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Colorado History


Early Colorado Statehood

6/26/2009. The D.C. Battle over Colorado Statehood.

8/8/2008. Carry Holly: The 19th century female maverick Colorado State Representative.

4/11/08. The Masonic Mysteries of Colorado's Great Seal. Rocky Mountain News.

1/30/2008. The Great Seal of Colorado.

9/3/2007. Labor Day.

8/3/2007. Veto-Proof Legislature.

7/6/2007. The Laws that Made Colorado's Statehood Possible.

6/10/2007. Colorado Marriage Laws in 1952.

5/20/2007. Memorial Day, and Bill Ritter.

8/9/2006. Ku Klux Klan. History in Colorado. The story of Minnie C.T. Love, the surgeon, suffragette, Klanswoman, and state representative.

12/16/2004 First Colorado statute.

7/23 A short history of Colorado Statehood

8/1/2003 Little known facts for Colorado Day

10/29/2003 History of women suffrage in Colorado

9/13/2002 Colorado's first state election, Oct. 1, 1876. Statistics.

6/28/2001 July 1 statehood. History of why it took so long.

7/30/2000 History of how Colorado finally became a state: Pres. Johnson and President Grant

3/20/1998 Colorado's first congressional election invalid.

7/31/1998 Colorado not the Centennial State

8/1/1997 Colorado plays role in electing Rutherford Hayes president

7/26/1996 August 1st is Colorado Day, some interesting facts about the state

/1996 Ages of Colorado's U.S. Senators, over the past four decades

10/6/1995 Suffrage for Women in Colorado: 1870 attempt

U.S. Grant and Colorado Statehood

9/2/1994  The Ludlow Massacre

Colorado Day history questions

State Capitol

6/15/2005 State Capitol renovations.

10/8/2003 Looking at Murals in the State Capitol. Thomas Ferril.

10/22/1999 How Tom Ferril poetry came to the statehouse rotund

The 1960s

1/10/2001 Democrat majority in Senate. What happened in 1961. Changes since last majority. Learning to run Senate

7/11/1997 Reasons why Romer will run for U.S. Senate: Background of election lost

4/19/1996 The star-crossed 1965 legislature: What happened to some

4/26/1996 Remembering the football stadium bill of 1966


1/?/2003 Birthdays of Colorado governors

12/21/2001 Past races for governor

/1998 Governors who were lawyers

4/13/2006 Unique Governor.


Ben Campbell retirement. Oldest Colorado Senators.

/2004 Longest-serving Legislators

/2003 Matthew Bender Colorado Revised Statutes

/2002 Byron Rogers and the Denver Congressional race of 1970

11/12/2002 Past presidential elections recalled and other past elections, Owens will have House and Senate. How I lost my mustache in a 1948 election bet.

8/8/2001 Flag desecration and Colorado history

10/8/2000 Elderly legislators. Lieutenant Governor history

11/20/1998 Mike McKevitt in the Nixon book Abuse of Power. Legislative wages.

1/14/1994 Miscegenation law and Fair Housing: Bob Allen

3/11/1994  Democratic political conventions

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