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2011 Columns

6/17/2011. Update on legislative bills (and also about me).

5/10/2011. Adultery Law in Colorado.

4/17/2011. Roofing Contractors.

3/28/2011. Mental Health Board.

3/19/2011. Private Investigators. The push for occupational licensing.

2/18/2011. As tax times nears, there's rallying for RALS. (refund anticipation loan facilitators).

2/4/2011. Can Unlicensed Psychotherapists Claim They're Registered by the State?

2010 Columns

11/30/2010. Advice for New Legislators.

11/8/2010. Former Representative John Davoren.

10/18/2010. Fixing the Mortality Tables in Colorado Statutes.

05/24/2010. Statistics: Legislatures with an opposite-party Governor; Bills and Resolutions.

05/02/2010. A Soup of Subjects. The rule of 78, medical marijuana dispensary licensing, and ghost committees.

04/24/2010. Wisconsin Next. Colorado's prison population continues to climb.

04/24/2010. Lottery Data.

04/11/2010. Colorado's New Warranty of Habitability.

04/05/2010. Hospices.

04/50/2010. Morgan Smith and the history of the Colorado legislature. Increase in required education for CPAs.

02/27/2010. Prisons 2010. Colorado's continuing problem of over-incarceration.

01/24/2010. St. Joseph's. Implications of the new directive applied to several Denver hospitals, following their transfer to Catholic control.

01/09/2010. Knock on Doors; advice for legislative candidates. Plus: What the Department of Regulatory Agencies could do regarding medical marijuana dispensaries.

2009 Columns

12/5/2009. Changes in Medical Licensing.

11/25/2009. Obesity Statute.

11/22/2009. Mixed Martial Arts Regulation.

11/7/2009. Accounting Education.

10/25/2009. Medical Marijuana.

10/10/2009. Freeing the Leningrad Three.

8/30/2009. Sign Language.

8/1/2009. Wang Wang Blues, 2009.

7/24/2009. Casinos and Community Colleges.

7/4/2009. Legislative Rustling.

6/26/2009. The D.C. Battle over Colorado Statehood.

6/14/2009. Mortuaries and Naturopaths.

5/17/2009. Bingo on the Ballot.

4/18/2009. Hummers.

4/11/2009. Constitutional Mini-Convention.

4/4/2009. Egg Safety; Community Colleges Lose Gambling Money; Lottery Player Demographics.

3/8/2009. Bad old forfeiture law is attempting a comeback.

2/15/2009. New bill would rob State Historical Society of promised gambling revenues.

2/2/2009. Whistleblowers.

1/26/2009. Car Dealer Franchise Laws. How the legislature gives franchisees unfair power.

1/19/2009. Chiropractor Regulation, Sunset Review.

1/9/2009. Common-sense Guide to Unwritten Rules for New Legislators.

1/8/2009. Rules for Executive Branch Lobbying.

2008 Columns

12/25/2008. Respect for Ritter.

12/13/2008. Vote Trading. The constitutional ban on vote trading in the state legislature, and its implications for reciprocal withdrawal of ballot initiatives. Plus a tribute to Jean Tool.

12/13/2008. Guilty Nurses. Regulations for nurses give them the near-impossible burden of proving that they are not alcohol or drug addicts. Other foolish regulations also contribute to the shortage of nurses.

12/6/2008. Pet Regulations. The need to upgrade the inspection system for Colorado's pet industry.

11/29/2008. Unsafe Eggs, Secretary of State. Colorado's safety inspection system for eggs. Secretary of State's authority over Notary Publics, and Bingo & Raffles, should be transferred to Dept. of Revenue.

11/15/2008. Hair Braiders. Plans for unnecessary regulation of Hair Braiders, Human Trackers, and Solar Electric Installers.

11/9/2008. Notary Public. Efforts to pick the pockets of notaries, through excessive requirements for bonding.

10/30/2008. Lottery Payment. More problems with the Colorado Lottery. Plus a discussion of election yard signs.

10/26/2008. Lottery's Wang Wang Blues. The Wang computer system and Sci Games are both poor performers.

10/12/2008. Lottery Audit.

10/4/2008. Can the Democrats Roll a Six on Election Day? Plus, some unexpected results of Amendment 53, on corporate officer criminal liability.

9/20/2008. Casino Amendment in Full of Hidden Tricks.

9/18/2008. Amendment 50: Casino Money Won't Help Schools.

9/8/2008. Noxious Weeds Law Needs Fixing.

8/8/2008. Carry Holly: The 19th century female maverick Colorado State Representative.

8/1/2008. Referenda M & N.

7/27/2008. Referendum O.

7/21/2008. 25 to 21. Changing the minimum age for state legislators.

7/6/2008. Term Limits 2008.

6/24/2008. Drug Costs and Generic Substitutes.

6/21/2008. Taxicabs.

6/8/2008. Mortuary Licensing Refuses to Die.

5/13/08. Dog Massage Therapy.

5/11/08. Romanoff-Groff Leadership Near the End. Pueblo Chieftain.

5/9/2008. Lottery Cheats the Public. By selling scratch game tickets even after the big prizes have been awarded.

4/20/08. Adultery Revisited in Colorado Law. Pueblo Chieftain.

4/15/08. Reapportionment, Part I.

4/10/08. Reapportionment, Part III.

4/11/08. The Masonic Mysteries of Colorado's Great Seal. Rocky Mountain News.

4/5/2008. Adultery.

3/29/2008. Warranty of Habitability.

3/22/2008. Occupational Therapists.

3/15/2008. Governing Magazine Report on Colorado Information, 2008.

3/8/2008. Election Judges.

3/1/2008. Massaging Animals, and regulatory control thereof.

2/14/2008. Tom Ferril 2008.

2/5/2008. Prisoners.

1/30/2008. The Great Seal of Colorado.

1/14/2008. Funeral Bill 2008.

1/7/2008. Payback Loans.

2007 Columns

12/12/2007. Advisory Boards to Abolish.

12/8/2007. Doug Bruce Comes to Town. Plus, some ridiculous laws from the 19th century.

11/16/2007. Taxi Licensing, Energy Credits, and DORA.

11/3/2007. Colorado's First Legislative Meeting, November 1876.

10/27/2007. Mortuary Licensing and Debbie Stafford's Party Switch.

10/19/2007. Lottery 2007.

9/28/2007. Sunrise Reviews.

9/19/2007. Deere Franchise. The John Deere company's plan to eliminate its small Colorado dealers violates Colorado law.

9/15/2007. Out of the Box. Fixing the initiative process.

9/3/2007. Labor Day.

8/17/2007. Warranty of Habitability.

8/9/2007. Natalie Meyer is Smiling.

8/3/2007. Veto-Proof Legislature.

7/24/2007. SB 221 Car Dealers Board.

7/20/2007. Changes in the State Legislature.

7/11/2007. DORA 2007.

7/6/2007. The Laws that Made Colorado's Statehood Possible.

6/10/2007. Colorado Marriage Laws in 1952.

5/24/2007. Theft Penalties, Landscape Architects, Rookies in the Legislature.

5/20/2007. Memorial Day, and Bill Ritter.

5/18/2007. Mortuary Licensing.

4/29/2007. Going Door to Door in the Dark.

4/24/2007. Does the Lottery Need to Spend More On Aggressive Marketing? An Eleven Year History.

4/21/2007. Garnishment reform.

4/11/2007. Homestead law reforms.

4/7/2007. Amendment 41 Developments.

3/29/2007. Lawyer-legislators, 2007.

3/24/2007. Vietnam protest by Colorado Democrats in 1967. The hour when the Governor signs bills. Daylight savings time.

3/14/2007. Naturopath 2007.

2/25/2007. Private School Voting.

2/17/2007. Whistleblower 2007. Plus Amendment 41.

2/8/2007. A new approach to Amendment 41.

2/2/2007. Casino Election.

1/27/2007. Allard is out.

1/20/2007. Prisons 2007.

1/20/2007. Unwritten Rules for New Legislators.

1/20/2007. Newcomers in the Legislature.

1/13/2007. Security Guards.

1/11/2007. Car Dealers Board.

2006 Columns

11/28/2006. Expanding the Size of the Legislature.

10/26/2006. Election will Remove Obsolete Constitutional Provisions.

10/26/2006. Horse and Dog Racing.

10/16/2006. Ballot Issues from 1972.

10/6/2006. Amendment 38 versus the State Legislature.

10/1/2006. Ritter Vetoes, Round 2.

9/27/2006. Amendment 38 and the Blue Book.

9/13/2006. Sourcebook Salaries. Data on how Colorado has gotten worse and better during the Bill Owens era.

9/9/2006. Review of Brad Young's new book on the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights.

8/13/2006. Ritter Vetoes. Democratic gubernatorial candidate bill Ritter says he agrees with 38 of the 47 vetoes by Republican Governor Bill Owens. Ritter should disclose what particular bills he would have vetoed.

8/9/2006. Ku Klux Klan. History in Colorado. The story of Minnie C.T. Love, the surgeon, suffragette, Klanswoman, and state representative.

8/5/2006. Sourcebook 2006. Examination of how Colorado has progressed and regressed since 2001. Plus the proposal to bring the 2018 Winter Olympics to Colorado.

8/1/2006. Dissonance. The Montreal Jazz Festival, and the special legislative session.

7/25/2006. Xcel Energy Vote in Denver.

7/14/2006. Xcel Two.

7/12/2006. Felony Crimes. The need to reduce lengthy prison sentences for low-level theft.

6/16/2006. Special Session.

6/15/2006. Xcel Franchise Election in Denver.

6/10/2006. Cutting Back.

5/31/2006. Obsolete Constitutional Provisions.

5/15/2006. End of Session.

5/4/2006. Gaming Commission.

4/25/2006. Initiatives and Referenda.

4/20/2006. School Principals. Owens vetoes bills requiring school principals to have educrat credentials.

4/13/2006 Unique Governor.

3/24/2006 Obese Statute Books.

3/13/2006 Athlete agents.

3/4/2006. XCel election.

2/25/2006. Sunset 2006.

2/15/2006. Mortgage Brokers.

2/8/2006. Prison Costs.

1/30/2006. Casino Commissioners.

1/23/2006. Bribery and Vote Trading.

1/9/2006. Lottery revenue.

1/2/2006. Blue Book abuse. Court of Appeals ignores Constitution, and allows the legislature to tamper with the election Blue Book.

2005 Columns

12/27/2005. Burglar alarm installer regulation.

12/19/2005. CU Foundation Money Laundering.

12/7/2005. Landscape Architect Licensing.

12/2/2005. Colorado Governor candidates.

11/23/2005. Regulation of Naturopathics.

11/6/2005. TABOR lawsuits.

10/30/2005. DORA Regulations 2005.

10/26/2005. Price Gouging.

10/19/2005. Make My Day.

10/12/2005. Referendum C.

10/3/2005. Rep. Mildred Cresswell, creator of the pension system for state legislators.

9/24/2005. Still more Governing magazine data on Colorado.

9/19/2005 Oaths and affirmations for legislative witnesses.

8/19/2005. Joe Dolan, the extraordinary aide to Robert Kennedy

8/14/2005 Abuse of the Safety Clause in legislation

8/10/2005 More data on Colorado

7/30/2005  Governing Magazine data, Colorado Economic Health

7/23/2005. Wayne Allard will not seek re-election.

7/16/2005 Identity Theft.

7/11/2005 Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.

7/1/2005 Flag-burning amendment. Colorado state quarter.

6/25/2005 Veto overrides.

6/20/2005 Owens veto of HB 1001, which would have stopped trust fund raids.

6/15/2005 State Capitol renovations.

6/8/2005 Blue Book.

6/7/2005 Licensing Hair Care Businesses. SB 146.

5/28/2005 Joint Resolutions 2005.

5/21/2005 Mick Spano biography.

4/15/2005 Lawyers in the Legislature

4/8/2005 Security Guards.

3/1/2005 Governing magazine report on Colorado fiscal policy.

2/24/2005  Tom Ferril Birthday

2/14/2005. 24 Bills to regulate occupations.

Securities cease and desist.

2004 Columns

12/16/2004 First Colorado statute.

11/22/2004 How the lottery revenue was spent.

11/12/2004 Advice for House Democrats in 2005. With Morgan Smith.

/24/2004 David Brooks column

9/3/2004 Grand juries and escort services. University of Colorado.

8/20/2004 Boxing

8/6/2004 Prisons

7/23/2004 Governing magazine economic statistics.

7/23/2004 A short history of Colorado Statehood

6/4/2004 Changing the winner-take-all system for Colorado electoral votes

5/28/2004 Special Session.

5/7/2004 Renaming mountains.

4/23/2004 Impeachment history in Colorado.

4/2004 Ben Campbell retirement. Oldest Colorado Senators.

4/9/2004 DORA

4/2/2004 Killed bills.

3/26/2004 Teck concurrent resolution for 60% supermajority to amend state constitution

3/19/2004 Obsolete language

2/27/2004 Tom Gavin

1/30/2004 Recall of Judges.

1/30/2004 Drunk driving, and alcohol tastings.

1/16/2004 Martin Luther King.

1/2/2004 Advice for State Representatives in the second year of their first term.

Respiratory Therapists

Too many bills and resolutions.

2004 Original bill tactics.

Sodomy Laws in Colorado

Lottery audit.

2004. Demographic changes in lottery players.

Mortuary and funeral home regulation.

2004 Longest-serving legislators.

2004. Upsets at State Democratic Conventions

2003 Columns


10/24/2003 Bills that will be back next year

10/14/2003 2004 Uniform Trust Code will hurt many

9/19/2003 New criminal laws for 2003

9/15/2003 What happened to some 2003 bills: outfitters, health information, health dept. powers and duties

5/2/2003 Closed Senate session on personnel

4/14/2003 Agricultural land can harm visitors without penalty HB 1003

4/1/2003 Five bill limitation will be ignored for Republicans

3/25/2003 Securities bill is "sleeper" to hurt investors HB 1311

3/5/2003 Legislative conference committees

3/2/2003 Letter of thanks on Rhodes bill

2/18/2003 Outsourcing bill Rep. Rhodes HB 1282 hurts state employees. Mortuary bill HB 1305

2/7/2003 House has 300 bills (some discussed)

2/5/2003 125 New bills introduced before deadline

1/21/2003 Legislature like a small town

1/17/2003 Bills that don't cost money (no fiscal impact)

2003. Some defeated bills that may return in 2004.


12/19/2003 Another stab at securities law

11/28/2003 Sunrise-Sunset plans for 2004

7/15/2003 Final action on collection agency law.

6/25/2003 Landscape architects, animal chiropractors.

6/20/2003 Securities scam could return as part of Sunset, past history

6/13/2003 Dental bill vetoed

4/4/2003 Dental bill and continuing education

3/14/2003 Collection agency story, incorrect information

2/14/2003 Down in the Mouth over Losing Dentists

1/15/2003 Regulating outfitters: Entz vs DORA

1/1/2003 DORA tries to move collection agencies into DORA


12/5/2003 How state auditors report came into being on lottery and what should be done to lottery director.

12/10/2003 Casinos want to raise table stakes

11/7/2003 GOCO isn't accountable to the legislature

10/31/2003 VLT bill at race tracks could increase crime

9/12/2003 Blue book on VLTs at race tracks

7/22/2003 Video Lottery terminals likely to be on ballot.

4/15/2003 GOCO surplus. What to do with it.

3/24/2003 Video slot machines at racetracks? SB 113

3/15/2003 GOCO's share from VLTs will be negligible

Consumer Issues

7/15/2003 Final action on collection agency law

6/27/2003 Payday lenders hit the jackpot


6/11/2003 Campbell to old to run again? Past experiences

5/23/2003 Memories of past Senate races


11/21/2003 Sloppy wording on Make My Day

11/14/2003 GAVEL transformed into poison pill

10/29/2003 History of women suffrage in Colorado

10/8/2003 Prayers in the Colorado legislature

10/8/2003 Looking at Murals in the State Capitol. Thomas Ferril.

8/12/2003 Governing magazine rates Colorado, good and bad

8/8/2003 Retiring legislative council and drafting office heads to be missed

8/1/2003 Little known facts for Colorado Day

7/29/2003 Smoking in public places. History of the hospital smoking ban.

7/4/2003 Sodomy laws struck down in Colorado earlier than in U.S. and adultery and fornication laws (history)

6/10/2003 Axioms for legislators to live by

5/27/2003 Passing the torch on legislators

5/6/2003 No Hummers show in 2003

4/14/2003 How Colorado dodged a bullet. United Airlines Maintenance Center move to Indianapolis

2/7/2003 Walkout by legislators nothing new

2/26/2003 Governing magazine gives Colorado low rating

1/2003 Birthdays of Colorado governors

/2003  Jody Strogoff, Cheryl Meyer, and Ron Pudim, of the Colorado Statesman.

2002 Columns


10/30/2002 HB 1349 adds to school's take on powerball money.

9/20/2002 No-fault legislation hot topic for 2003

8/2/2002 Division of Insurance after repeal

7/5/2002 Death penalty decision Sen. Powers death penalty for aggravated circumstances mitigating tie overturned in special session

6/28/2002 Division of Insurance continuation not passed

6/21/2002 SB 42 Musgrave bill on farmers killed, SB 219, Perlmutter & Smith farmer bankruptcy bill passes

6/14/2002 Forfeiture bill HB 1404 signed into law

5/17/2002 National Guard clean up bill

2002 SB 100 Veterans burial rights

5/10/2002 SB 168 changing mortality tables

4/26/2002 HB 1334 Short check

4/17/2002 HB 1404 Forfeiture, what about the victim

4/12/2002 HB 1404 Colorado Forfeiture law

3/22/2002 SB 118 Sen. Epps Landlord tenant bill

3/15/2002 Regulate Morticians

2/8/2002 Farm exemptions in bankruptcy in peril

2/2/2002 HB 1250 Lottery repeal date, put in detailed lottery review. Legality of Powerball.

1/4/2002 Toss Out Moldy Statutes


12/27/2002 Dental law fails sunset date

11/15/2002 Landscape architects

8/23/2002 Accounting licensing law, why not act now?

3/15/2002 Regulate morticians


4/12/2002 Use casino taxes for road projects. SB 24 Casino city officials try to run casinos

2/26/2002 HB 1250 Lottery repeal date put in detailed lottery review

Consumer issues

4/26/2002 HB 1334 Short checks

3/12/2002 SB 118 Landlord-tenant bill

2/8/2002 Farm exemption in bankruptcy in peril

Con. Law issues

10/18/2002 Sen. Andrews bamboozled on obsolete revision

10/4/2002 Obsolete sections Term limit controversy

10/2002. Debate at Montview Presbyterian Church on Referendum D, obsolete constitutional language.


12/13/2002 Past governors birthdays

11/29/2002 Letter to editors

9/13/2002 Colorado's first state election, Oct. 1, 1876. Statistics.

8/16/2002 Need to beef up whistle blower law

7/19/2002 State needs to revamp corporation laws

1/4/2002 Toss out moldy statutes


11/22/2002 Close races have history in Colorado

11/12/2002 Past presidential elections recalled and other past elections. Owens will have House and Senate. How I lost my mustache in a 1948 election bet

9/27/2002 Road battle begun long time ago, collapse of road system

9/6/2002 Owens gets on board for corporate reform.

8/9/2002 Denver Post primary questionnaire, unusual results

2001 Columns


11/6/2001 Women in the National Guard: Serving legally?

10/3/2001 Reapportionment of legislature: Jerrymander

7/4/2001 Freeing sex offenders. Wrong to blame legislature since nobody reads bills. Role of District Attorney lobbyists in disaster.

6/28/2001 July 1 statehood. History of why it took so long.

4/4/2001 Lobbyists describe new legislators as lacking courtesy and commitment.

4/4/2001 Owens and the fight on 18 year old drinkers.

3/2/2001 Ways to kill bills. Bills return.

1/10/2001 Democrat majority in Senate. What happened in 1961. Changes since last majority. Learning to run Senate

2001 Jewish Legislators in Colorado History


12/4/2001 Sunset regulatory reviews for 2002

5/30/2001 Interior designers bill passed. History of how it happened. Lack of oversight.

4/24/2001 History of Sunset and Sunrise laws. Ignoring passenger tramway report by legislature. Older law saved millions.

1/24/2001 Interior designers vs. architects. Detective regulation. Occupational fight to regulate


12/21/2001 Past races for governor

3/21/2001 Term limits leave fewer with knowledge. Leadership gone.

Consumer Issues

9/5/2001 Credit insurance, history of ripping off consumers. Will new law work?

5/22/2001 Consumer oriented commercial code passes. New language added, breach of the peace.

3/13/2001 Changing the law on small claims courts. Liability for driving an emergency vehicle

2/14/2001 Commercial code changes affecting consumers (Charles Dickens) on repossession and exemptions. Ag supplier vs. banks


10/10/2001 GOCO borrowing $180 million: Referendum A. Why it is bad.

6/21/2001 Colorado Powerball Scheme is Illegal

Constitutional Issues

8/20/2001 Woman's Suffrage becomes part of U.S. constitution thanks to Tennessee State Rep. Harry Burn.

8/8/2001 Flag desecration and Colorado history

7/11/2001 Constitutional issues on Powerball: Referendum E.

2000 Columns


1/7/2000 The art of compromise in the legislature.

1/26/2000 Legislature May Give Auto Dealers Sweetheart Contracts

2/4/2000 Bill to end common law marriages dies

2/11/2000 Bill ends hearing on DA failure to prosecute

2/11/2000 New law on signings ignores perjury penalty

2/11/2000 Marriage covenant bill

2/25/2000 Dem and Rep. percentages on bills passed

3/24/2000 Dyer bill wipes out obsolete laws. List of others still on books

4/7/2000 Bills killed that could return: Dyer bill on divorce fees, permanent accident memorials on highways, private prisons in foreign countries, liquor license tastings.

4/11/2000 Doug Dean visits House Dem caucus. Prediction of fireworks in 2001

5/16/2000 Uniform Commercial Code bill killed. Transfer of power to Secretary of State hidden in bill.

6/9/2000 Bill doubles length of Driver's license bill passed without eye tests. Don Brinton

6/30/2000 History of Hummers Shows


1/7/2000 Legal Services memorandum on five bill limit on new laws

3/31/2000 Addiction counselors licensing law killed

3/31/2000 Leadership agrees to fix five occupation limit (but it doesn't happen). New bills exceed 5 occupation limit.


2/25/2000 Hoover break-in into Democratic headquarters. Steve McNichols remembered

3/31/2000 Term limits for Denver Council members upheld

4/21/2000 Death penalty in Colorado and the country

4/24/2000 Bea Branscombe tribute

4/28/2000 Percentage of black students in class with white students


1/14/2000 Reapportionment predictions for Denver legislative seats

2/25/2000 Changing registrations and also "not voting"

2/25/2000 Left handed presidential candidates

3/3/2000 Norm Duncan admits change in registration

5/26/2000 History of House & Senate party control in Colorado

Consumer Issues

4/28/2000 Payday lender bill passes (Zimmerman gets dead fish). Segregation in school classrooms

3/3/2000 Credit insurance in Colorado terrible fraud

2/18/2000 Homestead exemption law dollar figures increased. Congress still debating bankruptcy law changes on homesteads

2/11/2000 Title to Payday lender bill

2/4/2000 Fraud against senior citizens, toothless bill

1/28/2000 New version of credit code

1/21/2000 Payday Lenders in Colorado, SB 144

1/14/2000 Grace period on credit cards will be repealed


2000. Powerball will increase problem gambling, and will violate the state Constitution.

2000. Referendum E, Powerball, is not need to fund outdoors programs

3/10/2000 Lottery gross revenues, new ad structure, reduce retail payments

Constitutional Issues

5/26/2000 Unconstitutional law on marriage, single subject rule history in state.

5/17/2000 Forfeiture Laws Harm Crime Victims 

3/24/2000 SCR 5 eliminates obsolete constitutional language

1999 Columns


12/10/1999 DORA report on Alcohol and Drug Abuse counselors.

12/10/1999 DORA report on Certified Public Accountants

12/3/1999 Legislative fight 10 years ago on hazardous waste investigation between health dept. and attorney general.

11/26/1999 DORA report on Collection Agencies for 2000

11/26/1999 DORA report on Debt Management companies for 2000

11/19/1999 Bill to appoint RTD directors. History of how elected board came into being.

10/8/1999 Elderly legislators are disappearing from scene

10/1/1999 Legislators introduce record number of joint resolutions including many memorial dates.

9/24/1999 Intricate loophole in state statutes allow bill information to be sealed indefinitely without permission by legislator

9/24/1999 Making parents more liable for damages committed by children.

9/17/1999 Religious Liberty Protection Act in Congress. Will it affect state fair housing law?

8/13/1999 History of interstate sale of state wines. HB 1320 of 1999

8/6/1999 Safety clause used less and less

7/2/1999 HB 1301 moves legislature into judiciary/court turf

6/11/1999 Final version of Consumer Protection Act

5/21/1999 Drug Dealers Liability act probably unconstitutional. History of previous drug dealer stamp tax. Bill against administrative law judges

5/14/1999 HB 1344 on life insurance payouts harms consumers

5/7/1999 Central Indexing System. SB 65 reforms disastrous CBA indexing system. Fight with secretary of state over turf.

4/30/1999 More late House and Senate bills

4/30/1999 Bills conferring final decision on legislative council staff fiscal notes are unconstitutional

4/23/1999 Lax policy on late bills (highest number of the 1990s) and suggestions for change

4/16/1999 Using substantive bill as "memorial" HB 1321

4/16/1999 Denver schools get reapportionment back

4/9/1999 Why fiduciary immunity bill for religious groups died

4/2/1999 SB 106 to end hazing of students

3/19/1999 How conference committees work

3/5/1999 Past history of tax relief, rebuff of Blue Ribbon panel and effect of recession on Colorado roads and highways

2/12/1999 Rule on legislators using newspaper columns

1/29/1999 HB 1199 Fault divorce bill (covenant-marriage)

1/29/1999 Rule on why minority bills are killed early

1/8/1999 Tips for freshman legislators (rules to follow) & 1/15/1999 More rules for freshman to follow

1/1999. Term limits rob legislature of experience


7/23/1999 New bingo, raffles law. Bingo video slots named in new law and operate like slot machines. Advisory board to be set up.

7/16/1999 HB 1010 Bingo Scratch Games signed into law by Owens.

7/9/1999 Gambling tax: Any role for legislature or TABOR?

7/2/1999 Reducing taxes on state casinos

5/28/1999 Lottery ads are changed to emphasize open space, beauty. History of lottery ads and report from auditors fiscal 1998.

4/16/1999 Slot machines at race tracks, doomed to be vetoed

3/26/1999 Vikki Buckley and HB 1187, reform of the bingo laws


12/17/1999 Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act. Colorado Reporter story.

12/10/1999 DORA report on Alcohol, Drug Abuse counselors for 2000. DORA report on Certified Public Accountants for 2000.

11/26/1999 DORA report on collection agencies for 2000

11/26/1999 DORA report on debt management companies for 2000

11/26/1999 Terminology used in registration, licensing, certification

11/12/1999 DORA report on respiratory therapists for 2000

11/5/1999 DORA report on Cosmetologists and Barbers bill for 2000

8/27/1999 Kopel response to Powers, George letter on five or more Sunset Sunrise occupations

8/6/1999 George, Powers claim Kopel wrong on Sunset occupations

7/16/1999 Real estate schools not doing their job: reveal statistics. Real estate schools under Real Estate Division?

6/11/1999 More on five occupation statute: List of nine bills

4/9/1999 More new regulatory occupation bills introduced in violation of law

2/19/1999 History of review of new occupations (5 occupation limit)

1/22/1999 Naturopaths seek regulation (other alternative treatments)


12/17/1999 Before I-25 it was a ribbon of death to travel

12/10/1999 Death of Donna Lohmeyer

12/3/1999 Bitter fight between Health Dept. and Atty. Gen. 10 years ago on hazardous waste investigation.

11/5/1999 Death of Jan Duckworth

10/29/1999 Cell phone use by French children increasing. Donald Sturm as a law student

10/22/1999 How Tom Ferril poetry came to the statehouse rotunda

8/13/1999 Ignoring powder keg of crowding at Denver city jail

7/30/1999 History of how Colorado finally became a state: Pres. Johnson and President Grant.

7/13/1999 Denver Confiscation Law May Meet its Match 

7/9/1999 Mortality tables are in conflict: need to be amended

7/9/1999 Death of Tommy Neal

6/18/1999 Term limits on city council seats: At-large vs. subdistricts

6/18/1999 Death of Dr. Joe Butterfield. Dan Muse and Denver City Council term limits

5/21/1999 Kopel response to Wagner letter, quoting Holocaust memorial documentation

5/14/1999 Former Denver Democratic legislators get together

4/16/1999 Gov. Owens promises Holocaust Memorial

4/2/1999 Death of Mick Spano

4/2/1999 Holocaust Memorial needs to be approved by governor

2/26/1999 Governing Magazine reviews where states stand on programs, population, education, wealth, etc.

2/12/1999 Death of Tony Grampsas

Consumer Issues

12/17/1999 Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act

10/15/1999 Uniform Consumer Credit Code revisions for 2000

6/11/1999 Consumer Protection Act final version: harming consumers

5/14/1999 Speedy lump sum death insurance policy payments to survivors as HB 1344 reduces interest owed and extends time of payment

3/12/1999 SB 143, Colorado Consumer Protection Act being gutted by Democrat, loss of treble damages. Revamping of sections.

2/26/1999 SB 160 deregulating interest rates killed

2/5/1999 SB 160 bill to deregulate interest rates, other charges and position of UCCC commissioners


12/17/1999 Gov. Romer and his portrait. Was taking it a criminal act? I-25's predecessor was a "ribbon of death." Donna Lohmeyer, House clerk.

11/19/1999 Appointed RTD board in 2000? History of how elected board came about.

10/8/1999 History of former lieutenant governors who became governor as replacement.

9/10/1999 HB 1376 requires registration for draft. Congress hasn't done so yet. Effect of term limits on 2000 legislative races.

8/6/1999 Lt. Gov. Joe Rogers press conference criticizing Bill Owens; memories of former Lt. Gov. Mark Hogan. Safety clause in legislative bills.

2/12/1999 Charlie Duke running again (bad memories from past)

Constitutional Issues

9/3/1999 Unconstitutional statute on Denver School Board elections.

8/27/1999 Language by judge on Fair Campaign Practice Act indicates "politics as usual" by Common Cause

8/20/1999 Judge Sparr rules portions of Amendment 15 unconstitutional

7/2/1999 Fights between courts and legislature over turf: HB 1301

5/21/1999 Drug Dealers Liability Act probably unconstitutional.

4/30/1999 Bills conferring legal status on legislative council fiscal notes are unconstitutional

3/26/1999 Fair Campaign Practices Act, Amendment 15, in fed district court, background and predictions

1998 Columns


12/4/1998 History of power bases in the Colorado legislature, effect of reapportionment in 2002

11/20/1998 Disparities in 1999 legislature pay; how to overcome it

11/20/1998 Mike McKevitt in the Nixon book Abuse of Power. Legislative wages.

10/9/1998 Secured creditors financing statements hurt by CBA tinkering with Central Indexing System, a history of fiasco.

9/11/1998 List of Legislators who have become lobbyists.

1998. How presidential politics affects Colorado legislative races.

7/17/1998 Marriage, self administered. Anti-vivisectionists

7/3/1998 History of Initiative and Referendum and how it applies today with lack of safety clause; some bills that could be challenged

6/19/1998 Legislators pass-fail record for 1998

June 1998. Jerry Kopel's Report. Final issue.

5/22/1998 Legislative wrap-up. Chlouber ruling on genital mutilation addition to bill

5/8/1998 Legislative initiative against marijuana proposal

5/1/1998 Safety Clause losing ground on legislative bills

4/24/1998 History of how late bills began; comparisons for the 90s.

4/17/1998 Genital mutilation, Compulsive gambling

4/10/1998 Letter to Powers on protecting contractors; Romero on screwing medical board; Lamborn on shooting ranges

3/27/1998 Abuse of Late Bill system and suggestions on changing it

3/13/1998 Matsunaka SB 73 on Landlord Tenant becomes anti-tenant bill. Need for covenant of quiet enjoyment.

3/6/1998 Ethics violations against Grampsas under House Rule 49 with background of Youngland voting violations in 1985

2/27/1998 John Carroll remembered.

1/9/1998 Suggestions of honoring First Bill for parting legislators.


10/30/1998 Lottery hot line will help compulsive gamblers; need to include casinos, bingo halls, racetracks; anecdotal stories

4/17/1998 Compulsive gambling bill

HB 1316 defines video lottery machines as slot machines

HB 1113 Lottery instant bingo scratch games

SB 103 Extends life of lottery

HB 1299 Moving bingo discipline to Dept. of Regulatory Agencies

HB 1118 Compulsive gamblers

2/13/1998 SB 65. Video lottery machines vs race tracks slot machines


11/27/1998 Regulation of boxing, DORA review, and past history

5/22/1998 Major changes in Motor Vehicle Board regulation

5/1/1998 Response by Kopel to Brian article on Psychotherapy Board

4/3/1998 DORA research office reports are ignored. Bingo, PUC, Grievance Board, Motor vehicle dealer licensing

3/27/1998 Error in 2/20 story

2/20/1998 Regulating psychotherapists by different boards. Why legislators should write articles for newspapers not in their districts.

1/23/1998 Regulation of electricians. Fire suppression contractors.

1/16/1998 Regulating car dealers


12/11/1998 Impeachment, Colorado style vs federal law

11/20/1998 Mike McKevitt in the Nixon book Abuse of Power. Legislative wages.

7/31/1998 Colorado not the Centennial State

5/29/1998 How national issues affected Colorado leg. makeup in 74 and how it changed back in 76

6/29/1998 Sen. Tilman Bishop and the Committee to Free the Leningrad Three

6/28/1998 Letter to the editor of  Greater Park Hill News, regarding nuisance law

6/12/1998 Denver's terrible Nuisance Abatement law.

4/3/1998 Branscombe writes on George, Wham visit to City Club

3/20/1998 Colorado first congressional election invalid. Consumer advocate Esther Peterson remembered

2/27/1998 HB 1138. Expanding Make My Day Law to unknowing trespass and review of original law as written by Prof. Wilbanks. How court cleared former Rep. David Bath under 18-6-403

1/16/1998 Asa Carter. A study of bigotry and Education of Little Tree

Consumer Issues

10/16/1998 Consumer Protection Act nine-page section needs fixing

10/2/1998 Bankruptcy Bill before Congress, outdated exemption laws.

2/13/1998 Correction on charitable solicitation bill column

2/6/1998 Disclosure of charitable solicitation information.


12/25/1998 Gov. Owens and Correction Policy; history of inmate increase

11/13/1998 How term limit law has affected 1999 legislature compared to eight years of changes without term limits

11/6/1998 Republican control of state legislature, one hundred years

9/25/1998 Clinton Scandal: How national issues affect legislature

9/4/1998 The Romer Legacy, the Later Years

8/28/1998 Floyd Haskell, his courage against the Republicans

1998. Floyd Haskell and Peter Dominick.

8/21/1998 The Romer Legacy, The Early Years

8/14/1998 Bainter vs. Buckley

8/7/1998 Owens, Norton, both moderates, conservatives

Constitutional issues

9/18/1998 Latest Term Limit Amendment (1998) unconstitutional

5/8/1998 Judge Sparr ruling on Amendment 15

1/30/1998 Term Limit Amendment 12 is unconstitutional. Leo Jenkins biography

1/30/1998 Amendment 15 branding of candidates unconstitutional

1997 Columns


12/12/1997 Central Indexing System screwed up by CBA errors; taking away security rights is unconstitutional

12/5/1997 RTD Board to be appointed under 1998 law? History of what happened in 1980 election

11/14/1997 Sunset review of Bingo law, for 1998 session

10/24/1997 Senate lets Dems chair committee of the whole, House doesn't.

10/17/1997 Bill to reduce drinking age in 1998, background on why it was raised and how; how state treats minors under other laws

9/19/1997 Term limit law opens up many legislative seats

9/5/1997 Local distributors seek to end out-of-state wine shipments through HB 1357 by Schauer, part of a national plan. et ready for another therapeutic index bill in 1998 to reduce generic substitution on drugs. Is it needed?

8/29/1997 Legislature passes HB 1224 free speech for government workers

8/22/1997 Musgrave same sex marriage ban to be back in 1998

8/15/1997 HB 1243 (doubling interest rates) included attempt to overturn Colorado Supreme Court decision on commercial credit plan interest

7/25/1997 Bills without safety clauses take effect in August

7/4/1997 Freedom to marry without regard to race: History in Colorado. Romer veto message partly wrong on common law marriages.

6/27/1997 Letter on Republican pass/fail column

6/27/1997 Adultery in Colorado not a crime: How it came about

6/20/1997 Romer vetoes HB 1243 increasing interest rate for consumers

6/13/1997 Pass/Fail results on 1997 Republican and Democratic bills

6/6/1997 Lottery Video slot bill vetoed

5/30/1997 Crazy legislators of the 90s reflected by Pankey poison bill

5/30/1997 Doug Dean bill gives insurance agents lifetime contract; Schwarz bill on noise takes away local government control

5/23/1997 Anti-generic drug bill surfaces over and over

5/16/1997 Minority Democrats in House did well on bills, but not Senate Democrats

5/16/1997 Credit insurance squeeze play kills amendment

5/9/1997 How many bills introduced in 1997 and who did it

5/9/1997 Luzzader's column on credit insurance lobbyist tactics

5/2/1997 Lottery video slot machine bill passes House

5/2/1997 How Democrat votes passed bill increasing interest rates

4/18/1997 Fewer bill copies printed, but late bills increase; obsolete statutes that need to be repealed

4/11/1997 HB 1243 by Schauer doubles interest rates

4/11 HB 1138, anti-tenant measure killed by one vote in Senate. Sen. Lacy votes "no" in error.

4/4/1997 Legislative pay raise HB 1321 badly flawed by setting up commission suggested by Justice Vollack: History of past pay raise controversy in 1984.

4/4/1997 Late bills for 1997 will exceed late bills of 1996

3/14/1997 Scoresheet on bills passed at midpoint by Democrats and Republicans; five new occupational law measure violated.

3/7/1997. Colo. Bar Assn pushes SB 91 nonprofit corporation act, What the bill does. HB 1237 is new partnership act. Universal Business Entity Act is coming in future.

2/14/1997 Putting legislative witnesses under oath

1/17/1997 Eight Rules for lobbyists to live by

1/10/1997 Charts of bills passed, killed 1993-96

1/10/1997 Lobbyist involvement in bills; bills carried by minority freshman; the five bill limit; late bills; who introduces most bills; no fiscal impact bills; bills that need revision.

1/1997 Lawyers in the Legislature.


12/19/1997 Lottery review by auditor who sides with increased gambling. Bishop to have lottery bill in 1998. Who plays the lottery.

11/21/1997 Why 1998 laws won't help stem compulsive gambling; they spend too much of gross revenues received by gambling operations; some suggested reforms; checklist for compulsive gamblers

11/14/1997 Bingo for compulsive gamblers; need to move investigation out of secretary of state's office; Sunset review5/2 Lottery video slot machine bill passes House

11/7/1997 Pathological gamblers in Colorado: Volberg report

10/3/1997 Why Dan Vigil got the bums rush from lottery board; Joanne Conte blows lid off Mindsort, and false advertising by lottery

6/6/1997 Lottery video slot bill vetoed

1/24/1997 Overhead costs for state lottery; a history since 1983; lottery contracts; GOCO takes on indexing; school money?

1/3/1997 Colo. Supreme Court decision denying officials right to be involved in gambling casinos


12/19/1997 Kopel response to Brian column on psychologists

11/28/1997 State Grievance Board to be dismantled by psychotherapists

11/14/1997 Sunset review of bingo law

9/12/1997 Dozen regulatory laws to be reviewed in 1998

7/25/1997 Newspapers still get boxing commission information wrong.

3/28/1997 Kopel response to Brian letter on psychotherapy regulation.

3/28/1997 Boxing Commission bill killed, boxing still regulated in Colorado without cost.

3/28/1997 More than five new licensing laws considered in violation of new state law.

3/7/1997 Social Work bill killed. Breakdown of disciplinary actions.

2/28/1997 Psychologists and Social Workers try to get out from under State Grievance Board: History of Grievance Board

2/28/1997 Who voted to raise interest rates. Landlord/tenant bill passes

2/14/1997 SB 103 on credit insurance killed (background). SB 105 on consumer credit history killed

2/7/1997 HVACR bill and why it isn't needed, HB 1062.  HB 1121 to regulate and license boxing

1/3/1997 Office of Regulatory Reform abolished; Nursing home revisions


10/24/1997 Personal experience with "car stripping", and why police get a bad reputation for solving crimes

10/10/1997 Law governing Denver school board elections unconstitutional

8/22/1997 "Fault" divorces in Louisiana (covenant marriages) not good

8/15/1997 Magness fight: Was it common law marriage before agreement?

8/8/1997 Election Commission new voting machines thanks to Arles Ward; history of failed attempts to change voting machines leads to McNichols defeat

8/1/1997 Colorado plays role in electing Rutherford Hayes president

7/25/1997 News can't get Thiebaut's name right

7/18/1997 Magness estate fight tie-in to widow's portion and Don Mares amendment to CBA bill

6/27/1997 Counting legislative laws passed over time easy to do

6/6/1997 Chuck Henning memorial: don't overlook heart attack

1/1997. What Clinton Should Have Said in his Inauguration.

1/10/1997 Congress imposes regulation over boxing in Colorado

Consumer issues

6/20/1997 Romer vetoes bill doubling consumer interest rates

5/16/1997 Credit insurance squeeze play kills amendment

5/2/1997 How Democrat votes passed bill increasing interest rates

5/2/1997 Kopel response to Minahan letter on raising interest rates to 45%

4/25/1997 Overpriced credit insurance costs consumers; Martinez gets amendment in but Schauer does dirty work for lobbyists

2/21/1997 Two landlord/tenant bills, one good, one bad. SB 63, HB 1138. Background of previous landlord/tenant bills

2/21/1997 HB 1243, money lenders want to deregulate interest rates for consumers

1/31/1997 New money lender Fairlane coming to Colorado on automobile loans; faces competition from Household Finance


1/31/1997 Romer in for the Senate?

1997 Roy Romer's 1966 landslide defeat for U.S. Senate.

2/28/1997 How Democrats can control the state senate

3/21/1997 How Legislators Can Raise Money for Political Campaigns

5/9/1997 Election predictions on Governor, Senate president, House speaker based on who is or is not a lawyer.

7/11/1997 Reasons why Romer will run for U.S. Senate: Background of election lost

7/18 Skaggs' ability to think on his feet; Campbell and Pena did not serve at same time, contrary to Post column

8/26/1997 Campbell doesn't sign Senate Holocaust letter

9/19/1997 Term limit law opens up many seats; what effect of the legislature. List of who goes and how long in office

10/24/1997 Senate lets Dems chair committee of the whole, House does not.

10/24/1997 Homer F. Bedford played musical chairs, served the longest

12/12/1997 Paul Swalm/Jerry Kopel feud ended before Swalm's death

1996 Columns


1/12/1996 Legislature ten years ago: 1986, the past 30 years, 2006

2/2/1996 Delegating Legislative authority to the governor

2/23/1996 Abuse of creditors under Central Indexing System

2/3/1996 Make My Day revisited: Ten years after & 2/10/1996 Make My Day: Part 2: Review of study of 22 cases

2/17/1996 Make My Neighbor's Day: Review of Faatz bill

3/1/1996 Abuse of minority stockholders under corporation amendments

3/15/1996 Commercial Credit interest law pushed by GECC with no ceiling

3/22/1996 Bills being killed: Democrats vs. Republicans for 1996

3/29/1996 Ridiculous bill on pet protection sponsored by Schauer amounts to overkill

4/4/1996 Warning against failing in love with your bill: Vendettas

4/4/1996 Legislative business: Unfinished monument for the Holocaust

4/12/1996 GECC interest bill pushed by Wally Stealey and some of the dangers in it for consumers

4/19/1996 The star-crossed 1965 legislature: What happened to some

4/26/1996 Remembering the football stadium bill of 1966

4/26/1996 Good legislators who are serving their last year

5/3/1996 How to save a dead bill by massaging the House rules

5/10/1996 Bills introduced in 1996: Winners and losers: A chart

5/10/1996 Abusing privilege of late bills in 1996

5/23/1996 Use of safety clause declines

5/31/1996 What happened to HB 1137, telemarketing law revision; SB 105, HVACR bill; HB 1285 revising the corporation act and how the rules on conference committees was ignored.

6/26/1996. Swimming with the Loan Sharks

6/28/1996 History: Generic substitution law and Hank Brown; 1988 tax on marijuana killed by SB 133; Allard chart of taxes and spending, 1975-83, compared to present budgets

7/4/1996 Bills passed in 1996 subject to possible referendum

8/17/1996 Legislature shrinks size of statute books

8/17/1996 What happened to cruelty to animals bills: forfeiture is an alternative

8/23/1996 Legislative reapportionment in 2002 will hurt Denver

11/1/1996 Cost of copying health records

11/1/1996 Bar Assn. plans for more business amendments in 1997

11/15/1996 Last year for 27 legislators due to term limits

12/13/1996 Insurance bill tries to discipline insurance companies

12/6/1996 Legalized thievery in credit insurance charges in bill


1/5/1996 HVACR, Heating,ventilation, air conditioning licensing

2/16/1996 Sunset of the Sunrise/Sunset committee

5/3/1996 Licensed and registered occupational therapists

5/24/1996 HB 1559 redoes the Sunrise/Sunset review, abolishing the Sunset committee

5/31/1996 Chilling new applicants under revised Sunrise law

10/20/1996 Sunrise-Sunset Advisory Committees killed

11/22/1996 Five occupational bills and no more under new sunrise law


8/23/1996 Bad check violation of gaming laws at casino

8/2/1996 Dyer's HB 1148 and compulsive gambling in Colorado and its effect through the lottery

1/19/1996 Lottery income and expenditures since 1983. Plus a look at overspending on lottery advertising


12/13/1996 New law tries to aid discipline of insurance companies

12/6/1996 Legalized thievery in credit insurance charges

11/1/1996 Cost of copying health records

6/28/1996 Hank Brown and Generic Substitution

6/26/1996 Swimming with the Loan Sharks

4/12/1996 GECC interest bill pushed by Wally Stealey and some of the dangers in it for consumers

3/15/1996 Commercial Credit law pushed by GECC with no interest rate ceiling

3/1/1996 Abuse of minority stockholders under corporation amendments

2/23/1996 Abuse of creditors under Central Indexing system


11/29/1996 Expect sabotage under new term limit in constitution

11/15/1996 Last year for 27 legislators due to term limits

10/18/1996 Strickland senate race hurt by hired-gun typecast

10/18/1996 Term limit amendment is ludicrous

10/4/1996 Sullivant blast at Jefferson Republican leadership

8/9/1996 Legislative elections won when there is no contest, decided at the primary

6/7/1996 Will Democrats ever be the majority in the legislature

6/7/1996 The effect of national politics on Democrats in legislature

1/26/1996 How to win in the Denver congressional election


2/2/1996 Delegating legislative authority to the governor

6/16/1996 Romer's ungracious remarks about Lamm, and how Lamm made Romer what he is today

11/8/1996 Romer too old to run for senate

11/8/1996 Strogoff disagrees with "Romer too old"

Constitutional amendments

3/8/1996 Initiative and referendum: Bruce amendment with other names

8/30/1996 Referendum A, the 60 percent requirement for const. amendment

9/6/1996 Petition amendment is a rewrite of Bruce's 1994 attempt

9/13/1996 Bruce look-alike will cost taxpayers attorney fees

9/20/1996 Bruce look-alike is fraud on voters

9/20/1996 Parents amendment makes parents liable for children's torts

9/20/1996 State trust lands amendment is constitutional

10/11/1996 Trinidad casino amendment

10/18/1996 Scare tactics on 60 percent amendment

11/1/1996 Setting record straight on 60 percent amendment


1/12/1996 Tribute to Martin Luther King

2/7/1996 Tom Ferril is now a lake in Denver

4/19/1996 Remembering Rae Hilbert

5/17/1996 Cresswell memorial: History of the Cresswell Amendment setting up retirement program for legislators.

6/21/1996 Remembering Mrozek, Pena and Valuejet, and Paula Woodward and the election commission

6/21/1996 Who authored "Stand Up, Roll Over, Drop Dead"

7/12/1996 Memorial for Ralph Cole

7/26/1996 August 1st is Colorado Day, some interesting facts about the state

10/4/1996 Shirtless and shoeless RTD riders

11/15/1996 Increase in prisoners in Colorado for past ten years

1995 Columns


12/1/1995 How to pass a controversial bill like Legal Hemp cultivation

11/3/1995 Cleaning the Colorado Constitution of obsolete provisions

10/6/1995 Suffrage for Women in Colorado: 1870 attempt

8/25/1995 The demise in Colorado of cowboy legislators

7/21/1995 Safety clause is being used less

7/7/1995 Paul Swalm's civic service

6/23/1995 Precedent guides the legislature: Why number of uniform commissioners were increased and never reduced.

6/16/1995 Vetoes by Romer

5/26/1995 Legislative stats: What bills pass or die and why

5/5/1995 Late bills: GOP perk runs amok

4/14/1995 Who was the youngest legislator? Adultery and the law

3/24/1995 Refresher on legislative conference committee

1/20/1995 Single subject requirement vs. bill on obsolete laws: Supreme Court decision on 1987 law.

1/6/1995 Lessons for Legislators Revisited: How to get bills passed. No Fiscal Impact (NFI) and Obsolete Laws

1/6/1995 Legislators are like family (1/15/93 column)


12/1/1995 Three ways to leave office

10/13/1995 School board elections tainted by unconstitutional law (1992 passage of SB 175)

10/6/1995 Suffrage for Women in Colorado: 1870 attempt

9/22/1995 How About Jim Carrigan for the US Senate

7/28/1995 Paula Woodward blew it: Refused to file affidavits

7/7/1995 Anonymous Campaign literature

5/19/1995 Paula Woodward's illegal names not removed

5/12/1995 Channel 9 and Illegal Voting in Denver: DA setup

3/10/1995 Defections and conversions of elected officials

3/3/1995 Colorado Legislative Dems: Lifelong Underdogs

1/27/1995 Legislative term limits: Who will leave and when

1/13/1995 Campaign reform: Review of Buckley vs. Valeo

Legislative bills

12/23/1995 Plans for a boxing commission law

8/4/1995 Colorado Bar Association Business-Friendly Bills which are anti-creditor

4/7/1995 Farm Equipment Dealers get sweetheart deal thanks to Republicans

3/17/1995 ASCAP and BMI vs. state restaurants playing music

2/24/1995 Farm Equipment Dealers contract for life


12/30/1995 Leaking Underground Storage Tank review

11/24/1995 Real estate licensing law to be changed

11/17/1995 Nursery law against bad plants to be changed

3/31/1995 Bill to abolish Sunrise Sunset Committee

3/10/1995 Denver Sunset review of registering lobbyists

2/17/1995 Respiratory Therapists


11/24/1995 Prison population increases

10/27/1995 Deaths of Justice Kelley and Councilman Marranzino

9/15/1995 Autobiography: How I lost my mustache in an election

7/21/1995 The day the DIA trains stopped

6/30/1995 July 4 and flag desecration

4/28/1995 Hidden use of money by CU Foundation

4/21/1995 Gov. John Love and the environment

Consumer Issues

11/17/1995 Nursery law against bad plants to be changed.

11/10/1995 Protecting consumers from telemarketing fraud.

9/8/1995 New Consumer Credit Reporting Act

7/14/1995 Anti-generic drug prescription bill

6/2/1995 Five years of anti-consumer credit bills

6/16/1995 Collection debt laws changed for the worse


9/29/1995 Real numbers on Colorado gambling in 1994-95: History of bingo corruption

8/11/1995 How Bally Mfg Co screwed Colorado on the lottery


8/18/1995 Psychotherapists statistics on who has been bad

1994 columns


12/9/1994 Bills to be introduced in 1995

12/2/1994 Marijuana Stamp Tax Act should be killed

11/4/1994 Tips for legislative winners

10/28/1994 Lawyers and the legislature

9/23/1994  Change in probate law right of surviving spouse to inherit

8/19/1994  Leo Jenkins memorial

6/10/1994 Lack of experience in the 1996 legislature

6/10/1994 Andre Lucas memorial

5/27/1994 Scoreboard on legislators pass-fail record

5/13/1994  A decade of joint resolutions: Increasing in number

4/29/1994 Castro resolution on Japanese-Americans killed

4/1/1994 Holocaust memorial killed by Republicans

3/18/1994 Voting in the legislature

3/18/1994 How to kill a bill by motions

1/14/1994 Miscegenation law and Fair Housing: Bob Allen

1/14/1994 How NOT to write a bill

1/7/1994 How to get by in the minority in your second year as a legislator

Constitutional amendments

2/18/1994 Bruce Amendment 12 dealing with judges

2/25/1994 Bruce Amendment 12 dealing with campaign reform

2/25/1994 Memorial to Victor Grandy

3/18/1994 Bruce Amendment 12 aids petition signatures

3/25/1994 Bruce Amendment 12 shackles lawmakers

4/8/1994 Bruce Amendment 12 and the safety clause

4/22/1994 Bruce Amendment 12 and legislative benefits

5/6/1994 Bruce Amendment 12 and government lobbying

6/3/1994 Bruce Amendment 12 final comments

8/5/1994 Manitou Springs casino amendment

8/19/1994 One subject constitutional amendment

9/2/1994 Correcting error in one subject column

9/16/1994 Amendment 12 and licensing laws expiring July 1st

10/1/1994 Independence Institute Issue Paper 9-1994 Amendment 12, Pro and Con [PDF]  Douglas Bruce / Jerry Kopel

10/21/1994 Amendment 12 wrap-up and election screw-ups

Consumer Issues

10/7/1994 Demise of consumer credit code by latest laws

7/22/1994  Corporation bill screws minority investors

7/15/1994 Commercial Code Bill stiffs consumers on checks

1/21/1994 JoAnne Hill and Credit Insurance


9/9/1994 Letter on the Ludlow Massacre

9/9/1994 Women's Right to Vote: A History

9/2/1994  The Ludlow Massacre

7/29/1994 Book review of Inside the White House

7/22/1994 Kopel responds to Tonsing letter

6/24/1994  Deception at RTD

4/15/1994 Lowry Landfill's poisonous brew

3/18/1994 Colorado prison population

2/18/1994 Press Assn. awards for Branscombe and Kopel

2/11/1994 Tom Ferril and his poetry

1/21/1994 Joke attributed to Tip O'Neill

1/14/1994  Tribute to Martin Luther King


12/30/1994 Romer to run for Senate in 1996

8/12/1994  Benson vs. Romer fight begins

7/1/1994 The 1994 governor's race

6/10/1994 Romer comments in 1964


12/30/1994 Mandatory Continuing Education

12/16/1994 Chiropractors and Psych techs in 1995

11/25/1994 Medical Practice Act reviewed

10/14/1994  Nurses and Mandatory Continuing Education

8/25/1994  Hearing aid dealers

7/8/1994 Sunrise-Sunset committee

1/28/1994 Respiratory therapists


3/11/1994  Democratic political conventions

5/20/1994 Digging for campaign dollars

9/30/1994 Predictions on November elections

10/7/1994  Victims of Pat Schroeder

10/14/1994 Letters on Amendment 12 and Schroeder

10/28/1994 Apology for error in Schroeder column

11/18/1994  Observations on the 1994 election

1993 Columns


1/8/93 Rules for lobbyists dealing with legislators.

1/15/93 Legislators are one big family. Getting along.

1/22/1993 Committee of the Whole sessions.

1/22/1993 Political party control 1941

1/29/1993 Resurrecting dead bills

2/5/1993  Using rules to pass Martin Luther King bill

2/19/1993 Figuring out what words mean in a bill, words and phrases

2/26/1993 Rules for legislators as sponsoring bills, jokes, press coverage

3/5/1993 Appeals from chair, suspending rules, poison pill

3/12/1993 Poetry at the legislature: Tom Ferril and David Skaggs

3/19/1993 Conference committees

3/26/1993 How to get good press, newsletters

4/2/1993 Legislative Hummers

4/9/1993 Stealing bills from legislators, putting your bill on other live bills

4/23/1993 Playing cards in the legislature. And call of the house.

5/7/1993 Rules in effect at end of session

6/11/1993 Pass-fail results for 1993

7/9/1993 Type 1 and Type 2 agencies: Office of Consumer Counsel

7/23/1993 Sub basement and legislative archivist

9/3/1993 Special session coming up. Rules to follow.

9/17/1993 Ralph Carr as hero

10/1/1993 Mort Pepper remembered

10/22/1993 Term limits coming up

10/29/1993 Severability clauses

10/29/1993 Remembering Ron Strahle

11/5/1993 Remembering Jim Wilson

11/12/1993 Suggestions for bills for 1994

11/12/1993 Strahle didn't drink

11/19/1993 Laws needed to be repealed in 1994

11/26/1993 Naturopathics

11/26/1993 Remembering Forrest Burns

12/10/1993 How use of certain words create legislative problems

12/10/1993 Andre Lucas memorial gets lost

Constitutional amendments

2/12/1993 Poor language in Great Outdoors Constitutional law

6/18/1993 Court interrogatories in Great Outdoors

7/2/1993 US Supreme Court and flag burning. Romer legislative call for 1993, and two Republican dialogues. Consumer Issues

4/16/1993 SB 170 increases penalties on credit cards. Romer's role.

6/25/1993 Romer vetoes on anti-workman compensation bill and on insolvent insurance companies

7/30/1993 Romer abolishes consumer advocate office

8/6/1993 Harber responds to consumer advocate story

8/13/1993 Certificate of need roundup story: Pankey's role

10/29/1993 Money in Bankruptcy Court due to JBC.

Other legislative bills

4/30/1993 Uniform Commissioner bills including commercial code.

5/14/1993 Who can marry people, HB 1139. HB 1215, privileged communications. HB 1066 updates mortality table.

5/15/1993 Letters opposing position on uniform bills

5/21/1993 SB 137 site selection for anonymous HIV testing

5/28/1993 Mobile homes no longer regulated

6/4/1993 Trouble with repassage of fire suppression law

6/11/1993 HB 1018 weigh in inspections, HB 1121 taxing game winnings

6/18/1993 Denver School Board elections and SB 175

6/25/1993 HB 1045 stalking bill

7/16/1993 HB 1146 lawyers using recycled paper, HB 1185 x-ray machines run by qualified mammographer

7/23/1993 HB 1207 insurance fraud and arson

8/6/1993 HB 1088 reducing penalty on graffiti, HB 1101 evidence needed to fire employee

8/27/1993 Ruddick response on graffiti bill

9/17/1993 End of Health Data Commission


12/10/1993 Sunrise reports on dieticians and midwives

12/10/1993 HB 1137 loosen restrictions on reserve officers Psychotherapists

8/20/93 Sexual abuse by psychotherapists

9/10/1993 Discipline under the Grievance Board


8/27//1993 Kentucky bribery and Bally and O'Donnell

9/24/1993 Romer and gaming: Casinos and lottery

10/15/1993 Lottery money for prisons: Electronic machines for lottery. Documentation included. Forfeiture


10/8/1993 SB 94 by Johnson and Foster. History of forfeiture law Romer

4/16/1993 Romer's role in SB 170 increasing penalties on credit cards

6/25/1993 Romer vetoes anti-workmen's compensation bill and one on insolvent insurance companies

7/30/1993 Romer abolishes consumer advocate office

8/6/1993 Harber responds to consumer advocate story

9/24/1993 First Romer cabinet all gone

12/3/1993 Romer to be third oldest sitting governor

12/3/1993 List of birthdates of all governors and dates of service

12/18/92 Lessons for legislators: No fiscal impact and obsolete laws.


Tips for Influencing Legislators.

With David Kopel

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