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4/24/2010. Lottery Data.

8/1/2009. Wang Wang Blues, 2009.

7/24/2009. Casinos and Community Colleges.

5/17/2009. Bingo on the Ballot.

4/4/2009. Egg Safety; Community Colleges Lose Gambling Money; Lottery Player Demographics.

10/30/2008. Lottery Payment. More problems with the Colorado Lottery. Plus a discussion of election yard signs.

10/26/2008. Lottery's Wang Wang Blues. The Wang computer system and Sci Games are both poor performers.

10/12/2008. Lottery Audit.

9/20/2008. Casino Amendment in Full of Hidden Tricks.

9/18/2008. Amendment 50: Casino Money Won't Help Schools.

5/9/2008. Lottery Cheats the Public. By selling scratch game tickets even after the big prizes have been awarded.

10/19/2007. Lottery 2007.

8/9/2007. Natalie Meyer is Smiling.

4/24/2007. Does the Lottery Need to Spend More On Aggressive Marketing? An Eleven Year History.

2/2/2007. Casino Election.

10/26/2006. Horse and Dog Racing.

5/4/2006. Gaming Commission.

1/30/2006. Casino Commissioners.

1/9/2006. Lottery revenue.

11/22/2004 How the lottery revenue was spent.

2004 Lottery audit.

2004. Demographic changes in lottery players.

12/10/2003 Casinos want to raise table stakes

12/5/2003 How state auditors report came into being on lottery and what should be done to lottery director.

7/22/2003 Video Lottery terminals likely to be on ballot.

4/12/2002 Use casino taxes for road projects. SB 24 Casino city officials try to run casinos

2/2/2002 HB 1250 Lottery repeal date, put in detailed lottery review. Legality of Powerball.

10/10/2001 GOCO borrowing $180 million: Referendum A. Why it is bad.

6/21/2001 Colorado Powerball Scheme is Illegal

7/16/2000 HB 1010 Bingo Scratch Games signed into law by Owens

3/26/2000 Vikki Buckley and HB 1187, reform of the bingo laws

3/10/2000 Lottery gross revenues, new ad structure, reduce retail payments.

2000. Powerball will increase problem gambling, and will violate the state Constitution.

2000. Referendum E, Powerball, is not need to fund outdoors programs

10/30/1998 Lottery hot line will help compulsive gamblers; need to include casinos, bingo halls, racetracks; anecdotal stories

4/17/1998 Genital mutilation, Compulsive gambling

2/13/1998 SB 65. Video lottery machines vs race tracks slot machines

HB 1113 Lottery instant bingo scratch games

12/19/1997 Lottery review by auditor who sides with increased gambling. Bishop to have lottery bill in 1998. Who plays the lottery.

10/3/1997 Why Dan Vigil got the bums rush from lottery board; Joanne Conte blows lid off Mindsort, and false advertising by lottery

10/11/1996 Trinidad casino amendment

8/23/1996 Bad check violation of gaming laws at casino

8/2/1996 Dyer's HB 1148 and compulsive gambling in Colorado and its effect through the lottery

1/19/1996 Lottery income and expenditures since 1983. Plus a look at overspending on lottery advertising

8/26/1994 Gambling initiative is an assault on free enterprise. Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph.

8/5/1994 Manitou Springs casino amendment

8/27/1993 Kentucky bribery and Bally and O'Donnell.

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