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01/09/2010. Knock on Doors. Plus: What the Department of Regulatory Agencies could do regarding medical marijuana dispensaries.

12/25/2008. Respect for Ritter.

10/4/2008. Can the Democrats Roll a Six on Election Day? Plus, some unexpected results of Amendment 53, on corporate officer criminal liability.

3/8/2008. Election Judges.

11/3/2007. Colorado's First Legislative Meeting, November 1876.

4/29/2007. Going Door to Door in the Dark.

3/24/2007. Vietnam protest by Colorado Democrats in 1967. The hour when the Governor signs bills. Daylight savings time.

1/27/2007. Allard is out.

10/1/2006. Ritter Vetoes, Round 2.

8/13/2006. Ritter Vetoes. Democratic gubernatorial candidate bill Ritter says he agrees with 38 of the 47 vetoes by Republican Governor Bill Owens. Ritter should disclose what particular bills he would have vetoed.

7/25/2006. Xcel Energy Vote in Denver.

7/14/2006. Xcel Two.

6/15/2006. Xcel Franchise Election in Denver.

4/13/2006 Unique Governor.

1/2/2006. Blue Book abuse. Court of Appeals ignores Constitution, and allows the legislature to tamper with the election Blue Book.

12/2/2005. Colorado Governor candidates.

7/23/2005. Wayne Allard will not seek re-election.

/2004 Upsets at State Democratic Conventions

Recall of Judges.

/2002 Byron Rogers and the Denver Congressional race of 1970

12/21/2001 Past races for governor

11/19/2000 Bill to appoint RTD directors. History of how elected board came into being.

9/3/2000 Unconstitutional statute on Denver School Board elections

8/20/2000 Judge Sparr rules portions of Amendment 15 unconstitutional

8/6/2000 Lt. Gov. Joe Rogers press conference criticizing Bill Owens; memories of former Lt. Gov. Mark Hogan. Safety clause in legislative bills.

3/31/2000 Term limits for Denver Council members upheld

3/26/2000 Fair Campaign Practices Act, Amendment 15, in fed district court, background and predictions

2/12/2000 Charlie Duke running again (bad memories from past)

9/10/1999 HB 1376 requires registration for draft. Congress hasn't done so yet. Effect of term limits on 2000 legislative races

9/25/1998 How Presidential politics affects Colorado legislative races

8/14/1998 Bainter vs. Buckley

8/7/1998 Owens, Norton, both moderates, conservatives

5/29/1998 How national issues affected Colorado leg. makeup in 74 and how it changed back in 76

3/20/1998 Colorado first congressional election invalid. Consumer advocate Esther Peterson remembered

1997 Roy Romer's 1966 landslide defeat for U.S. Senate.

12/5/1997 RTD Board to be appointed under 1998 law? History of what happened in 1980 election.

10/10/1997 Law governing Denver school board elections unconstitutional.

8/8/1997 Election Commission new voting machines thanks to Arles Ward; history of failed attempts to change voting machines leads to McNichols defeat.

7/11/1997 Reasons why Romer will run for U.S. Senate: Background of election lost

5/9/1997 Election predictions on Governor, Senate president, House speaker based on who is or is not a lawyer.

11/8/1996 Romer too old to run for senate

10/18/1996 Strickland senate race hurt by hired-gun typecast

8/9/1996 Legislative elections won when there is no contest, decided at the primary

6/21/1996 Who authored "Stand Up, Roll Over, Drop Dead"

1/26/1996 How to win in the Denver congressional election

5/19/1995 Paula Woodward's illegal names not removed

11/18/1994  Observations on the 1994 election

10/7/1994  Victims of Pat Schroeder. Election statistics for all Schroeder races.

8/12/1994  Benson vs. Romer fight begins

3/11/1994  Democratic political conventions

6/18/1993 Denver School Board elections and SB 175


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