight" or whether there was criminal activity in what had not been a criminal group to begin with.

Legislative column on corruption in Colorado. A history.

Column: Kickback scheme on GTech Holding Corp.

News article, Lottery ticket giveaway illegal.

G Tech for grabs?

Lawsuit targets scratch games

Corruption in Penn.

Compulsive Gaming bill in Conn. Colorado comments

Testimony by Robert Blakey in 1982

Corruption stories

Lottery scandal 1981 other states

Testimony before our Lottery Interim Committee 1981

Part of letter from Edwin Taylor to Silvergleid

Kopel column. Back door to corruption

Kopel column, Big gamble

Testimony from Denver Police Lt. Robert Cantwell about his investigation

Written comments Kopel

Actual testimony by Lt. Cantwell

Questions and answers following Cantwell testimony

Listing of Cantwell contacts

Minority report on interim committee by Kopel

(Cantwell was supposed to testify when the lottery bill was being heard in legislative committee in 1982. He did not show up. In a phone conversation, he told me he was told by his superiors not to testify.)

File folder

Report on investigating Bally in Florida

Notes by Kopel on Bally corruption

New jersey investigation of Bally

1980 regarding application

Moodys on Bally

Son of O'Donnell cocaine use, page 126-27 Bally employee. Working Women's Magazine 1986

Number of organized crime articles of persons linked to Bally predecessor


Landlord Tenant

Warranty of Habitability means having a place fit for a human being to live in.

It is provided in Colorado for purchase of homes

It is denied in Colorado in rentals thanks to the Colorado Supreme Court and the Colorado statutes.

There is a warranty of habitability in Colorado for animals

18-9-201 (4) Neglect means failure to provide food, water, protection from the elements or other care generally considered to be normal, usual, and accepted for an animal's health and well-being consistent with the species, breed, and type of animals.

It is a crime punished by 18 months in the county jail.

1969: Joe Shoemaker, and John Bermingham. Bill lost in Senate

1971: Legal Aid Society Lawyers: Jean Dubofsky, Richard Hennesey, Tucker Troutman visited me in 1970 for aid in passing the bill.

I divided it into four bills: Warranty of habitability, which I sponsored.

Security Deposit: Sponsored by Reuben Valdez

Landlord's lien: Sponsored by Dennis Gallagher

Longer period on notice for eviction: Sponsored by Leo Lucero

Security deposit was put under bill by Rep. Wad Hinman and passed

Landlord's lien was put under bill by Rep. Sonnenberg and passed

Eviction extension was killed.

Warranty of habitability and rights of tenant to make needed repairs was approved by the Colorado Real Estate Assn. after extended discussions at Denver Fair Housing Center. It had 27 House co-sponsors.

Major opponent in the House was Ralph Cole, chairman of Judiciary. He held the bill for six weeks. Then in Rules Committee another three weeks. It didn't get to the floor until April. I still had the votes to pass the measure.

At Cole's request, the Republicans went into closed caucus to debate the bill. There was no Sunshine Law in 1971. Cole explained his opposition without any opportunity to debate. The bill came to the floor. I discussed the measure. There was no debate. Only four Republicans voted for the measure and it died 28 to 32.

1973 Chuck Howe carried the bill. It died in the House

1975 I carried the Commission on Uniform State Laws bill on landlord-tenant. It passed the House, passed senate state affairs and died in Appropriations although there was no appropriations connected to it.

1976 Barbara Holme started the bill in the Senate. It died.

1979,80,81 (Holme and Kopel. Bill died.)

1982 Sen. Martha Ezzard and Rep. Bill Artist. It died

1983 Rep. Artist, Sen. Ezzard. It died by one vote in House, cast by David Bath, who was then a Democrat. After the vote , he switched parties.

1984 . Rep. Allison and Sen. Ezzard. It passed the House and died in the Senate.

1985. Rep. Don Mielke sponsored bill supported by apartment owners and COPIRG. Martha Ezzard and Bill Artist sponsored another bill.

The Mielke bill passed the House, was gutted in the Senate, sent back to the House and the Senate adhered to their position. The House adhered to its position. The Ezzard bill died in the Senate.

1987. Sen. Hopper and Rep. Allison. Passed Senate 18-14. Died on tie vote in House State Affairs.

2001 Rep. Decker. Sen. Epps. Died in House Business Affairs.

2003. Sen. Epps. Rep. Jameson. Died on House floor.

Sixteen tries. Sixteen losses.

All the bills, except for 1971 and the 1975 Uniform Act lacked the right of tenant to repair. Tenant would have had to pay rent while waiting for a place fit for a human being to live in.

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