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11/30/2010. Advice for New Legislators.

11/8/2010. Former Representative John Davoren.

05/24/2010. Statistics: Legislatures with an opposite-party Governor; Bills and Resolutions.

04/50/2010. Morgan Smith and the history of the Colorado legislature. Increase in required education for CPAs.

7/4/2009. Legislative Rustling.

4/18/2009. Hummers.

3/8/2009. Bad old forfeiture law is attempting a comeback.

2/15/2009. New bill would rob State Historical Society of promised gambling revenues.

2/2/2009. Whistleblowers.

1/9/2009. Common-sense Guide to Unwritten Rules for New Legislators.

1/8/2009. Rules for Executive Branch Lobbying.

12/13/2008. Vote Trading. The constitutional ban on vote trading in the state legislature, and its implications for reciprocal withdrawal of ballot initiatives. Plus a tribute to Jean Tool.

8/8/2008. Carry Holly: The 19th century female maverick Colorado State Representative.

7/21/2008. 25 to 21. Changing the minimum age for state legislators.

7/6/2008. Term Limits 2008.

5/11/08. Romanoff-Groff Leadership Near the End. Pueblo Chieftain.

4/15/08. Reapportionment, Part I.

4/10/08. Reapportionment, Part III.

12/8/2007. Doug Bruce Comes to Town. Plus, some ridiculous laws from the 19th century.

11/3/2007. Colorado's First Legislative Meeting, November 1876.

10/27/2007. Mortuary Licensing and Debbie Stafford's Party Switch.

9/19/2007. Deere Franchise. The John Deere company's plan to eliminate its small Colorado dealers violates Colorado law.

8/3/2007. Veto-Proof Legislature.

7/20/2007. Changes in the State Legislature.

5/24/2007. Theft Penalties, Landscape Architects, Rookies in the Legislature.

4/24/2007. Does the Lottery Need to Spend More On Aggressive Marketing? An Eleven Year History.

4/7/2007. Amendment 41 Developments.

3/29/2007. Lawyer-legislators, 2007.

3/24/2007. Vietnam protest by Colorado Democrats in 1967. The hour when the Governor signs bills. Daylight savings time.

2/17/2007. Whistleblower 2007. Plus Amendment 41.

1/20/2007. Unwritten Rules for New Legislators.

1/20/2007. Newcomers in the Legislature.

11/28/2006. Expanding the Size of the Legislature.

8/9/2006. Ku Klux Klan. History in Colorado. The story of Minnie C.T. Love, the surgeon, suffragette, Klanswoman, and state representative.

8/1/2006. Dissonance. The Montreal Jazz Festival, and the special legislative session.

6/16/2006. Special Session.

5/15/2006. End of Session.

4/13/2006 Unique Governor.

3/24/2006 Obese Statute Books.

1/23/2006. Bribery and Vote Trading.

12/19/2005. CU Foundation Money Laundering--and the legislature's tentative attempt to investigate it.

10/12/2005. Referendum C.

10/3/2005. Rep. Mildred Cresswell, creator of the pension system for state legislators.

9/19/2005 Oaths and affirmations for legislative witnesses.

8/14/2005 Abuse of the Safety Clause in legislation

7/11/2005 Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.

6/25/2005. Veto overrides.

6/20/2005 Owens veto of HB 1001, which would have stopped trust fund raids.

5/28/2005 Joint Resolutions 2005.

4/15/2005 Lawyers in the Legislature

Too many bills and resolutions.

Original bill tactics.

2004 Longest-serving legislators.

2004. Killed bills.

11/12/2004 Advice for House Democrats in 2005. With Morgan Smith.

5/28/2004 Special Session.

1/2/2004 Advice for State Representatives in the second year of their first term.

11/14/2003 GAVEL transformed into poison pill

10/24/2003 Bills that will be back next year

10/8/2003 Prayers in the Colorado legislature

9/15/2003 What happened to some 2003 bills: outfitters, health information, health dept. powers and duties

5/27/2003 Passing the torch on legislators

5/6/2003 No Hummers show in 2003

5/2/2003 Closed Senate session on personnel

2/7/2003 House has 300 bills (some discussed)

2/7/2003 Walkout by legislators nothing new

2/5/2003 125 New bills introduced before deadline

1/21/2003 Legislature like a small town

1/17/2003 Bills that don't cost money (no fiscal impact)

10/3/2001 Reapportionment of legislature: Jerrymander

4/4/2001 Lobbyists describe new legislators as lacking courtesy and commitment.

4/2001 Jewish legislators

3/21/2001 Term limits leave fewer with knowledge. Leadership gone.

1/10/2001 Democrat majority in Senate. What happened in 1961. Changes since last majority. Learning to run the Senate.

8/6/2000 Lt. Gov. Joe Rogers press conference criticizing Bill Owens; memories of former Lt. Gov. Mark Hogan. Safety clause in legislative bills.

7/2/2000 HB 1301 moves legislature into judiciary/court turf

5/26/2000 Twentieth century party divisions in Colorado legislature

4/23/2000 Lax policy on late bills (highest number of the 1990s) and suggestions for change

4/16/2000 Using substantive bill as "memorial" HB 1321

4/11/2000 Doug Dean visits House Dem caucus. Prediction of fireworks in 2001

4/7/2000 Bills killed that could return: Dyer bill on divorce fees, permanent accident memorials on highways, private prisons in foreign countries, liquor license tastings.

1/14/2000 Reapportionment predictions for Denver legislative seats

1/7/2000 The art of compromise in the legislature.

1/8 & 15/1999 Eight rules for legislators

12/4/1998 History of power bases in the Colorado legislature, effect of reapportionment in 2002

12/11/1998 Impeachment, Colorado style vs federal law

11/20/1998 Mike McKevitt in the Nixon book Abuse of Power. Legislative wages.

9/11/1998 List of Legislators who have become lobbyists

6/19/1998 Legislators pass-fail record for 1998

5/1/1998 Safety Clause losing ground on legislative bills.

4/24/1998 History of how late bills began; comparisons for the 90s.

3/27/1998 Abuse of Late Bill system and suggestions on changing it

3/6/1998 Ethics violations against Grampsas under House Rule 49 with background of Youngland voting violations in 1985

2/20/1998 Legislators should send stories to all newspapers

9/19/1997 Term limit law opens up many seats; what effect of the legislature. List of who goes and how long in office

6/13/1997 Pass/Fail results on 1997 Republican and Democratic bills

5/30/1997 Crazy legislators of the 90s reflected by Pankey poison bill

5/9/1997 How many bills introduced in 1997 and who did it

4/18/1997 Fewer bill copies printed, but late bills increase; obsolete statutes that need to be repealed

2/14/1997 Putting legislative witnesses under oath

1/17/1997 Eight Rules for lobbyists to live by

11/15/1996 Last year for 27 legislators due to term limits

8/9/1996 Legislative elections won when there is no contest, decided at the primary

7/4/1996 Bills passed in 1996 subject to possible referendum

5/10/1996 Bills introduced in 1996: Winners and losers: A chart

5/10/1996 Abusing privilege of late bills in 1996

4/26/1996 Remembering the football stadium bill of 1966

4/19/1996 The star-crossed 1965 legislature: What happened to some

4/4/1996 Warning against failing in love with your bill: Vendettas

12/1/1995 How to pass a controversial bill like Legal Hemp cultivation

5/26/1995 Legislative stats: What bills pass or die and why

5/5/1995 Late bills: GOP perk runs amok

3/24/1995 Refresher on legislative conference committee

1/20/1995 Single subject requirement vs. bill on obsolete laws: Supreme Court decision on 1987 law.

1/6/1995 Lessons for Legislators Revisited: How to get bills passed. No Fiscal Impact (NFI) and Obsolete Laws

11/4/1994 Tips for legislative winners

5/13/1994  A decade of joint resolutions: Increasing in number

/1994 Lawyers as legislators

1/15/1993 Legislators are one big family. Getting along.

1/8/1993 Rules for lobbyists dealing with legislators.

Tips for Influencing Legislators.

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