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Consumer and Tort Issues

2/18/2011. As tax times nears, there's rallying for RALS. (refund anticipation loan facilitators).

05/02/2010. A Soup of Subjects. The rule of 78, medical marijuana dispensary licensing, and ghost committees.

04/11/2010. Colorado's New Warranty of Habitability.

04/05/2010. Hospices.

01/24/2010. St. Joseph's. Implications of the new directive applied to several Denver hospitals, following their transfer to Catholic control.

4/4/2009. Egg Safety; Community Colleges Lose Gambling Money; Lottery Player Demographics.

11/29/2008. Unsafe Eggs, Secretary of State. Colorado's safety inspection system for eggs. Secretary of State's authority over Notary Publics, and Bingo & Raffles, should be transferred to Dept. of Revenue.

6/24/2008. Drug Costs and Generic Substitutes.

6/21/2008. Taxicabs.

3/29/2008. Warranty of Habitability.

1/7/2008. Payback Loans.

11/16/2007. Taxi Licensing, Energy Credits, and DORA

9/19/2007. Deere Franchise. The John Deere company's plan to eliminate its small Colorado dealers violates Colorado law.

8/17/2007. Warranty of Habitability.

7/24/2007. SB 221 Car Dealers Board.

4/21/2007. Garnishment reform.

4/11/2007. Homestead law reforms.

1/11/2007. Car Dealers Board.

7/25/2006. Xcel Energy Vote in Denver.

7/14/2006. Xcel Two.

6/15/2006. Xcel Franchise Election in Denver.

2/15/2006. Mortgage Brokers.

10/26/2005 Price Gouging.

7/16/2005 Identity Theft.

Securities cease and desist.

10/14/2003 2004 Uniform Trust Code will hurt many

7/15/2003 Final action on collection agency law

6/27/2003 Payday lenders hit the jackpot

6/20/2003 Securities scam could return as part of Sunset, past history

4/14/2003 Agricultural land can harm visitors without penalty HB 1003

3/25/2003 Securities bill is "sleeper" to hurt investors HB 1311

2/18/2003 Outsourcing bill Rep. Rhodes HB 1282 hurts state employees. Mortuary bill HB 1305

SB 100 Veterans burial rights

6/21/2002 SB 42 Musgrave bill on farmers killed, SB 219, Perlmutter Smith farmer bankruptcy bill passes

4/26/2002 HB 1334 Short checks

3/22/2002 SB 118 Sen. Epps Landlord tenant bill

2/8/2002 Farm exemption in bankruptcy in peril

9/5/2001 Credit insurance, history of ripping off consumers. Will new law work?

2/14/2001 Commercial code changes affecting consumers (Charles Dickens) on repossession and exemptions. Ag supplier vs. bank

11/26/2000 DORA report on Collection Agencies for 2000

9/24/2000 Making parents more liable for damages committed by children.

5/16/2000 Uniform Commercial Code bill killed. Transfer of power to Secretary of State hidden in bill.

5/7/2000 Central Indexing System, SB 65, reforms disastrous CBA indexing system. Fight with secretary of state over turf.

4/28/2000 Payday lender bill passes (Zimmerman gets dead fish).

1/26/2000 Legislature May Give Auto Dealers Sweetheart Contracts

1/21/2000 Payday Lenders in Colorado, SB 144

1/14/2000 Grace period on credit cards will be repealed

12/17/1999 Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act. Colorado Reporter story.

6/11/1999 Consumer Protection Act final version: harming consumers

5/14/1999 Speedy lump sum death insurance policy payments to survivors as HB 1344 reduces interest owed and extends time of payment

3/12/1999 SB 143, Colorado Consumer Protection Act being gutted by Democrat, loss of treble damages. Revamping of sections.

2/26/1999 SB 160 deregulating interest rates killed

4/10/1998 Letter to Powers on protecting contractors; Romero on screwing medical board; Lamborn on Shooting ranges

3/20/1998 Colorado first congressional election invalid. Consumer advocate Esther Peterson remembered

3/13/1998 Matsunaka SB 73 on Landlord Tenant becomes anti-tenant bill. Need for covenant of quiet enjoyment.

9/5/1997 Local distributors seek to end out-of-state wine shipments through HB 1357 by Schauer, part of a national plan. Get ready for another therapeutic index bill in 1998 to reduce generic substitution on drugs. Is it needed?

7/18/1997 Magness estate fight tie-in to widow's portion and Don Mares amendment to CBA bill

6/20/1997 Romer vetoes HB 1243 increasing interest rate for consumers

5/2/1997 Kopel response to Minahan letter on raising interest rates to 45%

4/25/1997 Overpriced credit insurance costs consumers; Martinez amendment changes percentages; Schauer does dirty work.

3/7/1997. Colo. Bar Assn pushes SB 91 nonprofit corporation act, What the bill does. HB 1237 is new partnership act. Universal Business Entity Act is coming in future.

2/21/1997 Two landlord/tenant bills, one good, one bad. SB 63, HB 1138. Background of previous landlord/tenant bills

1/31/1997 New money lender Fairlane coming to Colorado on automobile loans; faces competition from Household Finance

11/1/1996 Cost of copying health records

6/26/1996 Swimming with the Loan Sharks

6/21/1996 Remembering Mrozek, Pena and Valuejet, and Paula Woodward and the election commission

3/15/1996 Commercial Credit interest law pushed by GECC with no ceiling

11/10/1995 Protecting consumers from telemarketing fraud

6/2/1995 Five years of anti-consumer credit bills

4/7/1995 Farm Equipment Dealers get sweetheart deal thanks to Republicans

3/17/1995 ASCAP and BMI vs. state restaurants playing music

9/23/1994  Change in probate law right of surviving spouse to inherit

7/22/1994  Corporation bill screws minority investors

1/14/1994 Miscegenation law and Fair Housing: Bob Allen

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